Brain Hacking Tip #57: Use tapping every time you wish to delete your super-emotional blockages!

Use tapping every time you wish to delete your super-emotional blockages!

You may have already heard of “Tapping?”

If you haven’t, it’s okay, here’s a little re-cap for those who have!

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is often referred to as “Psychological Acupuncture!

All right!

Words like “Even thought [insert the emotional statements, labels of negative feelings] I deeply and completely accept myself.”

One kind of said the words while tapping to specific areas in your body, like “above the eye, beside the eye, underneath the eye; under the nose, near your neck!” 

Then one repeats the pattern back and forth, until certain emotional blockage is released. “Angst towards someone,” for example.

To learn more about tapping, download ” The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self: 21 Days to Releasing Self-Doubt, Cultivating Inner Peace, and Creating a Life You Love” e-book!

The author is really passionate about Tapping, and you’ll really get results too, just as I am.


She’s like, “We’re not intelligent enough, we can’t do it, we can’t afford it, etc. etc.” 

Sounds very depressing isn’t it? Because it does!

Now that I wanted something, the energy of those words keeps repeating deep within me, unconsciously.

Thanks to Tapping!

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Brain hacking tip #56: Inhale through your nose while you close your eyes, exhale through your mouth as you open your eyes; repeat the process, it’s one of the best breathing exercise I have realized!

Inhale through your nose while you close your eyes, exhale through your mouth as you open your eyes; repeat the process, it’s one of the best breathing exercise I have realized!

So, breathing is as essential as anything in the world, because without it, we’re damn dead.

And this is the last brain hacking tip article that I’m going to share, for I have transitioned myself to writing body hacking now.

Most of all, this is pretty much short as “Inhale through your nose while you close your eyes, exhale through your mouth as you open your eyes; repeat the process, it’s one of the best breathing exercise I have realized!”

There are many breathing exercises that could hack your brain to release some of those unwanted feelings which you have duplicated from your parents, or acquired from your acquaintances, colleagues at work, classmates, and even from your seatmate at the coffee shop.

Anything which you aligned your emotions, and even when you resist with a certain energy. There is no escape.

All you can do now is to blow as much air in that area of your body where you felt tightened or where you’re clinching; and then let the outflow happen; and that’s only possible through breathing.

So, test my breathing exercise NOW, and see if it’s worth keeping for.

Inhale through your nose while you close your eyes, exhale through your mouth as you open your eyes; repeat the process.”

For more, breathing exercises, hypnosis included, as well as guided meditations; check the following links:

Hypnosis Live

Zen 12

Have fun!


It’s when you breathe in that you breathe out; It’s when you breathe out that you breathe in!”

Brain hacking tip #55: Remember to open your eyes during your deep meditation, that’s the better way to observe your thoughts, so you can also compare which emotions are rooted from the past, and which ones are new; learning to see the difference!

Remember to open your eyes during your deep meditation, that’s the better way to observe your thoughts, so you can also compare which emotions are rooted from the past, and which ones are new; learning to see the difference!

Okay, meditation is very known. In fact you click on this article because you are curious about what I’m about to share about meditation.

I would definitely share what I’ve been doing and what I think would also work for you the next time you’re meditating.

You see, meditation is not about stopping your mind or your thoughts or emotions from flowing. Meditation is about allowing the FLOW of your thoughts and emotions while you observe and record anything interesting.

And that’s where this tip comes in.

Open your eyes to write down those patterns that keeps repeating, powerful emotions and negative thoughts that you’re hesitant of looking at closely. Emotions that you think are true but aren’t.

The moment your self avoid something, try to really look at it, if it’s really resistant, then open your eyes, look around you and realize that the thoughts and emotions you are feeling while your eyes are close doesn’t exist in the NOW anymore.

Do it again, close your eyes, observe a specific thought and emotion, and then open your eyes and be aware that what you are feelings isn’t in lined with your current reality.

Okay, that’s just a little truth about meditation that I know of.

What’s yours?

How do you define Meditation? I would really love to hear in the comment section below.

Learning to see the difference between the world that you see and feel when your eyes are open, from the deep world that you see when your eyes are closed, is an amazing skill that could push your shift button!

A button that could change your way of life. You’ll experience more clarity, more assurance, and more confidence; knowing that you can alter your emotional past and future in the NOW.

Isn’t that a cool thing?

To guide you even more in your meditations, I’d like to personally invite you to grab a copy of your SUBLIMINAL 360 and HYPNOSIS GUIDES!

And if you’d like, you can learn more about CHANNELING CHI in this book, “Channeling Chi”!

If there is one word that makes us the same with each other? It’s FLOW.

You flow, your blood flow; earth flow, the wind flow, the water flow, the tone of voice flow, emotions flow, thoughts flow, money flow; FLOW is the universal pattern.

Open your eyes NOW, and see it clearly. See it for yourself. You are surrounded by energies that’s flowing constantly. Some gets trapped within you, specially those that you’re unconsciously holding on to, because you think resisting is not holding.

But hey, see the difference NOW. You cannot resist energy or emotion, or whatever you want to call it, spirit? without you holding it and feeling it. So you might as well realize right now that the spirit of your hand is still attached to that specific energy right now; how could you push something away without attaching yourself in it?

Meditate on this idea, and see for yourself it it’s true or not true, just observe. You won’t be convinced immediately, nor you becoming like me immediately if you’ll take time to observe a suggestion first.

I used to be very resistant with new beliefs, new thoughts, new ideas that are different from me!

And that’s because I don’t want to become like it immediately, which is really wrong! Because again, it’s when you resist and avoid that a specific energy will chase after you.

It’s when you run that dogs runs after you, isn’t it?

