Faceblock (FBL) cryptocurrency ethereum token: a next-gen social platform: review

Okay, I admit!

I love Cryptocurrencies.

I believe, that it’s going to be the future of money.


Guess what I’ve found! Faceblock! With symbol (FBL).

I know right? I really thought it’s Facebook too! But no, no, no…

Although, Faceblock noted that some of their team members have notably worked for Facebook, Amazon and Google in the past.

Check out this screenshot below

Okay, that’s not very readable… so, I will retype the ‘Who We Are’ message for you.


Who We Are

‘We are a team of developers who teamed up in 2015. Ever since then we have been actively working on Faceblock. Some of our team members have notably worked for Facebook, Amazon and Google in the past.

Okay, so let’s talk more about Faceblock vision and how I think they will really succeed in the long run.


  • aims to decentralize social networks.
  • integrates blockchain and social platform into its product.
  • aim to increase everyone’s quality of life: I would say, in terms of ‘Privacy’ – identity thefts can only be stopped by adopting the new technology – the blockchain.

So, what do you think? Comment below!

I would definitely buy faceblock tokens. If you want to check their website, here it is… https://faceblock.io. Decide for yourself.

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