Brain hacking tip #34: Remember that last time you heard the door of you house opening, is the quickest way to open your heart today!

Okay, let’s talk about opening your  heart and why is it important!

Are you scared to open your heart to anyone?

Were you scared that someone’s going to get in and steal something away from you?

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Here’s why it’s safe to open your heart…

You will allow the thief (negative emotions, thoughts, included) to get out of your house immediately.

Whereas, if you’re going to close your heart, who knows you’re actually trapping a snake within your house, who wants to get out and be free!

This is weird, but I think it’s also cool…

… that we’re misinterpreting ourselves as the trapper, and that thing within us that we’re trapping because we want to punish it for whatever reasons we can create.

Okay, my point is, try to not look at yourself as the one trapped, that’s impossible, look around you, were you really trapped?

If not, then someone else is trapped within your house. Open your heart, set it free so it can breath and it can renew itself to the better him or her.

Okay, that’s really weird…

But, hey! Try opening your heart today, here’s a video I would really insist you watch right NOW! Don’t delay! Watch this video NOW!

Very salesy right?

Yeah, that’s how important opening your heart chakra is!

You must open it now!

Or, you can apply my little tiny tip here!

What is that again?

Imagine the last time you heard the door of your house opens!

Notice your feeling RIGHT NOW after imagining that.

You’re alerted right? Like a bulb in your head lights up?

I’ll be done soon…

Just need to give my book recommendation…

“Breathing Room: Open Your Heart by Decluttering Your Home

By Laure Rosenfeld and Melva Green

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Don’t forget to leave your comment for additional tips and tricks on how to open your heart, and how important opening your heart is… and why there’s no need to worry about not closing your heart anymore!

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