And if you get caught? How do you loosen up the bite? Or a rope that is tying you within? You make yourself little, you stop resisting, and you begin softening your body, right?

Resisting will only hurt you, rather, observe, relax, and let your body, your spirit or your soul, unleash from what’s tying you right now.

Okay, this is supposed to be just a little tip, and I indeed up giving more and more and more.

And because you’re still reading this far, let me give you this GIFT, click here NOW!

Cheers to your success!

Also read, “Brain Hacking Tip #56!”


Brain hacking tip #54: Think of something awesome that you want to FEEL right after doing the WORK; treat yourself! is how you can moderate your procrastinating habit!

Think of something awesome that you want to FEEL right after doing the WORK; treat yourself! is how you can moderate your procrastinating habit!

If you wish to know more about procrastination, why you procrastinate right NOW in your life, and how to moderate them, check this book by clicking here!

The link I just provided is a link to a sales page, but I encourage you to read it to help you decide on moderating your habitual procrastination.

It can be moderated, and we both knew that. And knowledge is Power. Awareness about your condition and your current vibration is Power.

Books are powerful, but you may or may not allow it to work for you. That’s how powerful your brain is. It’s safe to buy through that link because it’s secured by Paypal and is powered by Woocommerce.

But, if you have already known procrastination too well, no need to buy the product…

… and that won’t stop me from sharing my tip on how to moderate your developed procrastination.

And by the way, I’m a story-teller, I write books, if you’re curious, click here to visit my Author’s page!

Allow me to start with my story…

… you’re encouraged to also share yours in the comment section below. You can leave a link to your personal blogs related to procrastination. You’re always welcome to, and I would be grateful and honored to visit your page too, and leave a comment in your comment section as well.

But if you have not set up your blog just yet, you may do it now, it’s really cool to be able to express yourself, writing is very amazing, that’s why I wrote this book, Write a book in 15 days!”

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Don’t procrastinate! Knowledge is power!

But that wouldn’t stop me from sharing my story about procrastination and my little tip on how I moderate it into making me more productive and awesome at it!

You see, I have been working before at night time; I slept in the morning and procrastinate my waking time at night. Who would love to wake up at night anyway when everybody else at home were in deep sleep?

As time goes by, I got addicted to that same procrastinating self and ended up not being happy going to work anymore.

Not only that, I felt lazy and tired and easily gets irritated for many months, and so I needed a break to find out what’s going on with me. 

The challenges I’ve had at work was the best food for my procrastination, and it worked! I’ve really convinced myself to stop working at night time, ha-ha!

But that doesn’t end there, for I still have that procrastination deep within me; I got so unmotivated to find a day office job, but I forced myself anyway, and she found one! but she wasn’t happy.

She rested and decided to find another job and that time it was home-base, it was cool, but laziness overrides again; procrastination gets even stronger, because home-base job was new to her.

So, I begun digging deep and healing, lots of stuffs, very cool; and now I found the best formula to moderate my procrastination.

Are you ready?

All right!

What I did was…

I’ve decided to finally face and see my biggest purpose in life.

I’ve decided to finally face and see my best intention of getting things done! 

I accept that joy, happiness, satisfaction, service to the people, freedom to be yourself, are the best intentions available that you can resonate to get yourself working on whatever you wish to be it and be doing.

And of course…

To sum it up, “Simply think of something you want to FEEL right after doing the work; decide to FEEL it ‘RIGHT NOW’ as you think of it, and you will be doing your tasks effortlessly!”

It’s when you do not decide that you procrastinate your will to take action.

So, just DECIDE to do the work and you will!

No need for approval, just DECIDE!

If you are really serious about moderating your procrastination?

Then you gotta invest for your self!

You may start now by trying No procrastination E-book!


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Brain hacking tip #53: Be curious! That’s the beginning of learning anything you must know to assist/help your Emotions with your mission and vision, whatever that is! And becoming what you want to become someday!

Be curious! That’s the beginning of learning anything you must know to assist/help your Emotions with your mission and vision, whatever that is.

Curiosity is what makes us take action! So, if you’re still procrastinating your long longings or your must do steps in order to manifest your current visions? Then try feeling curious about how would it feel like to be really succeeding in it? What if it will really happen?

Just be curious!

Feel it!


Just be curious!

Remember, “What you’re curious about, you become!”

I definitely have a very funny experience about curiosity but I would prefer not to say it out loud with you because you might freak out.

But here’s the thing, “I’ve learned something from that experience, I realized that by being curious, I’m allowing myself to experiment about almost anything I want to achieve.

Without curiosity, or that burning interest in you, your subconscious mind will not going to participate or help you with your goal; also because you’re not thinking and taking experimental action!

Curiosity comes with the understanding that it’s never gonna be perfect instantly, so it induces an open-heart and mind to ENJOY and just take it slowly.

Experimenting can be frustrating, but curiosity about the other side of your frustration balances it!

By being curious about the other side of the negative side is almost the quickest way to SHIFT your emotions.

Try it!

Think of something opposite than what you’re currently feeling, and just be curious about it! How does it felt like?

And try to be curious about, how are you gonna make yourself FEEL that way? That way that you want to be in RIGHT NOW!

Find it out! Experiment with your thought! It’s awesome…

… but hey, do something; and I mean, anything that you want to experiment first, and then next, and next and next.

See the difference?

Okay, here’s another good book I can offer you today, “Curious: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends On It!

Don’t forget to be curious only of those you want to BE IT!

Remember that curiosity is TOO POWERFUL, it can drive you crazy, obsessed, etc. etc.

So be careful what you’re curious about! You will become it!

Last message!

