Brain Hacking Tip #21: You must give your hand not to your back; that’s the most accurate way to save someone’s life

If you want to save someone drowning whether in the deep river or in the deep ocean…

Try to give them your back and you’ll get drown with him/her that you’re saving. Instead, give them your hand and pull them up. But only do it when you’re sure you’re strong enough that if that person you’re trying to save will pull you down intentionally, you’ll have more than enough power to save your self and the person drowning.

On the other hand, if you’re a person drowning and needing help, give your back or your hand to the person above you, not the one below you; how could they save you anyway? But to bring you down with them.

But if the depth of the ocean is calling you to death, then you must look up to the stars, give your hand, and let them lift you up to the ground and above. Chin UP! Lighten up your body so you will float.

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Giving your back is a human’s way to save someone drowning.

But why don’t you try reaching out for the stars instead?

Human’s changes every time, turn your back in one second, some may stay some have already gone far away running…

Again, give your hand...

Isn’t that the right way to give someone help? If you give back then that means you’re turning away from those who needed help. But when you give a hand… full of money and love, fruits, things you can offer, and energy to lift them up, then that’s what we call giving from the heart.

Only a Camel would bring you to the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

Am I right?

The Camel doesn’t give his/her back, someone holds it, and you climb up in its back, isn’t it?

And let’s assume there’s already one person is already on top of the Camel, how is he/she going to bring you up? Isn’t he/she going to give you his hand and allow you to step on his/her feet?

This Video, will give you some of the ancient wisdom of the 3 greatest kings ever stepped on Earth.

Enjoy and have fun!

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