Brain Hacking Tip #15: Choose any stars above, close your eyes, and say ‘I belong to you’

Yes! We are stars…

If I’d tell you, that you don’t exist, are you going to be angry with me? 

But what if I’d tell you that you are a star, and one day, you may or may not return in above the stars where you belong?

Whatever that maybe, my point is… you’re alive and kicking. The Universe is too big, and yet, we’re all looking at the same stars, the same moon and the same sun.

A friend told me once…

When I die and no longer in earth, that means I’m already one with one of the stars above. Just look up and say “Hi”.

Scary right? But hey, it’s true! We live in the same Universe. No absence can separate you and me and the others. 

Everything that exist around you, first exist in your brain. You will always have access to anything. Just feel it. We are you in the inside.

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