Brain hacking tip #37: Wherever you go and whatever you do, notice the soft air in your face; it’s the quickest way to become more present and aware in the NOW!

Who wants a quick tip to become more aware in your life starting in just seconds?

I do!

I already told you…

In the title page, I shared that the quickest way to become more aware of your present moment, and in the NOW life; simply notice the air in your face, or the air near your nostrils.

Try it NOW! Don’t DELAY!

It’s very exciting and very quick!

Make it a habit and your life will change for the better.

All right. I know that’s really up to you if your serious about change.

But if you’re not and you’re contented with your life NOW? Then keep going! You have my support.

Otherwise, experiment with my tips here! See it for yourself.

Let’s talk about becoming more present and more aware quickly.


I mean, why is it important to be more aware about the entire world today, the weather, the sun, the moon, the ocean, and of course your health.

But most specially, your dreams in life. Your what’s NEXT?

Becoming aware helps you remember the good things in your life, not just all the bad things in it.

I have a very cool, hypnosis program suggestion, for you, if your serious about change, click on this link.

Cheers to your success!

I would love to hear in the comment section below, in the future, if applying what’s in the link, I just gave you, help your life as well.

It’s really awesome and encouraging and inspiring, to hear people succeed in their lives. It’s like a life booster! You’ll feel more alive and kicking and thankful, knowing that they’re able to do it, NOW is your turn!

Are you ready?

No? Are you sure?

The truth is… everyone is always ready.

Your body is always ready. All you need to do is to activate your readiness skill and get over with your procrastinating statements.

Doing things, little by little, will bring you to your success.

Just like, walking little by little, hours later, you’re already near your destination, you didn’t even noticed the places you passed by, you’re like in autopilot.

You know why that is? Because you’re thinking of something interesting and joyful while you are doing your thing.

It’s the same pattern that would also work in any areas in life, either at work or in school, or in your family.

Life becomes automatic to you ones you learn which inspiring thoughts you’d like to FOCUS on while your body is doing all the work.

If you’re still procrastinating until NOW…

… and you want to change that bad habit of not taking action, even if copy-writing it down, you’d still say, LATER or TOMORROW or not INTERESTED or you JUDGE immediately and all the negative reasons just pop up in your head, which makes you do something else; then boy/girl, you need help.

Oh, by the way, me included.

So, I’d like to bring you to a place where you will learn tons and tons of self-help information that would boost your productivity, your confidence, and all the best in you will be released!

Here, get your confidence booster here!

Many many more good stuffs you can start applying in your life today!

Like for example, this article about procrastination from the Tapping Solution.

And if you need more resources, like books for example.

I have goods like that too…

Here, check out this sales page about confidence confidant. Yes! It’s a sales page, read through the entire sales page, and learn what’s inside the product before buying it.

And hey, have fun!

Don’t forget my tip for today about awareness and being more present.


All right…

P.S. Time for revelation, I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though the links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!

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