Solving Problem: Relationship: Money: How to say ‘NO’ to a friend who knew won’t give back the money he/she will owe from you without making them angry?

Way back in school, this question was always my problem…

“How to say ‘NO’ to a friend who knew won’t give back the money he/she will owe from you without making them angry?

I am so jealous of my other friends who’s very good at joking around money borrowers who doesn’t give back. 

I hope I had a gut to ask them their secret… but I was too shy. 

The only respond I could give to my friends was this …

“I have no Money…”

“I have money but it isn’t mine; it’s my mother’s; I don’t know if she would need this money very soon…”

Of course I was lying…

The truth is… I’m afraid they wont give back because we’re friends, and I don’t want to be angered upon if I would ask for pay back. I hate the idea of friends breaking up relationships because of money.

So… I thought, I would rather be asked by a friend or family for money than being promised for return… because most of the time, return won’t happen. 

But one problem though, I was just a student… I don’t have enough money… we’re not rich… it feels like my Mother was even forced by some Gods to give me Money for school… I knew she also needed it for herself… I am as aged as her, so it’s not a surprise that she would be jealous of me… (ha-ha-ha… feeler)


So, here’s how I did it right now… 

  1. If you have money but don’t want to be borrowed…

Say, ‘Yes, I have money and I won’t lie to you, but… like you, I also needed it for my day to day life activities… I hope I have more than enough to give you more than you need. Maybe next time. Please try (refer another friend who has money like you…)

     2. If you don’t have money.

Joke around and say ‘Man! My bank hasn’t done printing my money until now… if you could wait until I will receive them?’ And just laugh out loud!



It’s not good to say you have ‘no money’ all the time… because that statement is a bad karma. Joke around with your financial issues. Don’t stress about it too much. I swear, stressing won’t help… Money will run away from you if you’re stress about her (i call it).


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