Brain hacking tip #47: Combine ‘As if and What if’ techniques to achieve the best out of anything you want to feel starting today and forevermore!

All right, tip #46 and tip #26 combined together produces an amazing life-changing attitude!

Here’s why!

When you apply your “As if” technique with the “What if” technique, you’d probably get an amazing result.

Try it!


Think of something you want to feel right now?

Feeling happy? Act as if you are happy! When was the last time you were very happy, okay imitate that.

Who is your favorite happy actors or actresses, or even cartoon characters, be it! Act as if you are it! Impersonate them.

Now, apply the what if technique if you are feeling skeptical about the as if technique to work for you…

… say, “what if it will work?”

and if it won’t, what would I lose anyway? Just try it!

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