Brain Hacking Tip #17: A simple 9 letters word feeling that keeps you holding back

Do you remember the last time you were at your dentist kingdom?

You’re right! that pain you’re always feeling… that fear you’re always afraid of… and you keep resisting?

It’s your ‘toothache!’

Okay, I know that’s too good to be true, and I gave it very quick here, so it’s really fine if you wont be convinced just yet.

But… if you want to discover it yourself… why don’t you try closing your eyes, and remember the last time you were at your dentist? You know, that time when you’re tooth was aching verily, like seriously?

How about your first time a dentist pull out your tooth? What was your age that time? And how do you feel the moment she starts pulling your tooth?

What were you thinking?

‘I thought, I was going to die! Honestly!’

Did you feel the pressure?

Like, you know, when your dentist pushed you down, down, down?

Is that the same feeling you get when life throws you some heavy loads?

‘Yes! I know right?’

But, how about the pain? How does it felt like?

‘Oh, it hurts! Really hurts! my dentist pulled two of my big tooth! It felt like I’m brokenhearted.’


Now, what happened after he/she finally done pulling your tooth off your gums?

Did you feel very cold? Were you resisting from cold? Shaking? Were you traumatized? Were you holding back?

‘If you’re like me, you’ve probably squeezed your back too hard. Felt very cold and shaking.’

What if, the one you’re always holding back and keep resisting and feeling deeply hurt…

…was your previous toothache? The 9 letters word that would make you stop holding back from anything you want in life; that answers your question, ‘How to get rid of this pain, I am feeling deep within me?’

You have to figure it out yourself.

And hey! Once you’re convinced, ‘think that it’s over! it was just the anniversary of your toothaches!‘ See how you’d feel after realizing this ‘simple truth‘.

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