The universe is listening, whatever you’re curious about and seek after, the universe is going to give it to you, show it to you, and even make you become it!

If you don’t want to become like your parents, don’t be curious about them, be curious about yourself! Let them be themselves, unplug yourself; you are maybe a duplicate, but know that you can also influence yourself with your thoughts!

The only way to be it, is to be curious about it!

All right, I have a gift for you for reading this far, click here!


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Brain hacking tip #52: A thank you Mantra and a little “EW” are the two key components you must add in your to be list everyday!

A thank you Mantra and a little “EW” are the two key components you must add in your to be list everyday!

Here’s why!

A thank you is a silent blessing to you and others listening to your kindness thanks. Imagine a world full of thankful people, wouldn’t it be great and nicer to live forever?

Being thankful for better or for worst is the best skill one can master, but also too difficult to go through.

Do you have any idea why is that so?

Me neither.

I used to just go with the flow and not worry about anything at all, and I ended up being called “careless”. Yes! That’s a negative comment.

So, if you want friends, you have to act like you care, even if you don’t, until you become! And until you got trapped of your own act.

Nope, it’s not karma. It’s called “Ops! I have forgotten the way out!”

When the time comes that you’ll be looking for an exit, know that your entrance is the exit. A friend told me that his mother told him once, “How you get up there, is how you go down there!”

Remember, first you ACT as if you’re really what others want you to become, due to peer pressure; so, how do you get changed? By acting, and by acting you too will change either to your normal you or the best version of your higher self.

Now, thank you!

Thank you for what?

For everything that you’ve been through. Wasn’t it a nice experience after all?
I mean, seriously, once you’re done with your drama, and you’ll look back into it; you’ll realize that without that drama, life would have been so boring after all.

I’m not saying, you go find somebody to spend your life being dramatic; but I mean, to those who have been there already.

You know, looking at the bright side of life; it’s always acceptable and worthy of your approval.

So, CURIOUS about how to start being grateful and thankful and happy, NOW?

Check this article, and learn and retain in your brain what you’re soon to learn from this same article, and decide to apply it in your life starting NOW!

All right!

What about “EW”?

“EW” is an expression used to let go of something immediately. It’s an act of keeping your hand off the thing that you didn’t wish to touch and hold on to.

So, if you’re kind of pissed off about something today? Just say “EW!” It’s like an equivalent to “F**k it!”

“EW” may sound a little bullish, specially if you’ll add a little chuckle in it? But hey, try it with yourself whenever an annoying false belief annoys you again and again and again.

I bet it will fly away from you, so be thankful, rather than be guilty from detaching yourself off that thought that doesn’t serve you for good anymore, but for destruction and annoyance.

What if you’re going to use that to real people?

You mean like face to face?

Wow! He’s gonna fly away from you. So if you wish, just do it silently. Or do it whenever he or she is no longer around.

Some people have really good psychic abilities that they can detect what you are feeling “RIGHT NOW!”

If you’re interested in learning a psychic ability? You don’t want to miss this opportunity to read his book “Psychic Development for Beginners: An Easy Guide to Developing & Releasing Your Psychic Abilities!”

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Brain hacking tip #51: Go ahead and try letting go of that fear of being unable to let go! that’s what’s the best hacking tip If you’re afraid of receiving because you feel you might not be able to let it go later on when the need to let go of the thing you badly wanted comes

If you’re afraid of receiving because you feel you might not be able to let it go later on when the need to let go of the thing you badly wanted, then go ahead and try letting go of that fear of being unable to let go!


There’s always another way around, another tips and tricks on how to conquer your fear of being unable to let go in the future.

Each of us have our own little life tricks and life hacks, learned from reading self-help books, articles, etc. etc.

But I’m writing because I’d like to share mine with you. Hoping that you too will share yours in the comment section below.

All right!

My name is Roselyn Mina and I have been blogging for quite awhile now. I love to share my tips with you in case you might want to also try it and make it work for you.

Like you I’m also very hesitant when it comes to receiving anything from anyone. Praises? Promotion? Appreciation? Gifts?

Yes, I love to receive and yet a part of me would say, “What if you can’t give back? What if you’ll fail them? What if they’re wrong about you? What if you don’t deserve it? What if they’re just making you feel bad and self-pity? What if they’re just making fun of you?”

All those negative thoughts loves to pop up in my head all the time. And most of the time, I’d end up feeling hesitant, and yeah, not good enough.

Ms. Christie made it really clear that, it will goes down to “I’m not good enough!” I would highly encourage you to watch this Video NOW!

Or you may want to keep reading until the end of this article, and watch the video later, either ways would do. But it’s really up to you if you will.

So, my tip is easy as 1,2,3!

All you need really is your commitment and effort to try to make it work for you before you judge.

After all, no matter how great or how powerful a tip or technique is, if I’m not gonna give time to apply it and experiment with it religiously, then it’s not going to work for me. Every thought has to be accompanied with a will to take action in order for that thought to be manifested.

Even harry potter say his spell and wiggle his wand when making use of his magic, isn’t that true?

Even tapping, you have to use a little effort in order for it to work for you. Repetition is key, indeed.

But hey, seriously NOW…

In order for me to let go of my severe fear of not being able to let go in the future of the blessings that I am about to receive, I let go of that fear NOW!

