Brain hacking tip #51: Go ahead and try letting go of that fear of being unable to let go! that’s what’s the best hacking tip If you’re afraid of receiving because you feel you might not be able to let it go later on when the need to let go of the thing you badly wanted comes

If you’re afraid of receiving because you feel you might not be able to let it go later on when the need to let go of the thing you badly wanted, then go ahead and try letting go of that fear of being unable to let go!


There’s always another way around, another tips and tricks on how to conquer your fear of being unable to let go in the future.

Each of us have our own little life tricks and life hacks, learned from reading self-help books, articles, etc. etc.

But I’m writing because I’d like to share mine with you. Hoping that you too will share yours in the comment section below.

All right!

My name is Roselyn Mina and I have been blogging for quite awhile now. I love to share my tips with you in case you might want to also try it and make it work for you.

Like you I’m also very hesitant when it comes to receiving anything from anyone. Praises? Promotion? Appreciation? Gifts?

Yes, I love to receive and yet a part of me would say, “What if you can’t give back? What if you’ll fail them? What if they’re wrong about you? What if you don’t deserve it? What if they’re just making you feel bad and self-pity? What if they’re just making fun of you?”

All those negative thoughts loves to pop up in my head all the time. And most of the time, I’d end up feeling hesitant, and yeah, not good enough.

Ms. Christie made it really clear that, it will goes down to “I’m not good enough!” I would highly encourage you to watch this Video NOW!

Or you may want to keep reading until the end of this article, and watch the video later, either ways would do. But it’s really up to you if you will.

So, my tip is easy as 1,2,3!

All you need really is your commitment and effort to try to make it work for you before you judge.

After all, no matter how great or how powerful a tip or technique is, if I’m not gonna give time to apply it and experiment with it religiously, then it’s not going to work for me. Every thought has to be accompanied with a will to take action in order for that thought to be manifested.

Even harry potter say his spell and wiggle his wand when making use of his magic, isn’t that true?

Even tapping, you have to use a little effort in order for it to work for you. Repetition is key, indeed.

But hey, seriously NOW…

In order for me to let go of my severe fear of not being able to let go in the future of the blessings that I am about to receive, I let go of that fear NOW!

I said to myself, “I’m going to let this go right NOW! It’s now slowly detaching, I can feel it! My grip is softening now, I can feel it. My fist is going to open soon, I can see it, I can feel it. Look it’s now slightly opened and becoming vulnerable, it’s slowly opening right now like a can of TUNA; and I’m so excited to eat it for my stomach to digest it RIGHT NOW. I am so thankful and grateful. I love the taste of want and satisfaction, of gratitude and of joy. All my fear of not being able to let go starts popping up like when a pop corn pops, and when the fireworks pops, and when stars pops; oh the taste of popcorn and the taste of lights showering above and within earth. I will allow this fear to flow in order to reach the succumb, in order to be recycled. Breathe in, Breathe out! The big boulder slowly melts like lava flowing back down to the ocean in order to be transformed into a new paradise; where flower grows and blooms without any restrictions and fear of being cut down to be sold in exchange of something else. And I bless that new island, with new thoughts, new energies, new earth, new species, new life, new breathe, new cells, all that is new and happy for the heart.”

Okay, that’s quite long, so let’s make it shorter!

Say to yourself, “I will allow a new island of thoughts, energies, living and non living things to emerge and grow from my dirty-bad-land, full of farts and poops, along with all other fertilizers supporting the newness to emerge.”

What I’m doing was recognizing our negative thoughts and false beliefs as a perfect land for planting new thoughts and seeds!


Buy realizing that “you have enough” fertilizers to grow “goods”!

So, don’t be afraid if you’re not going to be able to let go if you’ll soon be attached to that blessing which you are about to receive!

Think of it as food. Eat it and say “thank you”.

A simple “thank you” to the one giving is the best give back you can ever give freely!

So, the next time you’re worried about “What if” negative? Just remember the word “thank you!”

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