Brain hacking tip #35: Chin up and smile and rob the back of your ear or rob your chin with your fingers; whenever you’re feeling that fear pressure, anger pressure, pain pressure, shame pressure, or any type of pressure; is the best way to handle pressure easily

Hi there! Were you pressured today? How about yesterday?

If so, maybe you’re searching for some tricks and tips on how to handle that pressure right now!

No worries, I’ll share with you what I think and believe would ease up a little bit of any pressure that you have right now.

It’s very easy and very comprehensible.

A baby can do it!

So I know you can do it too!

Although I have already included in the title page what it is that I’m going to share in a minute, I’ll try to go an extra mile for you.

All right!

Let’s begin.

I have had so much pressure growing up. Almost all of those I’ve shared in my book ‘The Art of Self-Expression.‘ If you’d like to read its sample, just click the given link.

And yet, even though I’ve had all those life experiences, I was able to handle my life the way I wanted it to be.

Do you want to know how I did it?

Well, the security guard of our school campus teased me of my unconscious habit, that is to chin up and smile every time I would pass by the guard house.

It just felt great, I remember.

‘Chief!’ He said. ‘Chief!’ I answered. He laughed and told me ‘You were that girl who loves to chin up and smile, right?’ I just laughed and smiled again.

I honestly don’t know what was he talking about, all I knew was that I’m just being me.

But that habit changed when a classmate of mine teased me from smiling most of the time…

‘Are you okay Mina?’ My friend teased me. ‘Sure I am!’

‘Why are you smiling?’

‘Oh! Am I? I’m just grateful? Is there something wrong with that?’ I asked myself silently.

Most people loves to be very serious, and very sad. And if you want to be a part of their pack, you gotta act like them too, until your true-self will be forgotten.

Have you experienced the same? 

If you do, now you know that you’re not alone.

But today, we’re going to regain that strength that we once have before the society and the people in our environment influenced us to be like everybody else are.

Are you ready?

All right.

Maybe you’re a little bit stressed and depressed the last few years. Like a beautiful part of you had been taken away by some bad people, but you just can’t remember who they are.

Well, that’s totally fine. Let go of that search now, and consider that over, because in this simple exercise, you don’t need to be angry in order to let go of those bad experiences and its linked negative emotions.

All you have to do is to do a little “Chin up, a cute smile, and a soft rob underneath your chin and at the back of your ear.”

Do it whenever you’re feeling pressured.

Now, let me share with you what I think of pressure…

I think, PRESSURE is the only word that best describes worries, fear, anger, pain, sadness, depression and anxiety.

Observe yourself the next time you’re worried about something.

Correct me if I’m wrong in the comment section below, but I think you’ll discover that you’re feeling pressured about something, a thought, maybe.

It doesn’t matter what that is, still, it’s pressuring you.

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All right guys…

P.S. I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though the links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!