Brain Hacking Tip #8: Acknowledge your REAL name and you’ll never be afraid of being CALLED or Labeled something else

Have you been called SELFISH for being real?

Like loving yourself above all else, and then you don’t act like you care, because the truth is, you really don’t, but you feel like you have to, because people want you to act like stupid; caring what other people would think about you, if you don’t act depressed when they’re depressed, or grief whenever he or she is grieving?

But what if it’s none of your business? Are you really going to force yourself to break-down emotionally? And then end up being hospitalized for heart-attack, just to be accepted by anyone who call you emotionally retarded for not joining them of their cooked life depression or life stresses? And even call you careless?

I tell you why you shouldn’t care about what others would think about you or call you names, no matter what.

Did you know that some people would act like they’re depressed or incapable or weak or really Poor, for you to give them something they want in life? Some were unconsciously doing it because their thinking stuff was hacked by some powerful beings

Well, there’s more… did you know that some people would call you ugly names just for you to ACT like weak, like the way they want you to be, because they want to rule over you, your life, your entire life?

And when you finally starts following them, you become so low, super low, and then they just laughed at you, because they have tricked you and deceived you with their lies

The truth is… only a few really truly care. 

And I mean, seriously… for real.

That’s why… always ‘Choose Yourself!‘ Learn from Mr. James Altucher’s bestselling book…

Choose Yourself!


Your choice, your decision, your responsibility, your LIFE, your problem, your DEAD body.

Have you heard? Jesus said to his disciples, ‘let the dead bury their dead’ ‘save yourselves!’.

It’s not your fault, there is a thinking stuff behind your every decisions, your choices, and your actions.

In the end of the day, you cannot blame others for unconsciously or consciously deceiving you or influencing you, or poisoning your thoughts.


Because… you choose it! You approved it! You allow their Emotional life drama to shape your life choices, your decisions, and your actions; until you’re trapped in it. And you cannot blame them. It’s not their fault. 

You’re maybe tricked, but it’s not your fault also.

You didn’t know. No one told you so. Now learn from those who have experienced the same thing, before it will happen to you.

Love yourself above all else.

Acknowledge your real name, not what they labeled you as…


My name is… ‘Roselyn’ not ‘Selfish’.


Statements you can use against the deceivers who call you a sinner, a liar, selfish, shameless, whatsoever.

I love you enough that I won’t put more loads in your current state of depression.


If both of us will become stressed and depressed, then who else will save me from my poor choices? You? No one else, but me. Let me help you instead.


I have done that before, many times, and all I received was laughs and your ‘kind’ even called me stupid. Thanks for trying anyway. You are so cool. You’ll get over with your little trick. Thanks for your ‘kindness‘ anyway.


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