Brain Hacking Tip #6: Think of Bouncing back like a Ball, when someone pushes you down to your limit, and you’ll never be scared of someone shitting/shaming on you in the next Future to come: Be like a Kerosene Lamp

But what if you felt like you can’t bounce back?

Easy, stop thinking like you can’t bounce back. 

Your thoughts comes first before you can feel anything, do you agree?

Whether you will agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter; what matters is what you think you can and can’t.’

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

-Henry Ford

Also, don’t forget to breathe in more air. Pump more air in your body, like you’re pumping more air to your balloon or ball or pressurized paraffin lamp (US:kerosene lamp) [amazon image below.]

Coleman Premium Powerhouse Dual Fuel Lantern

One thing I learned from watching my granddad pumps air in our Fuel Lantern is, you pump it slowly, slowly, slowly. He allows the air fuel gets in slowly, slowly.

The same way we must pump air in our body. We must push it slowly, because if you breath as fast as you could, you won’t be able to put more air in your body. There’s always this hardness inside of us that needs to be pushed but slowly.

Growing up, I’m always been curious with new things. Yes, to me a kerosene lamp was really new to me and very interesting but also dangerous. What if it will blew up. But that doesn’t stop me from trying to push the air. I asked my granddad once and he allowed me, provided that he’s watching. 

At first, I thought it was very easy and soft, but it was hard, you have to keep pushing in, pulling up, slowly, until you will be able to reach the very end of the pump. If that happens, the lantern starts lighting up as well. And then the pump will be very soft to push already. It’s like the light that the pump has created attracts more of the fuels, it needs more and more and more, and you have to push and push and push and enjoy as fast as you can, until the light becomes steady, calm and still.

Until your brain becomes calm and still. All your bodies negative energy [fuel for kerosene] goes up into that tiny little light in your brain called pineal gland, and transformed it into light.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?


You can get a fuel lamp Coleman Premium Powerhouse Dual Fuel Lantern if you want to experience the feeling I just shared here at amazon. Be careful not to blew up. Enjoy.  

8 thoughts on “Brain Hacking Tip #6: Think of Bouncing back like a Ball, when someone pushes you down to your limit, and you’ll never be scared of someone shitting/shaming on you in the next Future to come: Be like a Kerosene Lamp

  1. Now I understand why our skull is hard to break… I never trust the glass that pressured the fuel to make the light shine in my granddad’s lamp because I thought it has a little crack in it… But good news! It still worked and didn’t blew up! You know why? because I choose to be safe, and thought of something scary to make me stay away from a possible threat to my life, it has no crack at all. I created a crack thought in my brain using this two words ‘WHAT IF?’ ‘What if there’s a crack?’ but what if there’s none?

    Protect your pineal gland! trust your skull and your body; they’re stronger than we think they are…

    Have you heard of… your choice of limiting thoughts is your only limit? We’ve created and copied some limiting thoughts in our brain and then we write it down; others copied it, and then we ended up having false beliefs. Which reminds me of school.. the only difference is that, there is no right or wrong answers outside school. Because the truth is… You’re always right about yourself. And if you’re a psychic maybe you can be right about others too; otherwise, you’re just guessing and unconsciously referring to yourself. And you’d end up fighting with yourself. So, if you’re going to guess anyway, choose the good guess, it will be delivered back to you if it’s not meant for them.

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