Brain hacking tip #39: Think of laughter in all situations, bad or good; it’s when you enjoy that your life starts healing unconsciously! It’s also the best way to face truth and reality easily!

Have you ever been procrastinating your laughter for a very long time now?

Huh! You’re not alone.

I’ve been there too.

I know that feeling when you want to laugh and enjoy like a child, taking everything around you as a game, and something that must not be taken so seriously because you know it will simply pass?

After the drama, laughter comes, that if you choose to.

Others got so emotional that they’re bringing all the burdens in the past to feed their EGO’s. So that whenever strong waves shaken their boats, they will have plenty of reasons to blame others for it.

But hey, no one knows they’re actually unconsciously bringing the reasons and the emotions of the past.

Do you know why they don’t want to let it go? Or why they couldn’t let it go?

Tell me in the comment section below. I’m a learner and I’m open to ideas.

But for now, let me share my personal life experience about not letting go.

Okay, I’m obsessed with meditation, and I love to swim into the deepest part of my brain!

Because I’m curious about my emotions, and that’s what leads me to those extraordinary people I’ve met virtually. Thanks to the internet, I’m so thankful and grateful.

Now, upon my meditation, observing myself why I don’t want to let go, why my mother don’t want to let go all her life experiences; I figured out something.

“That there is a FEAR of ‘What if the same thing will happen if I’d let it go?’ What if I’m letting go of another life and it’s going to die if I’d do it? ”

Pretty much the opposite from the truth, isn’t it?

Based on the law of attraction, what you possess attracts those like-minded, same-minded, same situations, same patterns, etc. etc.

Just like a MAGNET right? Every emotion is contagious, so is happiness! remember that. And that’s a simple yet powerful proof of law of attraction.

Now, digging deep…

If a person keeps resisting on letting go of something, and he/she didn’t laugh for a very long time, and when it’s time for him/her to finally laugh out loud, she became CRAZY. Laugh, cry, laugh, cry, laugh, cry.

I’ve seen crazy people under bridges, and I’m observing them, and as you can see, all their stuffs is always attached to them. Try touching anything that they own, no matter how dirty it is, they’ll be angry at you.

Because they’re scared that someone’s going to take away their burdens.

And you know what’s worst? Are those who were once extraordinary people, meaning with powerful brains, specially those visionaries; there’s a possibility that they would envision something really bad about someone, LAUGH at it, enjoy and thus it will manifest!

It’s not their fault, if they’re crazy. And maybe that’s why they’ve become crazy because they’re thinking of some bad things and they keep resisting from it because they just can’t and they’re good people; they’re just full of miseries.

But what if it’s done intentionally? By the BLACK MAGICIANS who could actually bring shit inside your being?

Well, that’s what we called BAD WITCHCRAFT.

But I’m not teaching bad witchcraft here, because only crazy people would do that! Those who’s having problems in life, full of wanting to take revenge out in the world. They too, deserves healing. And you can only do that by deleting their pains, and loving them wholeheartedly.

Highly intuitive people who wants to only heal and help people were good ones.

But of course, they can if they chooses too. Everything is possible.

I’ve been talking and talking a lot…

… thanks for reading this far!

Here we go, the secret to healing your life, in case you’re scared of letting go of anything.

If you’ve been married and have stated an oath, “for better or for worst blah blah blah…”

Then great, just use the same words but this time do not use DEATH! it’s a curse to both good and bad (that thought itself is the best trap I could ever imagine!)

Check this verse from the Bible itselfMatthew 5:33-36 “Again, you have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘Do not break your oath, but fulfill to the Lord the vows you have made.’ But I tell you, do not swear an oath at all: either by heaven, for it is God’s throne; or by the earth, for it is his footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the Great King. And do not swear by your head, for you cannot make even one hair white or black. More about promises here.

So, going back? it’s really up to you to apply my tip or not or to experiment it with your self or not…

But here it is..

‘For better or for worst, laugh out loud, even when you’re crying!’ Consider it as tears of joy!

Think of laughter, and make fun with all the things around you! Play around and enjoy! just like it was before when you were once a child.

But what if they’ll call you names?

Like, selfish, emotionally retarded, careless, mean, heartless, whatever it is they’ll throw upon you, be it yourself, LAUGH at it! Or remember your real name. Tell them, who you are!

If they’ll got angry? Laugh at it!

Just laugh!

No matter how bad it is, no matter how painful the truth is, face it, and laugh at it, like you’re inside a comedy bar!

Here’s another good book Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids that would make you laugh at loud to start healing your heartaches!

Or, just go ahead and remember those FUNNY times in your life, and make a JOURNAL about it.

Here’s my funny buttons!

All right!

Thanks for reading this far…

Come again!


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