Brain hacking tip #54: Think of something awesome that you want to FEEL right after doing the WORK; treat yourself! is how you can moderate your procrastinating habit!

Think of something awesome that you want to FEEL right after doing the WORK; treat yourself! is how you can moderate your procrastinating habit!

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The link I just provided is a link to a sales page, but I encourage you to read it to help you decide on moderating your habitual procrastination.

It can be moderated, and we both knew that. And knowledge is Power. Awareness about your condition and your current vibration is Power.

Books are powerful, but you may or may not allow it to work for you. That’s how powerful your brain is. It’s safe to buy through that link because it’s secured by Paypal and is powered by Woocommerce.

But, if you have already known procrastination too well, no need to buy the product…

… and that won’t stop me from sharing my tip on how to moderate your developed procrastination.

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Allow me to start with my story…

… you’re encouraged to also share yours in the comment section below. You can leave a link to your personal blogs related to procrastination. You’re always welcome to, and I would be grateful and honored to visit your page too, and leave a comment in your comment section as well.

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Don’t procrastinate! Knowledge is power!

But that wouldn’t stop me from sharing my story about procrastination and my little tip on how I moderate it into making me more productive and awesome at it!

You see, I have been working before at night time; I slept in the morning and procrastinate my waking time at night. Who would love to wake up at night anyway when everybody else at home were in deep sleep?

As time goes by, I got addicted to that same procrastinating self and ended up not being happy going to work anymore.

Not only that, I felt lazy and tired and easily gets irritated for many months, and so I needed a break to find out what’s going on with me. 

The challenges I’ve had at work was the best food for my procrastination, and it worked! I’ve really convinced myself to stop working at night time, ha-ha!

But that doesn’t end there, for I still have that procrastination deep within me; I got so unmotivated to find a day office job, but I forced myself anyway, and she found one! but she wasn’t happy.

She rested and decided to find another job and that time it was home-base, it was cool, but laziness overrides again; procrastination gets even stronger, because home-base job was new to her.

So, I begun digging deep and healing, lots of stuffs, very cool; and now I found the best formula to moderate my procrastination.

Are you ready?

All right!

What I did was…

I’ve decided to finally face and see my biggest purpose in life.

I’ve decided to finally face and see my best intention of getting things done! 

I accept that joy, happiness, satisfaction, service to the people, freedom to be yourself, are the best intentions available that you can resonate to get yourself working on whatever you wish to be it and be doing.

And of course…

To sum it up, “Simply think of something you want to FEEL right after doing the work; decide to FEEL it ‘RIGHT NOW’ as you think of it, and you will be doing your tasks effortlessly!”

It’s when you do not decide that you procrastinate your will to take action.

So, just DECIDE to do the work and you will!

No need for approval, just DECIDE!

If you are really serious about moderating your procrastination?

Then you gotta invest for your self!

You may start now by trying No procrastination E-book!


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