Brain Hacking Tip #20: How to transform your self-judgmental statements into a positive statement?

Yes! There’s a way to transform your self-judgmental statements into Golden statements!

Did my title page title just tricked you?

‘Cool! Thanks for your visit!’

Although maybe it’s unintentional…

But, hey let me help you transform your self-judgemental statements into golden statements.

Here’s how I do it… do you want to know?


I listened to my self-judgmental unconscious statements and I wrote it down, that’s my first action.

Second, I re-read it and I add ingredients that will make my statements sounds better.

How do I do it?

Say for example, ‘I was trying to convince my Mother that she’s responsible the way her family treated her. While she kept blaming other people, I also kept reminding her that it’s her CHOICE that needs to be changed. Her Decisions, etc. etc. But she doesn’t seem to listen to me because I am young, and I’m just her daughter. Until I felt verily disappointed and unconsciously telling myself, ‘There is nothing you can do to change your Mother’s minds and beliefs.’ In short, ‘I can’t help my mother!’

That sounds really depressing, isn’t it? 

So, to help myself recover from my very negative self-judgement, I transformed that statement into a powerful statement, by adding more negative statements in it. 

I applied my knowledge in mathematics, that negative plus negative equals positive, to create a formula I called… do you want to name it?

My formula? I mean, my golden statement?

I can’t help my mother ACTING like deaf and blind.

Now is your turn to transform your negative statements into a positive one!

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