Ask a Question: Immortality: If one day you’d be allowed to renew your life forever, how are you going to spend it?

I mean… seriously.




My answers are…

Learn a lot of skills and talents.


Love a lot.


Exercise a lot.


Give a lot.


Meet up every single person in the earth today!


Say ‘Hi’ everywhere.


Jump off the cliff.


Learn how to fly.

But first, I need to…

Grow my wings.


Learn Magic.


Teleport wherever.


Teach everyone anything interesting!


Say thank you every now and then.


Travel the entire Universe.


Become extraordinary.


If you’re serious about becoming extraordinary, here’s a good book I’d like to recommend for you to also read.

Code of Extraordinary Mind


And by the way, I’d like to add…

Heal the world, heal every single person on earth.

Louis Hay said, “You can heal your life.”