Brain hacking tip #42: Feel compassion to the people you have hurt before, that’s how you’ll love yourself again, and that’s how you’re going to accept your own self reflection within others!

Do you want to know how I learned to love my self reflection within other people?


It’s hard and it’s frustrating when someone keeps pushing that weakest part of you!

You know that part of you which reminds you of the bad stuffs you did before? Or those bad stuffs you’re always annoyed and frustrated about before?

And how about those moments that you’re feeling GUILTY of committing some really bad thing because someone lied to you and you believe it, and you take action based on that lie?

‘I have quarreled an innocent child when I was six years old, because someone told me she’s a bad little girl. But all those I’ve heard were all lies. My bully neighbor lied to me and the other quarrelers, for us to help him bully that little girl. They were chastised by their grandmother, I wasn’t. I felt very GUILTY. And I said to myself, I am never gonna quarrel someone again.’

Well, not just that, the universe is going to replay it back in front of you, around you, until you’ll be able to clear it out, to make peace with your self.

So, here’s how you can love yourself again, no matter how other people treated you for being who you were!

If you’re GUILTY, have compassion to that person you’ve hurt before.

By doing that, you also have compassion in yourself right NOW, right when someone else did to you what you’ve done before to the other.

Karma is everywhere, and it’s truth. Someday, it will come to you, and the only way to deal with yourself, is to have compassion to those you have hurt before, those you have judged, those you have gossiped with, those you have looked down. All the bad things you did to your neighbors, to your brothers and sisters; be it consciously or unconsciously, in thought and in deeds, whatever that is; and also emotionally.

Remember those people you’ve hurt, and have compassion!

There’s no time to beg for forgiveness! Accept yourself, no matter what!

Realize that self-pitying will not work anymore, it’s not going to help you move on. But having COMPASSION to those you have victimized unconsciously or consciously will heal you and them as well.

That’s how powerful COMPASSION is.

If you can’t identify who those people you’ve been hurt with? Think of Jesus sufferings, and choose to have compassion towards him. He’s innocent, he’s the best person to have compassion with.

Thanks for reading this far, I have a gift for you…

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