Brain Hacking Tip #18: How to breathe in and out properly to stay happy all day

Yes! There is a breathing exercise that would make you stay happy all the days of your life.

Tired of learning how to breathe in and breathe out properly, and not getting any results?

You’re not alone. I was once like you too.

The other day, I figured out that breathing technique used by my former colleague at work.

At first, it was weird; it felt weird; but she’s the most confident lady I have ever met in my entire life.

She knew her flaws. But she knew how to handle procrastination.

I was wondering how she could handle the jokes my other colleagues thrown upon her. I wonder how she could remain so calm and confident.

She was almost unconquerable. But she has a very good heart and a very good attitude that I didn’t have. She’s awesome!

Some time yesterdays, I was meditating and I was observing her in my meditation. And I figured out something. She uses a breathing exercise technique that’s so powerful, she may not know about.

Do you want to know what I found out?

Sure! It’s like this, ‘You breathe in through your mouth, like you just got out from a very cold shower room. It’s more of like your tooth hurts!’ Next, ‘You breathe out through your mouth while sound like ‘aah!’ ‘aah!’ ‘aah!’

Experience it yourself. Try it now. And don’t forget to smile too. Say, ‘Aah!’ ‘Aah!’ ‘Aah!’

It will not only make you feel good everyday, it will also heal your pains, your heartaches, and even your loneliness, insecurities as well as jealousy.

That simple breathing exercise will add more to your confidence to help you succeed in every areas of your life.

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