Brain hacking tip #41: Realize that Fear of an unknown pain of the outcome is what makes you resist and avoid something new to happen in your life; be it success, healing, being wealthy, being rich, receiving money, etc. etc.

Resistance, Avoidance, of Pain!

Yeah, of pain.

Who doesn’t fear of Pain way back when you’re just 0 to 7 years young?

Maybe you’re fine with it, but not me, I am too pain resistant. Super scared of pain.

Be it toothache, healing wounds, or even taking a medicine. But most of all, was when a dentist pulled my tooth.

When a tooth is hard to pull, you end up resisting! And if it’s your first time to be pulled a tooth that has been decayed for a very long time but still hard and strong yet hurting, you’d think that it’s going to hurt even more even if you’ve been injected with anesthesia.

And the pattern goes on and on and on…

Whenever something new is presented to you, a change maybe? A change of thought, a change of belief, climate change -ha-ha, we think it’s going to hurt, and so we avoid anything new!

We’ll resist and fight the best that we could to protect our norm.

And that’s because we’re afraid that it’s going to hurt us! that it’s going to be painful.

Many said, ‘simply trust the process! and have faith.

Yes, indeed!

Faith is the best attitude we can wear in terms of achieving and getting something out of life.

But I’ve also heard that success is guaranteed, you just need to keep working on it, trying again and again and again, test, observe and adjust many times, until you’ll get the right formula that is going to work for you.

What if there is one formula that is going to work to everybody? Would you willing to know what that is?

All right!

This is too good to be true, but we all need LOVE! Check this book, ‘The Power (The Secret Book 2)!’

Open your heart so that all forms of life energy will flow unto you…

Yes, that includes bad energies, but as long as you keep your heart open, it will pass.

Closing your heart will trap the darkness within you. Those sufferings you’ve inherited spiritually from your grand grand parents, from your parents or from the people you’ve met before, or NOW; won’t be able to get out, won’t be transformed, won’t be released; if your heart is close.

Think of a dark room with no light inside? How does it felt like to be in that dark room?

At least open up a little, and allow the light to get in!

And lastly…

Here’s a tip to stop resisting NOW!

According to Les Brown in this VIDEO, You cannot resist something to which you grant no reality.’

‘The act of resisting a thing is the act of granting it life.’

When you resist an energy, you place it there.’


Allow everything, to get in and get out! It’s when you resist that you hold into that thought, emotion, suggestions, labels from other people, etc. etc.

There’s more, in the same video.

You attract not just what you fear, you attract what you feel, what you are.’

– Denzel Washington

Neither avoid something…

Avoiding a pain isn’t going to help.

Most of the time, the ones we’re avoiding are those that will lead us to healing.

Again, change! And the pain of going through the training; either it’s physical or spiritual.

It’s going to be all right.

Most tooth operation went well, right? Just think of the sense of relief right after going through the process. Enjoy…

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