Brain hacking tip #53: Be curious! That’s the beginning of learning anything you must know to assist/help your Emotions with your mission and vision, whatever that is! And becoming what you want to become someday!

Be curious! That’s the beginning of learning anything you must know to assist/help your Emotions with your mission and vision, whatever that is.

Curiosity is what makes us take action! So, if you’re still procrastinating your long longings or your must do steps in order to manifest your current visions? Then try feeling curious about how would it feel like to be really succeeding in it? What if it will really happen?

Just be curious!

Feel it!


Just be curious!

Remember, “What you’re curious about, you become!”

I definitely have a very funny experience about curiosity but I would prefer not to say it out loud with you because you might freak out.

But here’s the thing, “I’ve learned something from that experience, I realized that by being curious, I’m allowing myself to experiment about almost anything I want to achieve.

Without curiosity, or that burning interest in you, your subconscious mind will not going to participate or help you with your goal; also because you’re not thinking and taking experimental action!

Curiosity comes with the understanding that it’s never gonna be perfect instantly, so it induces an open-heart and mind to ENJOY and just take it slowly.

Experimenting can be frustrating, but curiosity about the other side of your frustration balances it!

By being curious about the other side of the negative side is almost the quickest way to SHIFT your emotions.

Try it!

Think of something opposite than what you’re currently feeling, and just be curious about it! How does it felt like?

And try to be curious about, how are you gonna make yourself FEEL that way? That way that you want to be in RIGHT NOW!

Find it out! Experiment with your thought! It’s awesome…

… but hey, do something; and I mean, anything that you want to experiment first, and then next, and next and next.

See the difference?

Okay, here’s another good book I can offer you today, “Curious: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends On It!

Don’t forget to be curious only of those you want to BE IT!

Remember that curiosity is TOO POWERFUL, it can drive you crazy, obsessed, etc. etc.

So be careful what you’re curious about! You will become it!

Last message!

The universe is listening, whatever you’re curious about and seek after, the universe is going to give it to you, show it to you, and even make you become it!

If you don’t want to become like your parents, don’t be curious about them, be curious about yourself! Let them be themselves, unplug yourself; you are maybe a duplicate, but know that you can also influence yourself with your thoughts!

The only way to be it, is to be curious about it!

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