I said to myself, “I’m going to let this go right NOW! It’s now slowly detaching, I can feel it! My grip is softening now, I can feel it. My fist is going to open soon, I can see it, I can feel it. Look it’s now slightly opened and becoming vulnerable, it’s slowly opening right now like a can of TUNA; and I’m so excited to eat it for my stomach to digest it RIGHT NOW. I am so thankful and grateful. I love the taste of want and satisfaction, of gratitude and of joy. All my fear of not being able to let go starts popping up like when a pop corn pops, and when the fireworks pops, and when stars pops; oh the taste of popcorn and the taste of lights showering above and within earth. I will allow this fear to flow in order to reach the succumb, in order to be recycled. Breathe in, Breathe out! The big boulder slowly melts like lava flowing back down to the ocean in order to be transformed into a new paradise; where flower grows and blooms without any restrictions and fear of being cut down to be sold in exchange of something else. And I bless that new island, with new thoughts, new energies, new earth, new species, new life, new breathe, new cells, all that is new and happy for the heart.”

Okay, that’s quite long, so let’s make it shorter!

Say to yourself, “I will allow a new island of thoughts, energies, living and non living things to emerge and grow from my dirty-bad-land, full of farts and poops, along with all other fertilizers supporting the newness to emerge.”

What I’m doing was recognizing our negative thoughts and false beliefs as a perfect land for planting new thoughts and seeds!


Buy realizing that “you have enough” fertilizers to grow “goods”!

So, don’t be afraid if you’re not going to be able to let go if you’ll soon be attached to that blessing which you are about to receive!

Think of it as food. Eat it and say “thank you”.

A simple “thank you” to the one giving is the best give back you can ever give freely!

So, the next time you’re worried about “What if” negative? Just remember the word “thank you!”

Here’s another GIFT for you, to guide you with your attitude of gratitude exercise. Click on the link provided and choose GRATITUDE.


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Brain hacking tip #50: Make it a habit to say “AW” whenever a bad and limiting thought pops up in your brain and then you start feeling that negative emotion rushing through your hypothalamus; that’s another way to help welcome that already existing emotional pattern within you, and automatically transform it into light energy!

Make it a habit to say “AW” whenever a bad and limiting thought pops up in your brain and you start feeling that negative emotion rushing through your hypothalamus; that’s another way to help welcome that already existing emotional pattern within you, and automatically transform it into light energy!

Cool isn’t it? If you’re tired of not being able to release a specific emotion off your life today, then try this, “Make it a habit to say “AW” whenever a bad and limiting thought pops up in your brain and you start feeling that negative emotion rushing through your hypothalamus; it helps welcome that already existing emotional pattern within you, and automatically transform it into light energy!”

Powerful imagination. But really, it is when one is being put in a spotlight that they starts shining through.

Just imagine a beautiful flower hiding in the dark; when the sun shines upon her, her beauty reveals itself!

Try it, and see how it feels like when you say “AW” with feelings, as if you’re giving a certain emotion a chance to be transformed into something great!

What if you could actually decide what you want to see behind the shadow of that specific emotion?

Say for example, transform ‘resistance’ into ‘joy’.

We both knew, we just clear out resistance, and let joy emerge behind the energy of resistance. It’s been there because you decide to set your focus on seeing JOY, and then you pick and taste ‘JOY’ from your cloudy soup with many different emotions in it.

By the way, “AW” is a Visayan term, and it’s an expression of approval, understanding, anything positive.

Dogs even sounds like “AW! AW!” when barking; and it’s like he/she welcomes a visitor?

Another best way to help release any emotions or negative energies, is to think of popping stars far far away where you think is safe for them to pop!

Like you know, away from human beings! Think of it like fireworks! Pop, pop, pop, pop!

So, if you’re looking for more tips on how to release your emotions to the highest level,

Check out this Page!

And this book The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living!”

P.S. I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though the links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!

Brain hacking tip #49: Think of self-confidence whenever self-pity knocks on your door! Act as if you’re very highly confident as you open the door for self-pity to just pass by! It’s when you resist that you’ll place an energy in your soul!

Think of self-confidence whenever self-pity knocks on your door! Act as if you’re very highly confident as you open the door for self-pity to just pass by! It’s when you resist that you’ll place an energy in your soul!


Yes! Rule #1 of Karl Moore’s “The 18 Rules of Happiness: How to Be Happy”  is Stop feeling sorry about yourself.”

He said, “Self-Pity is the very worst kind of emotion. It destroys everything around itself, and leaves you feeling powerless. Stop being the victim, stop feeling sorry for yourself – be happy!”

And in this article, I’m going to share with you how to release your self-pity emotion immediately as soon as they would appear, using this simple tiny trick introduced to me by the Raikov’s team, the as if techniqueas if technique to boost our confidence!

Yes! Confidence is the key to stop feeling sorry about yourself.

No matter what happened, be confident with who you are, even if you are the most ugliest man or woman in the entire universe! Add love and kindness with your confidence and the World will be wowed by your amazing heart.

If you haven’t claimed your copy of AS IF technique, I’d be glad to give you this link; it will bring you to AS IF technique download page!

Another helpful book to boost your confidence, you might want to also check is “Confidence Confidant.” This link, will bring you to its sales page!

Cheers to your success!

Cheers to confidence!

Cheers to the truth that confidence induce success in anything you want to achieve in life now and forever! And success in return strengthens your confidence for more greater future success you want to achieve next!

P.S. I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though the links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!


Brain hacking tip #48: Read Karl Moore’s Book “The 18 Rules of Happiness” and you’ll be WOWED with some handy and easy tips and tricks on how to be happy right where you are RIGHT NOW!

Read Karl Moore’s Book “The 18 Rules of Happiness” and you’ll be WOWED with some handy and easy tips and tricks on how to be happy right where you are RIGHT NOW!

Here’s what I learned so far…

-that you must realize that sometimes you can’t change other people’s lives.

-zooming out, viewing the world from a million miles above.

-make a thank you prayer your habit.

-give random love.

-be compassionate and kind.

And many many more, download your copy NOW!

