Brain Hacking Tip #1: Be the 1st and the Last in any threatening situation: #Heal your point of view!

I found another trauma minutes ago! And of course a Mind hacking tricks for that.

Back in high-school, I had a crush. He’s good in dancing. Actually, I think his entire family’s good at hip-hop dancing; but I haven’t seen his parents danced anyway. Anyways…

One day, I was flirting with him with my balloon. I joked at him and threw my balloon in his head. I knew it won’t hurt, I was only teasing him of hitting him with it.

Guess what? He threw back his PUNCH! I was very surprised!

It was unexpected! Very unexpected… I got super threatened! Again, super-threatened. 

He just threatened my flirting lady-self! It must be BAD to like someone… Hmm. 

Although I wasn’t got hit! But I felt it! Emotionally… it was… emotional abuse and a physical threat.

Right now, I’m thinking… how would I reverse that emotionally-abused-like-feeling and physical-threatened-like-feeling to help my startling-like-bad-behavior. And I’m talking about… try to Walk passed behind me and I’d feel scared of someone hitting me from behind.”


So, here’s a strategy I came up… and I’d like to share it with you today!…  A strategy I call, Mind Hacking Tricks

1st : I must not think as if I’m a victim. Rather, I would think I am a good person… an innocent person that just want to make friends with her crush.

2nd: Take other’s threatening action as their nature… there is a thinking stuff behind it. And for whatever reason, they decided to act like threatening…

3rd: Think of yourself like this… ‘Even though this man has threatened me with a PUNCH, I still want to make friends with him, and so, I teased him with a balloon PUNCH.’

  • the pattern of my statement above will set you free, as it slowly does for me… 

What I did was… 

I simply looked at me (teasing with a balloon) as the after-effect, the fear and the threatening PUNCH from my crush came first… “I am the first, and the last!”

I reversed the order of events!… looking at the other side of the mirror…

Again, Be the first and the last!


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  1. Remember your true self!

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