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Deleting or Uninstalling Themes Installed In If you are a user, then this article is for you!

You were experimenting which theme among a million free themes is best for your website huh?

Now that you’ve finally chosen one, you want to uninstall those themes that you really don’t need?

Constant updates are irritating right? I know how it feels like.

So, I know this is quite easy, but for newbies who are currently lost around; this is for you.

1ST STEP: Login to your wp-admin. If you’re already logged in, we’re on the same page, proceed to step two.

2ND STEPScroll down a little bit until you see “Appearance” —> click and choose themes.

3RD STEPYou are seeing your installed themes, must be a lot huh? —> now hover your mouse to that theme that you wish to delete or uninstall first —> click theme details as it appears.

4TH STEPScroll down until you see “delete” in red link —> click on that.

5TH STEPA pop-up box will appear asking your confirmation to delete that theme –> simply click OK.

And you’re done!

You may now repeat the process to delete the other themes you wish to uninstall or delete.

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