Brain hacking tip #23: 5 ways to make money work for you?

I mean… there’s a lot of ways, money will work for you, instead of you working for money.

Are you ready?


#1 Outsource your businesses.

There are lots of freelancers who loves doing what you hate to do but you must for your business.

You can sell your business later on, at a very high price.

Where I got this idea?

Oh, I have read an article months ago, that talks about outsourcing jobs, businesses, etc.

#2 Hire someone who loves to do your thing.

Most talented and skillful individuals, loves their work, their passion, their skills, and they would be happy to serve and share it to those who are lazy to do it, or those who don’t have enough time to get their projects done.

#3 Travel around the world.

Did you know that travelling really help improves your connection to people in earth?

When you travel, you make new friends. You’ll see different shapes of faces, different colors, voices, styles, fashion, etc. etc.

You’ll learn a lot while you travel. New expressions, new languages, new cooking styles.

Also, when you travel, your communication skill will also be exercised, because you have to ask questions most of the time.

Specially, if you’re lost, or if you’re new to the place.

#4 Give love to your family, use money as a symbol.

Well, in the future, I’m definitely going to do this piece of advice.

It’s cool when you give LOVE, specially if it’s put into action. And the best gift one can give to someone is financial freedom. Freedom to let them decide what to buy with the money you gave them.

Just like us, some of our family members would also love to travel and enjoy life. They don’t want to get stack in a 9 to 5 day job.

But sometimes, taking risk seems hard to them as well. Some would decide to just be contented with fix income, fix salary.

And lastly, on how to make money work for you…

#5 Contribute to the community.

Like those community that’s environmentally focused. Making our earth clean and green.

Communities taking good care of our animals, forests, beaches, plants, etc. etc.

And of course, those which also focuses on helping kids learn new skills, in arts, sciences, personal development, sports and recreation, healthy living, etc. etc.

Finally, the following book suggestions, would help you look at money positively…


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