Brain hacking tip #26: Think of ‘What if’ words in everything you feel really impossible to happen, and you’ll never be scared of being controlled by your self-sabotaging negative thoughts that you’ve copied from your environment or friends, or movies, or news, etc. etc.

What if I’d tell you now that these two words are so powerful, enough to change your reality right now.

Would you believe?

It’s okay, try it first before you believe.

You’ll see for yourself, and you’ll experience yourself the power of ‘What if’ words.

Were you told that there’s nothing you can do about your life? And did you believe it?


Probably not. But if you’ll ignore that sharp and hurtful suggestion about you, it will slowly crawl into the deepest of you soul. Eating it slowly until your subconscious will learn how to act like ‘there is nothing she/he can do about your life.’

It’s really important that as soon as you hear destroying thoughts about you, negative labels about you as  a person, any thoughts that could ruined your faith and belief in your self in the future; that you wash them all off, right now!

Are you scared to wash off those negative energies out of your subconscious?

I have experienced the same, and I know how it felt like.

Let’s see if you’ve felt the same way I do.

There is only one thing that makes me resist deleting some old energies I got from the words that I received collectively, either from people I’ve met, or from the news, books, etc. etc. and even from my own childhood – you know, those stories we used to create inside our brain, because we can’t be sure what is right or wrong, which one to believe or not to believe?

What makes me resist removing them? 

is this thought, ‘that I’m killing the source.’

Okay, having that in mind, I would rather suffer than kill someone else.

But, I was wrong. Because when you delete those energies from the people you’ve met in the past, from the traumatizing movies you’ve watched in the past, or from life-discouraging news you’ve read from the past, you’re not actually deleting the source or the people behind it.

You’re only clearing their energies that is in you right now, to stop bothering you anymore.

Were you bothered by some discouraging false beliefs you were told by the ‘scammed scammers’? I called them.

You’re not alone.

I am too.

But don’t be angry with them, they’re scammed too, right? Where they’ve copied it from? Who knows?

What you can do right now is to let them go, to wash off their energies off you, today, so you can move on.

Later on, you may teach them how they could change their life too. Using ‘What if’ statements.

Do you want to know how I use it to my subconscious?


I would say, ‘What if I can?’

What if you can delete (insert the name of the spirit you want to delete).

It could be, spirit of anger, spirit of procrastination, spirit of self-sabotage, spirit of karma, spirit of jealousy, spirit of envy, spirit of selfishness, spirit of evil (bad-ass).

All those spirits that is slowly eating your soul. You may list them down slowly, as soon as you felt them bothering you again.

Now, you have to be honest with yourself, it’s okay to be bad, it’s okay to be evil, it’s okay, just decide to wash it off your subconscious.

Wash it with the spirit of pure water, spirit of pure air, spirit of gratitude, spirit of love, spirit of abundance, spirit of joy, spirit of peace.

Whatever good spirit you can think of.


Just totally fine.

Use ‘What if’ today! And see for yourself the result if you act now, and even tomorrow, or the next day, whenever you want. It’s really up to you.

Some people would love to experience some negative spirits and decided to keep it with them, because they think it’s awesome. But to me, not at all.

I’ve seen some who just allowed the spirit of anger and jealousy to lead them, and then blame others for their own choices. It’s like copying a wrong answer from their seatmate during exam, and blame the one they have copied from for failing.

Were you like that?

Hmm. It’s okay. Maybe you were forced to copy their false answers, who knows?

But the most important thing above all, is to take action today. Delete the energies of those people off your body right now.

Wash it all off. And if your subconscious would resist and say, ‘he or she can’t?’ Just tell him/her, What if you can? Would you be happy to succeed? What if you can?’

And if you’ve done this before and you’ve failed many times many? Just do it again, ‘What if you can, this time!’ Always keep trying. At least you’ve done something about your situation, and you’re not going to blame yourself in the future for not trying.

Would you rather be labeled a coward forever? Maybe not. Right?

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