Brain hacking tip #28: Become a master of your life and soul by learning the basics of driving a bicycle, and you’ll never be out of balance again in your life

Is it too good to be true to become a master of your soul?

That’s absolutely natural. No one had taught us before that we could actually master our life and our soul.

Instead, we were taught to follow rules, aren’t we? Sorry about that.

But here’s the thing, I’m going to share what I learn just 60 minutes ago, on how to master your life and become a true master of your own soul, your personal choice of life, dreams, decisions, and life goals.

See myself as I share my story learning to ride a bicycle. If you’re a bicycle rider, or at least learn how to ride a bicycle, you’ll be able to relate what’s in my story, and probably in the  lessons that I’m about to share with you today.

So, here’s how I learned to balance my body with my bicycle!

Someone told me, that in order to learn driving a bicycle, you need not to look at the pedal or downwards when you’re still learning to balance your body with it.

You must not judge yourself firsthand, that you can’t, because you really can’t. In fact, you would even stop trying again.

I am so lucky back then that I don’t own a bicycle, so whenever I have a chance to use my neighbors bicycle, I would always grab the chance.

You know, he’s a little bit strict, and he’s dead now, at least the body, not his soul, because right now I can still see him in my memories.

Okay, that’s getting weirder, so let’s get back to the topic.

When you ride a bicycle, like in that picture below, I got from amazon, ‘Firmstrong Urban Lady Three Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 26-Inch, Mint Green’…

you must look forward, and know where you’re going. You must know where you’re going, when to turn, and where to stop.

Most especially, you must know where your break is, so you can break and stop whenever needed.

But most importantly, you must take action; put your body in that moment, feel your butt in your bicycle’s chair; position your hands properly in the handlebar grip, letting it lose, not holding on to it hardly, to help relax your muscles and avoid muscle tensions, specially your back.

And lastly, learn to adjust, repeat, adjust-repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. 

You see, REPETITION is key, to master something. Of course, provided that you’re aware of what you are mastering about. Maybe you’re mastering the same method that isn’t working, that’s why you’re always getting the same result.

Learn to adjust. Experiment which learning techniques you think have worked for others, and think that if they’re able to make a certain technique work for them, then why can’t you? Right?

You can make it work! I know you can!

And I mean, that ideas you have right now, in your brain, make it work.

Or the techniques I shared in the previews Brain Hacking Tips.

You can master your life and your soul. Just trust your bicycle, and I mean your body. Trust the universe within you to balance with  anything around you, while you’re taking action, moving towards where you want to be and become and achieve and finish and get.

If you want some extraordinary tips and tricks about life in general, specially financial, health, relationships and career…

Please, visit this website. I love her teachings. It’s awesome! It’s where you will feel welcomed and truly blessed with plenty of powerful information that you can bring with you wherever you want to go, and whatever versions you want to experience in your life.

And I like to begin taking action now, by saying ‘I think I can what I think I can!’

Leave your comments below!

I welcome additional life mastering tips and tricks, so feel free to express it NOW!

Chat with you soon!

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