Brain hacking tip #44: Hold your breath along with your negative thought, either from yourself or from others; think of something great and positive to replace the old thought; then let go of your breath deeply while you hold into that new thought! That’s another way to change your life starting NOW!

Who have friends or families who are really bad at giving you advises?

And I mean those that would tell you face to face, ‘You cannot become a leader; you don’t have the quality to learn anything; you’re not a good listener; you’re impossible to teach; you’re not gonna succeed in whatever you do; I’m never gonna support you; I’m never gonna follow you; you suck at things! You’re unteachable! etc. etc. etc.!”

Well, I’ve been facing lots and lots of words like that, since I was a child.

My mother told me that my grandparents gossiped that I’m never going to finish school, guess what, I finished Elementary, High School and College; and I’m thankful and grateful that I graduated as an academic scholar.

I’m not sure if she’s telling the truth, but I’m thankful that I was able to graduate.

And by the way, there’s more; she said that my father’s sister gossiped about me since I was a child that I’m going to have a child without a father because my mother is giving me with my wants.

Guess what, I’m working on not making that happened to me; which I really hope not; that’s tough.

I’m not sure if she’s telling the truth or not; all I know right now, is that, my aunt’s (who gossiped about me) daughter became a single mother. But I love my cousin. I love single mothers. In fact, I have friends who are also single mothers. I’m proud of them.

Yesterday, I drunk friend of mine, told me face to face…

… that I’m never going to  become a good leader, and that I don’t have the quality of becoming a good leader.

What else?

He said, ‘You’re unteachable! You cannot learn! You cannot listen. You can’t be successful in writing! You’re not going to succeed! You LACK skills! You’re a graduate but I’m better than you!’

Well, something like that…

And many more…

But I would really try to pursue writing and become good at it.

Wish me good luck!

And in case you’re experiencing the same,

here’s a good exercise for you to try.

“Hold your breath while you think of those negative words from a friend or family members; think of a counter-statement and an opposite vision of what they judged at you; hold into that new thought, and then breath out the bad words or judgments that they threw upon you!”

See if that works!

I’d like to hear your comment below!

Cheers to you success!

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