Building Home Online

In today’s generation, anyone who hasn’t have a home online is outdated.

If you are one of those who’s still hasn’t made up minds to start building your home online, little by little, then you’re in the right article.

Today, you’re about to appreciate the value of yourself having a what we called online home. You are about to learn that owning a home online is not only for already successful entrepreneurs. It is for everyone. The internet is for everyone.

In the future, the internet is going to be free. And building your own home online is going to be compulsory. Here’s why:

  • We are about to experience real magic –> where everything science will discover will no longer be any difference with magic. As you can see, the boost of new technologies are massive.
  • Someday, your body will be online. and you will no longer be different from your computer.
  • Now is the time to practice using internet, or practice how the online world works. How your new body is going to work by building your home online.
  • It’s going to be compulsory to have a home online, because it is where you’re going to code and record all your bodily activities.
  • But before that would happen, we need to undergo with the process called, sharing economy that Mr. James is talking about in some of his articles.
    Well, I might be wrong, but subscribe to his articles so you would see it yourself.
  • In that sharing economy in which it has already started booming through social medias, books, articles, etc. Writers have evolved into a true story-teller, where we teach with true life story examples, experiences and life lessons.
  • In which, you as a person is going to undergo as well. It’s going to be compulsory for healing purposes, to renew your minds and your body. To let go of negativity, false beliefs, all those blockages that Ms. Christie is talking about, and many more.
  • And the best way to share those stories, and made it available to everyone for now, is through online sharing –> in which having a home online is very essential.

That’s why I’m here to guide you on your 1st step creating your home online. I’m going to let you know that owning a website is better than just blogging using free platforms.

Here’s why:

  • Policies in every company changes. You are limited with free platforms. Later on if you think of expanding, you will have to upgrade in which hassles is always present every time you transfer services.
  • Well, not if you’re going to choose WordPress free blogging platform and upgrade later on with  Bluehost because these two are in really good terms, and they help one another, and that includes you as their investor or a future investor.
  • But why not upgrade now! Why not take a leap with Bluehost!

With Bluehost, you will have all the support you need, just like other web hosting company as well. But what makes me love Bluehost like the most is their very organized cpanel, organized website, very clean and obviously very professional –> that is why Bluehost is used by most professionals as well. I’m predicting… I need Bluehost to confirm that.. but intuitively, I am right.

So, let’s dive in and build our own home in the internet, and start designing and planning, reorganizing our life through writing, sharing, etc.

Time to get to know each other for real. Thanks to the internet.

For the spammers and hookers, someone’s watching you –> time to divert and take internet seriously as a source of only relevant information. like mine? Yeah, including story-telling..

Story sharing…

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