Ask a question: Homelessness: If you’re going to be homeless 1 hour from now, what are you going to do NEXT?

Wow! That’s a tough Question.

But if I’m going to be homeless 1 hour from now, which I hope not, but almost, I would realize that I have 60 minutes left to think of what’s NEXT?

Here’s the following suggestions:

  1. Find a friend who have spare room for you. Ask him/her to rent it!
  2. If you don’t have money, just chill and relax, and think of the spirit of kindness! Keep searching for ideas of where to go next? Remember that’s just temporary. You’ll find another way later on. You can find a job, or go to a farm and help the FARMERS!
  3. Thank that you would finally have a NEW home in the next 60 minutes!
  4. Start Packing! Don’t delay!
  5. If it’s your family who’s asking you to leave? Say thank you for everything that they have done to you, bad or good, because both ways learned you lessons that you can bring with you the rest of your life on Earth, unless you want to delete it in the future, if it doesn’t serve you anymore!
  6. Think outside of the box and be thankful.
  7. If anyone would beg you to stay, then stay. Ha-ha-ha-ha!

What’s yours?

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