Brain hacking tip #27: Flash all clogged negative ball of energies today, through the spirit of Repetition: Repetition is key to anything you want to master!

Today is my lucky day. I have discovered the only way, and only key to everything!

Are you excited?

I hope you do! Because I am, right now.

I am so excited to tell you this story.

The other day, a paper clogged in our toilet bowl!”

Yes! that’s a little nasty, but hey, that’s why I discovered the KEY.

It’s not even missing, but we often missed to recognize it.

Do you have a hint?

What if I’d tell you now that it’s REPETITION.

Repetition is key to everything.

Here’s what happened!

“That paper clogged in our toilet bowl was softened by the hot water; but that’s not what makes our toilet flowing and flashing well again.”

I pushed the water in the bowl repeatedly, as fast as I could, with all my strength.”

Guess what, it worked!

Now, I understand why Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique worked!

It’s not because of tapping alone, or the force one used tapping. But it’s because of REPETITION.

If you’re new to tapping, here’s a click back product for head aches to serve as an example, ‘EFT for headaches‘.

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Another one is The Tapping Solution‘.

The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living

The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living

Tapping really worked!

But because I am so lazy to follow the tapping patterns, I was curious if there’s another form of tapping that follows only one direction.

And so, today, I was meditating and a simple truth just popped up in my head! Repetition.

So, I tried tapping any part of my body that is easy for me to reach, like my thighs! Just tapping as fast as I could, smoothly, not hardly, while thinking of softening and releasing my stress from yesterday.

Guess what! I feel great!

Another example, is pretty obvious, learning!

One master a skill through repetition, only.

When I was in high school, I’m quite good at memorizing words and sentences.

My technique? I say out loud sentences, close my eyes, and say it repeatedly.

Result? Perfect exam!

Athletes practice a lot, repetition is key!

If you’re religious, you may have tried reciting a rosary? What makes it powerful that you’d feel peace right after? It’s repetition.

Singers, repeats chorus a lot!

Why is that? It feels great isn’t it? It sounds awesome.

A simple repetitive fast action, if directed properly, with clear intention, is super-powerful!

So, if you want to clear some negative energies that is clogged somewhere in your body?

Do tapping and breathing exercises. Tap as fast as you could, while you breath out.

A lamp and a ball in my previous article. Push fast but easily, not hardly, or a lamp might blew up. Same with the ball, push fast but lightly, not hardly, or the ball will bounce back very high.

If you’ve tried riding a bicycle, how do you move forward?

You push faster repetitively.

Do you have more proofs that makes repetition the key to everything?

Comment below!

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