Brain Hacking Tip #19: How to make yourself laugh out loud? To start healing today?


Why do you want to laugh?

Do you want to bully someone?

Or do you just want to be happy?

Whatever is your answer, there’s only one most accurate reason I know, why people wants to laugh.

“People wants to laugh!”


Think of funny stuffs you can think of, it doesn’t matter what it is, it doesn’t matter if it’s in the past or yet to come! when was the last time you were really laughing out loud?

To this day, I can still remember how I laughed out loud at my grandfather’s FART. I can’t look at his face that I have to hide myself behind the front door. I can’t go out because I would laugh to see him sitting in the chair next to our front door, and I’m so scared that he might get angry of me laughing at his FART. I got stocked for like minutes, I couldn’t remember, but it was long; holding back my laugh, trying to calm down myself to stop laughing.’

One day, I was with my neighbor’s sons and daughters, they hop into our Carabao’s back; the Carabao ran so fast, they all fell off down the rice field. I was laughing out loud ’till my stomach hurts. It felt weird but they’re fine anyway, and they too laughed at themselves falling. Luckily, no one got injured.’

While walking at my uncle’s rice field, a little Cow came running towards me, I was so afraid I might get caught, so I ran away, and so she did. We were chasing each other, until I’ve reached the very door step my uncle’s house. I was panting very hard but also laughing very loud. It was so cool. It was very exciting, and at the same time also very scary. She has horns, I don’t have, if I’ll fight, for sue she would win.’

A neighbor fell off the star-fruit tree! Everyone laughed. He cried.’

Now you!

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