Follow this link to get your copy of this one in a million best book ever!

I do have a little trick on how to be happy today though, would you love to hear what that is?


I’m actually applying them unconsciously since I was little.

It’s simple, just SMILE as if you’re smiling!

Okay, now you might interested in in-dept tips and tricks on how to make yourself happy starting NOW?

Very well, I have something for you! Check this out!

Or, you may check this book!,

And by the way, one last thing…

Try to do some fake smile the next time you meditate?

I heard it’s awesome to do some fake smile, specially when negative thoughts and memories starts pouring in to your brain.

Observe that flow of thoughts, and make a FAKE SMILE to help yourself let go some of them!

As if you’re happy to have them in your life, now they’re finally leaving.

You may say, “come back again!”

That’s very kind of you, if you will, isn’t it?

Well, as far as I have learned, that it’s actually when you RELEASE those negative emotions that you’ll feel happy and light again.

And you might be resisting because you don’t want other people to receive that negative emotions, negative energies that you’re keeping in your heart right now!

You want to keep it as if keeping it will make the other or the people around you be safe?

Definitely a wrong direction. It’s the opposite way around. Because when you keep things inside your soul, it attracts. When you’re keeping fear of dogs, dogs will really bark at you.

What you are keeping within you is kind of like a signal to the universe on what to give you! Or what you want. So be careful what you are keeping for. Remember that even garbage in the garbage can needs to be thrown away or be recycled in-order to be filled with more and more garbage.

But hey, you’re an amazing garbage can for energies, you can clear it out and let it go, release it and let earth recycle and transform all those negative energies into vibrant and shining light!

So, if you want to be happy starting NOW, I’d also like to recommend, releasing that negative energies you’ve been holding on for a very long time.

All you really have to do, is to let it flow! Like allowing your blood to come back in your heart to be purified? If I’m getting it correctly? You’re welcome to comment the most accurate term in the comment section below. I would really appreciate it.

P.S. I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though the links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!


Brain hacking tip #47: Combine ‘As if and What if’ techniques to achieve the best out of anything you want to feel starting today and forevermore!

All right, tip #46 and tip #26 combined together produces an amazing life-changing attitude!

Here’s why!

When you apply your “As if” technique with the “What if” technique, you’d probably get an amazing result.

Try it!


Think of something you want to feel right now?

Feeling happy? Act as if you are happy! When was the last time you were very happy, okay imitate that.

Who is your favorite happy actors or actresses, or even cartoon characters, be it! Act as if you are it! Impersonate them.

Now, apply the what if technique if you are feeling skeptical about the as if technique to work for you…

… say, “what if it will work?”

and if it won’t, what would I lose anyway? Just try it!

Check this book, The As If Principle: The Radically New Approach to Changing Your Life

Or if you want to really pursue on changing your life starting NOW! Visit this link to claim your free gift!

P.S. I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though the links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!

Brain hacking tip #46: Becoming what you want to become using “As if” technique by Raikov Effect!

As if?

Yes, as if technique!

I was surprised the first time I’m introduced with this technique, because I’m sometimes applying the same technique towards my friends.

All right. I was guilty.

I thought was faking all of them and I’m not true to them for being who I am. But I’m using that “as if” technique because I have to.

When you’re growing up from the forest, you’re not gonna look good in the city if you won’t “act as if” you’re also a city girl, right?

Most of all, you won’t get a friend if you don’t “act as if” what they want for a friend.

It’s pretty easy to make friends, all you have to do is find out their standards and “act as if” you are that person.

But you’ll feel bad right after, even if you’re a good person, because you know you’re just acting and you’re not true to them.

That’s what I felt before, but right now, I felt like it’s actually just fine if you want to change your life like you want it to be, it’s a very quickest way you can ever used.

So, if you’re willing to dig more about what if technique, please allow me to bring you at Raikov. Click on the given link, and enjoy watching the video. Dig deeper until you’ll find the “What if technique.”

I bet you already knew this, just if you’re skeptical. Go ahead…

But, here’s why you must not feel bad about using “As If” technique…

Because everyone’s using it.

Why do you think people got so cool awhile ago, and then later on he or she became so bad-ass?

And how about those that hurt other people and knew about it, because he or she did it purposely, but still able to sleep and smile everywhere “As if” nothing happens?

Why do you think others aren’t guilty of their own deeds no matter how bad it is?

… because they’re using… “as if he/she is not bad at all!”

And most of all, why do GOSSIPERS appears very good in front of you, but backbiting you when you’re not around?

… because he/she is using “As if” he/she doesn’t gossip about you at all, and as if he/she is a friend.


Why don’t we use it for the better!

Use it for something good, for something that would help the world.

Why don’t we, “As if” we are cool, and as if we’re all healing, and “As if” you’re already what you want to become like.

Have you ever heard of “Fake it ’till you make it?”

Why do you think bad fakers doesn’t get caught by the one they’re faking?


Brain hacking tip #45: Fear of the outcome is like fear of Gossips isn’t it? Fear of what other people would think about you either succeeding or failing?

What if I’m going to succeed? Haters would gossip and think that I cheated?

So what?

And if I failed, haters just doesn’t care about you. Your loss, your loss. Your fail, your fail. Well, they could put you into shame, but how you will handle your emotion is really up to you.

What’s the cure?

Stop caring what other people are saying, and me included, and your self. I mean that EGO self within you who keeps bringing up all the bad things in your past, so you can clear it out, and move on!

Yeah, just think of it that way, that EGO wants you to clear that dirty spirit you have kept for a very long time now; thank EGO instead for showing it to you; instead of looking at it as a hindrance or against your current reality.

