Brain hacking tip #29: Think of your heartaches and other pains like just a bite of an ant, to make yourself rest assured that everything’s going to be fine soon, just be patient, the pain will calm down

Let’s talk about heartaches and other pains you’re feeling right now!


Okay, keep reading.

Now, there’s another funny yet very doable and easy tip on how to make yourself rest-assured that everything’s going to be all right.

We both know there’s always another way around, right?

Life is never going to be always bad, most of the times it’s really good.

All you really need to remember is that ‘You’re alive!’ right NOW.

Pinch yourself! Wash your face, and don’t forget to smile ear to ear, today!

By being aware that you’re alive, you have billions of chances to heal yourself starting today!

Whatever that pains in your heart right now, no matter how bad it is, if you’re willing to heal it, you can do it, whatever it takes!

Okay, but there’s a very good thought you might want to start meditating today!

It’s realizing that that pain that you’re feeling right now, is not going to last forever.

Think of it like it’s just a bite of an ant.

Have you been bitten by ants before?

Well, if you do, then surely, you know what I mean?

The pain seemed to last forever isn’t it? But did it?

No! Of course not.

You see, everything will pass, just stay calm and trust that everything will be okay.


Think of it as just toothache.

Because believe it or not? Heart-aches? felt like toothache.

Do you remember the last time you had a toothache?

Maybe you have one during your childhood? Or adulthood.

Try to meditate on that one!

And as you do, think that it’s over.

Think of right after toothache, pressure, unknown pains, dentist anxiety, etc. etc.

How do you feel right after all the pain is gone?


Hmm. Maybe you’re still feeling that pain until now.

Inspect yourself NOW!

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You may have noticed my book title? He-he-he! It’s because I love the sound of ‘Yourselfs’ ‘ word.

So, understand that, please?

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