Brain hacking tip #45: Fear of the outcome is like fear of Gossips isn’t it? Fear of what other people would think about you either succeeding or failing?

What if I’m going to succeed? Haters would gossip and think that I cheated?

So what?

And if I failed, haters just doesn’t care about you. Your loss, your loss. Your fail, your fail. Well, they could put you into shame, but how you will handle your emotion is really up to you.

What’s the cure?

Stop caring what other people are saying, and me included, and your self. I mean that EGO self within you who keeps bringing up all the bad things in your past, so you can clear it out, and move on!

Yeah, just think of it that way, that EGO wants you to clear that dirty spirit you have kept for a very long time now; thank EGO instead for showing it to you; instead of looking at it as a hindrance or against your current reality.

In this VIDEO, the host explains that the Universe loves us enough that it’s showing us all the stuffs that needs clearing. She even called it a love gift. Go check it out while it’s still in YouTube! Who knows it might be gone in the future. But hopefully not.

So, how are we going to handle Fear of Gossips that could put you into Deep Shame or Deep Blame or Deep Jealousy or Deep Envy?

That’s a question I’d like to hear your answers as well in the comment section below.

But for now, let me share what I think would help us move on with FEAR OF GOSSIPS and its outcome.

Because for me, it’s the #1 reason why I didn’t try out new things before. Aside from fear of not succeeding, there’s this feeling of fear of SHAME and fear of unknown GOSSIPS behind it.

How do you handle those fears?

Well, try this tip, “think of gossipers as yourself! acknowledge your gossiping self! understand why you’re gossiping or judging others!”

Mostly, the answer is…

because I’m jealous? Why can they do it, and not me? Why am I not good enough? I hate the world of not giving me the same life as he/she have.”

To sum up, it’s like judging yourself as BAD for not becoming like them, or like those that you have idolized, and would rather doubt them for their success, and thus DOUBTING your own ability in the NOW.

Once one figured that out, it would become easy, to appreciate others of their unique skills and talents, and support them all the way through, while you keep working on yours too!

Mostly, gossipers are those who haven’t found or haven’t decided what they truly want to succeed in life!

But once they’re able to figure it out, and decided to pursue it, they’ll support you for being who you are.

Shortcut to that, is “Have compassion to the Gossipers, within you!”

Keep doing what you’re doing, and never mind!

Be like “Whatever!”

“Cheers to your future success!”

“I hope you’ll be able to finally decide what you want your life would be like the rest of your life on earth.”

Thanks for reading this far…

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