In this VIDEO, the host explains that the Universe loves us enough that it’s showing us all the stuffs that needs clearing. She even called it a love gift. Go check it out while it’s still in YouTube! Who knows it might be gone in the future. But hopefully not.

So, how are we going to handle Fear of Gossips that could put you into Deep Shame or Deep Blame or Deep Jealousy or Deep Envy?

That’s a question I’d like to hear your answers as well in the comment section below.

But for now, let me share what I think would help us move on with FEAR OF GOSSIPS and its outcome.

Because for me, it’s the #1 reason why I didn’t try out new things before. Aside from fear of not succeeding, there’s this feeling of fear of SHAME and fear of unknown GOSSIPS behind it.

How do you handle those fears?

Well, try this tip, “think of gossipers as yourself! acknowledge your gossiping self! understand why you’re gossiping or judging others!”

Mostly, the answer is…

because I’m jealous? Why can they do it, and not me? Why am I not good enough? I hate the world of not giving me the same life as he/she have.”

To sum up, it’s like judging yourself as BAD for not becoming like them, or like those that you have idolized, and would rather doubt them for their success, and thus DOUBTING your own ability in the NOW.

Once one figured that out, it would become easy, to appreciate others of their unique skills and talents, and support them all the way through, while you keep working on yours too!

Mostly, gossipers are those who haven’t found or haven’t decided what they truly want to succeed in life!

But once they’re able to figure it out, and decided to pursue it, they’ll support you for being who you are.

Shortcut to that, is “Have compassion to the Gossipers, within you!”

Keep doing what you’re doing, and never mind!

Be like “Whatever!”

“Cheers to your future success!”

“I hope you’ll be able to finally decide what you want your life would be like the rest of your life on earth.”

Thanks for reading this far…

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And by the way, if you think you’d like to learn more about confidence?

Check out this book Confident Confidant! Read the product description first before you decide to read more of it!

Come back again…

Brain hacking tip #44: Hold your breath along with your negative thought, either from yourself or from others; think of something great and positive to replace the old thought; then let go of your breath deeply while you hold into that new thought! That’s another way to change your life starting NOW!

Who have friends or families who are really bad at giving you advises?

And I mean those that would tell you face to face, ‘You cannot become a leader; you don’t have the quality to learn anything; you’re not a good listener; you’re impossible to teach; you’re not gonna succeed in whatever you do; I’m never gonna support you; I’m never gonna follow you; you suck at things! You’re unteachable! etc. etc. etc.!”

Well, I’ve been facing lots and lots of words like that, since I was a child.

My mother told me that my grandparents gossiped that I’m never going to finish school, guess what, I finished Elementary, High School and College; and I’m thankful and grateful that I graduated as an academic scholar.

I’m not sure if she’s telling the truth, but I’m thankful that I was able to graduate.

And by the way, there’s more; she said that my father’s sister gossiped about me since I was a child that I’m going to have a child without a father because my mother is giving me with my wants.

Guess what, I’m working on not making that happened to me; which I really hope not; that’s tough.

I’m not sure if she’s telling the truth or not; all I know right now, is that, my aunt’s (who gossiped about me) daughter became a single mother. But I love my cousin. I love single mothers. In fact, I have friends who are also single mothers. I’m proud of them.

Yesterday, I drunk friend of mine, told me face to face…

… that I’m never going to  become a good leader, and that I don’t have the quality of becoming a good leader.

What else?

He said, ‘You’re unteachable! You cannot learn! You cannot listen. You can’t be successful in writing! You’re not going to succeed! You LACK skills! You’re a graduate but I’m better than you!’

Well, something like that…

And many more…

But I would really try to pursue writing and become good at it.

Wish me good luck!

And in case you’re experiencing the same,

here’s a good exercise for you to try.

“Hold your breath while you think of those negative words from a friend or family members; think of a counter-statement and an opposite vision of what they judged at you; hold into that new thought, and then breath out the bad words or judgments that they threw upon you!”

See if that works!

I’d like to hear your comment below!

Cheers to you success!

I have a free gift for you, check this out!

Brain hacking tip #43: Think of what you really want, think of how badly you’d like to do it, then do it do it do it! The rest is just EGO trying to keep you away from change!

And if there are 3 thoughts I’d like to share with you today…

It’s that thought that whatever you want in life, think of how you’re gonna make it, then do it do it and do it!

Procrastination, self-sabotage, and any other forms of blockages, false beliefs; are just your EGO trying to keep you away from your dreams.

EGO says, I want to keep you safe, because she’s still living in the past. What she sees mostly, no longer exist in the current reality.

Learn to see the difference!

Here’s a good book about EGO, you might want to also read.

And if you have already, please tell in the comment section below what you’ve learned from it, so others who haven’t read it yet will also be amazed and intrigued on what’s inside this valuable book, ‘Ego Is the Enemy

The instant Wall Street JournalUSA Today, and international bestseller!

“While the history books are filled with tales of obsessive visionary geniuses who remade the world in their image with sheer, almost irrational force, I’ve found that history is also made by individuals who fought their egos at every turn, who eschewed the spotlight, and who put their higher goals above their desire for recognition.” —from the prologue  

P.S. I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though the links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!

Brain hacking tip #42: Feel compassion to the people you have hurt before, that’s how you’ll love yourself again, and that’s how you’re going to accept your own self reflection within others!

Do you want to know how I learned to love my self reflection within other people?


It’s hard and it’s frustrating when someone keeps pushing that weakest part of you!

You know that part of you which reminds you of the bad stuffs you did before? Or those bad stuffs you’re always annoyed and frustrated about before?

And how about those moments that you’re feeling GUILTY of committing some really bad thing because someone lied to you and you believe it, and you take action based on that lie?

