Brain hacking tip #48: Read Karl Moore’s Book “The 18 Rules of Happiness” and you’ll be WOWED with some handy and easy tips and tricks on how to be happy right where you are RIGHT NOW!

Read Karl Moore’s Book “The 18 Rules of Happiness” and you’ll be WOWED with some handy and easy tips and tricks on how to be happy right where you are RIGHT NOW!

Here’s what I learned so far…

-that you must realize that sometimes you can’t change other people’s lives.

-zooming out, viewing the world from a million miles above.

-make a thank you prayer your habit.

-give random love.

-be compassionate and kind.

And many many more, download your copy NOW!

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I do have a little trick on how to be happy today though, would you love to hear what that is?


I’m actually applying them unconsciously since I was little.

It’s simple, just SMILE as if you’re smiling!

Okay, now you might interested in in-dept tips and tricks on how to make yourself happy starting NOW?

Very well, I have something for you! Check this out!

Or, you may check this book!,

And by the way, one last thing…

Try to do some fake smile the next time you meditate?

I heard it’s awesome to do some fake smile, specially when negative thoughts and memories starts pouring in to your brain.

Observe that flow of thoughts, and make a FAKE SMILE to help yourself let go some of them!

As if you’re happy to have them in your life, now they’re finally leaving.

You may say, “come back again!”

That’s very kind of you, if you will, isn’t it?

Well, as far as I have learned, that it’s actually when you RELEASE those negative emotions that you’ll feel happy and light again.

And you might be resisting because you don’t want other people to receive that negative emotions, negative energies that you’re keeping in your heart right now!

You want to keep it as if keeping it will make the other or the people around you be safe?

Definitely a wrong direction. It’s the opposite way around. Because when you keep things inside your soul, it attracts. When you’re keeping fear of dogs, dogs will really bark at you.

What you are keeping within you is kind of like a signal to the universe on what to give you! Or what you want. So be careful what you are keeping for. Remember that even garbage in the garbage can needs to be thrown away or be recycled in-order to be filled with more and more garbage.

But hey, you’re an amazing garbage can for energies, you can clear it out and let it go, release it and let earth recycle and transform all those negative energies into vibrant and shining light!

So, if you want to be happy starting NOW, I’d also like to recommend, releasing that negative energies you’ve been holding on for a very long time.

All you really have to do, is to let it flow! Like allowing your blood to come back in your heart to be purified? If I’m getting it correctly? You’re welcome to comment the most accurate term in the comment section below. I would really appreciate it.

P.S. I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though the links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!


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