Brain hacking tip #16: Learn my four words technique on how to deal with your ups and downs!

What is that four words technique that would simplify my way of living?

Such a wonderful question. I have an answer for you.

I know you’ve been searching this all your life. You know, searching for the best way to handle life, making it easy, and making it work for you, like a professional?

Well, what if I have some new thoughts that answers that one question. Are you willing to take action and try it for yourself?

I’m not going to boast around with these four words, I’m going to share it with you. Because, we’re all friends here. Or aren’t we?

Yes! I’m talking to you! Yeah…

By the way, thanks for reading this far. Do I sound like a bot?

I once called a robot, so that’s find. I can handle it.

Or is it because, I’m still talking and I’m wasting your time?

My Grandma once told me, ‘If you can’t be patient in life, you won’t get the best out of it.’

And one more thing, she also told me, ‘They’re all jokers!’

In fact, I got this wisdom from her. She goes…

‘Take it as a joke, then forget it as a joke.’

Why do you think she said that to me? I’ll tell you why in a few seconds, maybe 60 seconds to 120 seconds.

 Times Up!

My Answer? It’s because, everything started with a JOKE. Thus, end with also a JOKE.

But that’s not the whole answer, that’s just 1/4 of it. [grinning].

My Uncle and Aunt, got married, because my uncle joked at her and said, ‘You look so beautiful!’ My aunt knew it was just a joke, but she took it anyways. But my uncle wouldn’t stop teasing her, and so she said, ‘Do you like me? Let’s get married!’ [laugh out loud].

But here’s what I mean…

They didn’t love each other, they’re just teasing, and people also teased them.

After few months of their marriage, their life looks grumpy. But they don’t know how to end it, because they have kids already.

And so, my grandma told them, ‘Forget it as a joke!’

And I realized, it wasn’t really a four word technique, my article title messed up! No, not me… [Doing Einstein tongue]

But, I’ll make it work for you!

I know… but I’ll try.

‘Take Joke’ ‘Delete Joke’

Once, you were a child, they joked at you to make you cry, you took it as a joke.

Now, you’re old, your past memories are bothering you, you hear people joking at you wanting you to cry and got depressed all the time. What should you do now? Jump off the bridge? Cover your ears? What?

Doesn’t work right?

Well, try this…

‘Delete those feelings as a joke.’

You have two simple keywords… “Delete Joke”. Delete it, clear it, like a joke, same way you take it.

A friend told me once, that her mother told him once while he was on top of the tree, unable to go down to the ground, Get down here, the same way, you get up there!’

But how?

That’s a nice question.

I have an answer for you.




‘Climb downwards!’ [laugh out loud]

But how?

How did you climb up? Did you jump?

Or did you  ‘Face the tree, hug it tight, and move yourself up slowly, step by step?’

Isn’t that awesome?

‘Just face the tree again, hold tight, and now climb down like a monkey! Little by little. Step by step.’

You want to see it clearly? You’re confused right? Because you can only see yourself climbing up on the same direction.

‘Climb down through the back of the tree, facing yourself going up! Like a monkey once again.’ You know what I mean?

Never mind! That’s not my topic, just sharing!

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