Interesting News Articles #1: Deep Learning slash Machine Learning Methods, Awesomeness Overload

Okay, what is deep learning slash machine learning Methods?

For the benefit of the doubt, let’s visit Wikipedia.

According to Wikipedia, Deep Learning is also known as deep structured learning or hierarchical learning.

It is part of a broader family of machine learning methods based on learning data representations, as opposed to task-specific algorithms.

Deep neural networksdeep belief networks and recurrent neural networks are Deep Learning Architectures.

Those networks have been applied to fields including computer visionspeech recognitionnatural language processing, audio recognition, social network filtering, machine translationbioinformatics and drug design. 

They have produced results comparable to and in some cases superior to human experts.

Okay, am I copying the entire Wikipedia page? I hope not.

But here’s the thing. I’m super interested in artificial intelligence. And knowing that Deep learning is giving machines near human levels of visual recognition capabilities, is just super awesome!

Need proof?

NVIDIA article, ‘AI App Brings Your Photos to Life with 3D Animation’ will wow you today!

In case you’re interested in learning more about deep learning…

Here’s a good book suggestion for you to read this weekend ‘Deep Learning (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning series)

“Written by three experts in the field, Deep Learning is the only comprehensive book on the subject.” — Elon Musk, cochair of OpenAI; cofounder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX

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Here’s The Best thing About Deep Learning Book Above!

I an be used by undergraduate or graduate students planning careers in either industry or research, and by software engineers who want to begin using deep learning in their products or platforms. A website offers supplementary material for both readers and instructors. Source: the deep learning book description itself.

Enjoy Reading Deep Learning!

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