Brain hacking tip #25: How can I soften my hard feelings? Moving a mountain!

Yes! I found the quickest way to move your mountains of hard feelings…


Do you want to know what that is?

Okay, first, let me tell you a quick story about how I’m so obsessed with softening any hard feelings, which leads me to the realization of this very special knowledge.

You have maybe clicked on this article by mistake or by chance, but that’s good news!

Today, you’re going to learn what I’ve learned.

I have meditated for 30 minutes today, while listening to the free stuffs I received from this website. I am so thankful and grateful that I have been introduced to them by the author of Manifestation Miracle, through her newsletters.

So, going back to the topic…


Like you, I am also human, with emotions, anger, fear, hardships, sufferings, insecurities, jealousy, rejections, and many, many more yet to come.

But how else other emotions could go badly beyond feelings of hardships.

It is indeed the most difficult to deal among all other types of emotions.

Yes! Hardship is a feeling, and an experience you have learned to adapt, either from your parents, or from your environment, collectively.

It could be from school, from your office, from your relationships, from movies, from radios, and even from the news! or it could be just from your own creative thought! those thoughts you’ve created when you were young.

Some hardships, fears, etc. etc., could be just a product of your personal ignorance at anything new that has come in life.

It doesn’t have to be today, it could also be from your yesterdays.

However, whatever that maybe, those hard feelings are just feelings. The memories you have, the things you have, and even the environment you are in right now, or your current life situation, anything; aren’t/weren’t the source of all those hardships, and they have nothing to do why it still exist in your life right now; why you’re still feeling the same hard feelings you’ve experienced once in the past.

The answer is…



I once thought that if you want to change your life you have to change your environment first and foremost.

It’s only because I thought it was the people around me who’s responsible of every life dramas I have experienced growing up, and that includes hardships, traumas, and many, many more.

No one in my society have every taught me, that we can actually duplicate energies from our family, from our mother, father, brothers and sisters, grandfather and grandmother; and even your grand-grand mother and father.

Most of all, no one had taught me from my society that you can actually clean that ball of energies yourself. Thanks be to this video.

So, today, I’m going to share with you my other way of clearing your feelings of hardships…


You’re always welcome and highly encouraged to learn from this  video on how to clear your energies.

But I’d also like to share mine, which I believe would also help you get over with your hard feelings.

That is…   

“By realizing that your memories and thoughts will not be erased if you clear out all the negative energies attached to it.”

And that “Your hard feelings is not any object, not a memory, not a mountain, not a life event, not an image, neither a table, or a stone; but an energy.”

Learn to see the difference between, emotion, thought and physical objects, subjects, etc. etc..

Once you see that, side by side; and you learn to compare them in your mind, you’ll realize that you’re in control of your feelings/emotions.

That You Can Heal Your Life.

How to do it?

Imagine that hard feelings as an energy. Now, shower it with the energy of water, or any pure energy you can think off. Fresh and clean air energy. Dust it off!

I know you can do it! So, do it!

Imagine that physical mountain as a mountain of negative energy shaped within you. Acknowledge that mountain of energy shaped within you dissolving and softening, clearing and cleansing. Replace that with light energy, fresh and pure! Joy and happiness! Anything you want to feel right now!

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