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How to map your computer’s ENTER function from a broken enter key to any of your computer’s keyboard keys?

Is your Enter key broken or malfunctioning?

I’ve had the same problem too!

It took me 3 years to figure out the solution.

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

Seriously, I mean, my problem was “My laptop’s enter function won’t function anymore. Somehow I spill a drop of water in it.”

Try the solution below, because I made my enter function worked again, but not the enter key.

I just map the Enter function to another key, like “right CTRL”.

First step: Download sharp keys! Click here to be redirected to the download page!

Second step: Install and run Sharp Keys!

Third step: Soon as Sharp Key registry is open, select the keyboard key that you wish your enter function will be registered to, ON THE LEFT SIDE.

Fourth step: ON THE RIGHT SIDE, manually select ENTER function in the registry.

Fifth step: Save changes.

Sixth step: Restart your computer or laptop for the changes to take effect.

Seventh step: Test it! See if it works!

If it doesn’t, do the other way around!

Try it NOW!

I would appreciate comment below if it does or doesn’t work for you!