Ask a Question: Death: If death knocks on your door, to take you down to the depths of the ocean, how are you going to respond?


I mean, I’m going to welcome him and say, ‘Hi there! According to the law of attraction, I would attract what I think, feel and fear,’ so, maybe we could be friends?

Making friends with death, and just listen to him!

Resisting would put death’s energy inside your body, that’s what I learned.

Just let it go whenever it will knock your door! let it pass, and pray at it shall not return, and leave you with your new life.

“I once had a near to death experience? But I’m not sure though. I just woke up, eyes of open within, but my body’s eyes are close, I tried opening them, I couldn’t. I tried moving my body but couldn’t. I check on my breathing, I can’t breath properly.”

Guess what I did?

“I drift, and submit myself to sleep.”

I enjoy and relax!”

Hey! I woke up for real! It was amazing…

It’s like sleeping in a tree that doesn’t move, and you’re trapped inside your body.

So when death knocks your door? “Relax, and go to sleep. It’s when you resist and chase after your breath that you lost it.”

When you keep trying hard to breath, you’ll panic because you’re hearing your hard breathing. Instead, let it go, do not hold it. Let go of your breathing so you can breath.

Instead, listen to that gentle and natural breath within you.

There’s this normal breathing within us, an air within us that can support our body in case of emergency. Just pray and trust that you will be fine.

I remember telling myself, “go back to sleep, it will be fine when your body wakes up!”

Just don’t get up without your body, it it won’t get up with you, then stay! Wait and be patient.

Maybe you’d like to listen to this HYPNOSIS, it’s a guided hypnosis. It’s like what I just shared with you. Only that this time you choose to do it.