‘I have quarreled an innocent child when I was six years old, because someone told me she’s a bad little girl. But all those I’ve heard were all lies. My bully neighbor lied to me and the other quarrelers, for us to help him bully that little girl. They were chastised by their grandmother, I wasn’t. I felt very GUILTY. And I said to myself, I am never gonna quarrel someone again.’

Well, not just that, the universe is going to replay it back in front of you, around you, until you’ll be able to clear it out, to make peace with your self.

So, here’s how you can love yourself again, no matter how other people treated you for being who you were!

If you’re GUILTY, have compassion to that person you’ve hurt before.

By doing that, you also have compassion in yourself right NOW, right when someone else did to you what you’ve done before to the other.

Karma is everywhere, and it’s truth. Someday, it will come to you, and the only way to deal with yourself, is to have compassion to those you have hurt before, those you have judged, those you have gossiped with, those you have looked down. All the bad things you did to your neighbors, to your brothers and sisters; be it consciously or unconsciously, in thought and in deeds, whatever that is; and also emotionally.

Remember those people you’ve hurt, and have compassion!

There’s no time to beg for forgiveness! Accept yourself, no matter what!

Realize that self-pitying will not work anymore, it’s not going to help you move on. But having COMPASSION to those you have victimized unconsciously or consciously will heal you and them as well.

That’s how powerful COMPASSION is.

If you can’t identify who those people you’ve been hurt with? Think of Jesus sufferings, and choose to have compassion towards him. He’s innocent, he’s the best person to have compassion with.

Thanks for reading this far, I have a gift for you…

Check this out, it will help you feel better!

P.S. I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though the links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!

Brain hacking tip #41: Realize that Fear of an unknown pain of the outcome is what makes you resist and avoid something new to happen in your life; be it success, healing, being wealthy, being rich, receiving money, etc. etc.

Resistance, Avoidance, of Pain!

Yeah, of pain.

Who doesn’t fear of Pain way back when you’re just 0 to 7 years young?

Maybe you’re fine with it, but not me, I am too pain resistant. Super scared of pain.

Be it toothache, healing wounds, or even taking a medicine. But most of all, was when a dentist pulled my tooth.

When a tooth is hard to pull, you end up resisting! And if it’s your first time to be pulled a tooth that has been decayed for a very long time but still hard and strong yet hurting, you’d think that it’s going to hurt even more even if you’ve been injected with anesthesia.

And the pattern goes on and on and on…

Whenever something new is presented to you, a change maybe? A change of thought, a change of belief, climate change -ha-ha, we think it’s going to hurt, and so we avoid anything new!

We’ll resist and fight the best that we could to protect our norm.

And that’s because we’re afraid that it’s going to hurt us! that it’s going to be painful.

Many said, ‘simply trust the process! and have faith.

Yes, indeed!

Faith is the best attitude we can wear in terms of achieving and getting something out of life.

But I’ve also heard that success is guaranteed, you just need to keep working on it, trying again and again and again, test, observe and adjust many times, until you’ll get the right formula that is going to work for you.

What if there is one formula that is going to work to everybody? Would you willing to know what that is?

All right!

This is too good to be true, but we all need LOVE! Check this book, ‘The Power (The Secret Book 2)!’

Open your heart so that all forms of life energy will flow unto you…

Yes, that includes bad energies, but as long as you keep your heart open, it will pass.

Closing your heart will trap the darkness within you. Those sufferings you’ve inherited spiritually from your grand grand parents, from your parents or from the people you’ve met before, or NOW; won’t be able to get out, won’t be transformed, won’t be released; if your heart is close.

Think of a dark room with no light inside? How does it felt like to be in that dark room?

At least open up a little, and allow the light to get in!

And lastly…

Here’s a tip to stop resisting NOW!

According to Les Brown in this VIDEO, You cannot resist something to which you grant no reality.’

‘The act of resisting a thing is the act of granting it life.’

When you resist an energy, you place it there.’


Allow everything, to get in and get out! It’s when you resist that you hold into that thought, emotion, suggestions, labels from other people, etc. etc.

There’s more, in the same video.

You attract not just what you fear, you attract what you feel, what you are.’

– Denzel Washington

Neither avoid something…

Avoiding a pain isn’t going to help.

Most of the time, the ones we’re avoiding are those that will lead us to healing.

Again, change! And the pain of going through the training; either it’s physical or spiritual.

It’s going to be all right.

Most tooth operation went well, right? Just think of the sense of relief right after going through the process. Enjoy…

P.S. Time for revelation, I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though the links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!

Brain hacking tip #40: Emergency! Emergency! Emergency! one of the most powerful words in Earth; use it whenever you want to heal something in your life and you’ll feel awesome right after!

Talking about buttons…

Guess what I’ve found while listening to one of these SUBLIMINAL 360!


Another one is ‘URGENT‘ and of course ‘IMPORTANT!

So, what are you waiting for? Apply those words to heal yourself, and to force your powerful you to emerge!

It’s the best wake up call for everyone, and that includes me!

Have fun with it!

Say for example…

Emergency, delete all your angst with someone. 

Urgent, delete your blockages NOW!

Emergency, heal your negative thoughts immediately!

Okay, you might be wondering why I’m talking about healing here…

… because for me, healing is very important!

Before you move on into succeeding and applying other techniques into getting everything you want, either becoming abundant, or wealthy, or experience prosperity, etc. etc….

… make sure to clean up your soul first, so that later on as you move forward, you won’t feel like something is holding you back, or like there is something wrong within you that needs to be taken care off, but you just can’t figure out what that is.

Later on, you’d be wondering why you’re still unhappy despite of you successes in life, despite of how wealthy you are, you’re still unhappy and sad.

