Brain Hacking Tip #57: Use tapping every time you wish to delete your super-emotional blockages!

Use tapping every time you wish to delete your super-emotional blockages!

You may have already heard of “Tapping?”

If you haven’t, it’s okay, here’s a little re-cap for those who have!

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is often referred to as “Psychological Acupuncture!

All right!

Words like “Even thought [insert the emotional statements, labels of negative feelings] I deeply and completely accept myself.”

One kind of said the words while tapping to specific areas in your body, like “above the eye, beside the eye, underneath the eye; under the nose, near your neck!” 

Then one repeats the pattern back and forth, until certain emotional blockage is released. “Angst towards someone,” for example.

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She’s like, “We’re not intelligent enough, we can’t do it, we can’t afford it, etc. etc.” 

Sounds very depressing isn’t it? Because it does!

Now that I wanted something, the energy of those words keeps repeating deep within me, unconsciously.

Thanks to Tapping!

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