Brain hacking tip #22: How to transform your self-procrastination into something you really want to do, be, do, be…

Yes! There’s always a way out of your self-procrastinating thoughts, whatever that is…

So, let’s begin with defining what is procrastination does mean by google, it says…

Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something.

Say for example, ‘I need to write an article about a certain product that helps most people today!’ 

My procrastinating thought would say, ‘Ah, you’re tired, feeling not motivated, do it the next day!’

In order to fight that procrastinating thought, you must listen to it properly, imagine yourself making that article the next day.

Now, ask yourself, ‘How does it feel like?’ ‘Still feeling lazy?’ ‘What’s the difference between doing your task the next day and doing it today?’

Nothing. Instead, bring the next day today. Make yourself feel good today. Find something inspiring and motivating.

Imagine yourself in the past doing something really cool, something you’re really excited about doing it again?

Hold into that feeling and wear that as you do your task today!

Cool, isn’t it?

Or, you can think of some motivating and very exciting stuffs you can do in the future. Do you have any wants you’d wish to happen in the future?

Take advantage of your current state, of your laziness, of your lack of motivation by using your wishes to fuel yourself today!

Sounds good?

Still remember how your Mother used to tell you, ‘If you’re going to go to school today, I’m going to buy you a new dress…’

How did you react? Did you feel happy afterwards? I bet you did. Hmm.

I can see you holding that happy feeling of getting a new dress in the future while going to school.

Be honest…

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