Brain hacking tip #46: Becoming what you want to become using “As if” technique by Raikov Effect!

As if?

Yes, as if technique!

I was surprised the first time I’m introduced with this technique, because I’m sometimes applying the same technique towards my friends.

All right. I was guilty.

I thought was faking all of them and I’m not true to them for being who I am. But I’m using that “as if” technique because I have to.

When you’re growing up from the forest, you’re not gonna look good in the city if you won’t “act as if” you’re also a city girl, right?

Most of all, you won’t get a friend if you don’t “act as if” what they want for a friend.

It’s pretty easy to make friends, all you have to do is find out their standards and “act as if” you are that person.

But you’ll feel bad right after, even if you’re a good person, because you know you’re just acting and you’re not true to them.

That’s what I felt before, but right now, I felt like it’s actually just fine if you want to change your life like you want it to be, it’s a very quickest way you can ever used.

So, if you’re willing to dig more about what if technique, please allow me to bring you at Raikov. Click on the given link, and enjoy watching the video. Dig deeper until you’ll find the “What if technique.”

I bet you already knew this, just if you’re skeptical. Go ahead…

But, here’s why you must not feel bad about using “As If” technique…

Because everyone’s using it.

Why do you think people got so cool awhile ago, and then later on he or she became so bad-ass?

And how about those that hurt other people and knew about it, because he or she did it purposely, but still able to sleep and smile everywhere “As if” nothing happens?

Why do you think others aren’t guilty of their own deeds no matter how bad it is?

… because they’re using… “as if he/she is not bad at all!”

And most of all, why do GOSSIPERS appears very good in front of you, but backbiting you when you’re not around?

… because he/she is using “As if” he/she doesn’t gossip about you at all, and as if he/she is a friend.


Why don’t we use it for the better!

Use it for something good, for something that would help the world.

Why don’t we, “As if” we are cool, and as if we’re all healing, and “As if” you’re already what you want to become like.

Have you ever heard of “Fake it ’till you make it?”

Why do you think bad fakers doesn’t get caught by the one they’re faking?