Brain Hacking Tip #3: Realize that NOW is getting better than Yesterday

Today, I am realizing that ‘Now is getting better.’ The best way to approach life is to acknowledge that life changes everyday, and it’s getting better and better everyday.

If it’s true that your reality is what you think it would be like for you, then you might as well think that ‘NOW is getting better’ everyday, for you.

Okay… those are weird thoughts, but I’m serious about those statements.

I believe that if everyone will choose to have a mentality of ‘Realizing that NOW is better than it was Yesterday’ then there wouldn’t be complaints everywhere; no depression; no stresses; nothing, just go with the flow.

Now, you might be thinking if it’s good to just go with the flow; what if some people would overtake you and you’d be out of control? That is why, always realize that NOW is better than it was yesterday even if it’s not, to overtake and influence others who always think that ‘Yesterday is better than Now.’

Or overtaking those who believed that ‘Yesterday is better than BEFORE.’  Have you observed? Where is the NOW now? It’s not realized. 

Allow me to share with you my short story way back year 2009.

“Finally, I’ve finished high-school. It was cool. It’s like winning a lotto draw. Everyone was excited of getting into college.

‘Which college will you be attending?’ asked my close friend. I replied ‘University of…’ I didn’t know of any colleges; I just knew that cities have some. 

So, I went to the city. I found a college (not to mention) and got enrolled. 

I didn’t have a school uniform. I am always worried of what to wear the next day. I’m all out of Jeans. Life was hard, I thought; high-school life was better than college.

Truthfully, I needed some new Jeans; so I asked my Mother for Money. She was angry and gave me her old Jeans instead. I thought ‘NOW is worst than it was before.’ Before, I never have to ask for money for Jeans, I have uniforms; my mother would have said ‘NO’ to me. 

But I really needed new pair of Jeans; hers were bigger and it doesn’t fit me, so I asked again… she gave me half the price of the cheapest Jeans ever. I thought, ‘Life was tough! If I haven’t gone to college, I wouldn’t have been needing too much!’ That moment I said to myself ‘NOW is worst than it was before.’ 

At high-school, she would give more than I needed; those times I needed more than usual, she would not give more than enough, but almost enough. I remember crying in front of her and calling my other aunt to report her of not giving me enough money… both of them just ignored me. I was dying in shame. I hear my voices echoed deep within my soul ‘shame… shame… shame…’

But today, I have found the best way to heal myself from the shame. I have already told you. It’s  a counter statement of my old belief.

Instead of saying ‘NOW is worst than before.’ Say, ‘NOW is better than it was before.’ I encourage you to also try counter-statements that applicable to you.

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