This VIDEO will lead you the way to clearing anything that made you or will make you feel blocked with something; be it family, or any types of relationships, traumas and sicknesses, whatever that is.

Check it out and listen properly, learn as much as you can, and then apply it later on in you life, or even right after NOW! See if it’ll work for you too!

Maybe my tip in this page could force the universe to give you something that you really and badly want to RECEIVE, achieve, or get out of life!

I mean, who knows!

I’ve learned from Manifestation Miracle that you can actually force the universe to give you anything you want in life.

Click here to watch a short VIDEO of Ms. Heather Mathews. You may or may not buy the product, it’s really up to you, but if you’re curious about what’s inside, you’re always welcome to be a part of it.

Well, based on the reviews left by those who have tried the program, it has helped them tremendously. So, it’s really okay to give it a try, if you have some extra cash in your wallet. It’s a good investment, I would say.

Otherwise, you can apply my TIP here, which is to tell your BIG GUY, your subconscious self that it’s really URGENT, EMERGENCY and it’s really IMPORTANT.

See if he/she listens to you!

Believe that he/she will do everything just to deliver your request in a specific time you wish to receive what you want and wish for.


And hey, this is not a medical substitute, this is just a quick tip that may or may not work for you. So, you’re always advised to seek professional help. What I’m talking about above tip is spiritual healing.


P.S. I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though the links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!

Brain hacking tip #39: Think of laughter in all situations, bad or good; it’s when you enjoy that your life starts healing unconsciously! It’s also the best way to face truth and reality easily!

Have you ever been procrastinating your laughter for a very long time now?

Huh! You’re not alone.

I’ve been there too.

I know that feeling when you want to laugh and enjoy like a child, taking everything around you as a game, and something that must not be taken so seriously because you know it will simply pass?

After the drama, laughter comes, that if you choose to.

Others got so emotional that they’re bringing all the burdens in the past to feed their EGO’s. So that whenever strong waves shaken their boats, they will have plenty of reasons to blame others for it.

But hey, no one knows they’re actually unconsciously bringing the reasons and the emotions of the past.

Do you know why they don’t want to let it go? Or why they couldn’t let it go?

Tell me in the comment section below. I’m a learner and I’m open to ideas.

But for now, let me share my personal life experience about not letting go.

Okay, I’m obsessed with meditation, and I love to swim into the deepest part of my brain!

Because I’m curious about my emotions, and that’s what leads me to those extraordinary people I’ve met virtually. Thanks to the internet, I’m so thankful and grateful.

Now, upon my meditation, observing myself why I don’t want to let go, why my mother don’t want to let go all her life experiences; I figured out something.

“That there is a FEAR of ‘What if the same thing will happen if I’d let it go?’ What if I’m letting go of another life and it’s going to die if I’d do it? ”

Pretty much the opposite from the truth, isn’t it?

Based on the law of attraction, what you possess attracts those like-minded, same-minded, same situations, same patterns, etc. etc.

Just like a MAGNET right? Every emotion is contagious, so is happiness! remember that. And that’s a simple yet powerful proof of law of attraction.

Now, digging deep…

If a person keeps resisting on letting go of something, and he/she didn’t laugh for a very long time, and when it’s time for him/her to finally laugh out loud, she became CRAZY. Laugh, cry, laugh, cry, laugh, cry.

I’ve seen crazy people under bridges, and I’m observing them, and as you can see, all their stuffs is always attached to them. Try touching anything that they own, no matter how dirty it is, they’ll be angry at you.

Because they’re scared that someone’s going to take away their burdens.

And you know what’s worst? Are those who were once extraordinary people, meaning with powerful brains, specially those visionaries; there’s a possibility that they would envision something really bad about someone, LAUGH at it, enjoy and thus it will manifest!

It’s not their fault, if they’re crazy. And maybe that’s why they’ve become crazy because they’re thinking of some bad things and they keep resisting from it because they just can’t and they’re good people; they’re just full of miseries.

But what if it’s done intentionally? By the BLACK MAGICIANS who could actually bring shit inside your being?

Well, that’s what we called BAD WITCHCRAFT.

But I’m not teaching bad witchcraft here, because only crazy people would do that! Those who’s having problems in life, full of wanting to take revenge out in the world. They too, deserves healing. And you can only do that by deleting their pains, and loving them wholeheartedly.

Highly intuitive people who wants to only heal and help people were good ones.

But of course, they can if they chooses too. Everything is possible.

I’ve been talking and talking a lot…

… thanks for reading this far!

Here we go, the secret to healing your life, in case you’re scared of letting go of anything.

If you’ve been married and have stated an oath, “for better or for worst blah blah blah…”

Then great, just use the same words but this time do not use DEATH! it’s a curse to both good and bad (that thought itself is the best trap I could ever imagine!)

Check this verse from the Bible itselfMatthew 5:33-36 “Again, you have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘Do not break your oath, but fulfill to the Lord the vows you have made.’ But I tell you, do not swear an oath at all: either by heaven, for it is God’s throne; or by the earth, for it is his footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the Great King. And do not swear by your head, for you cannot make even one hair white or black. More about promises here.

So, going back? it’s really up to you to apply my tip or not or to experiment it with your self or not…

But here it is..

‘For better or for worst, laugh out loud, even when you’re crying!’ Consider it as tears of joy!

Think of laughter, and make fun with all the things around you! Play around and enjoy! just like it was before when you were once a child.

But what if they’ll call you names?

Like, selfish, emotionally retarded, careless, mean, heartless, whatever it is they’ll throw upon you, be it yourself, LAUGH at it! Or remember your real name. Tell them, who you are!

If they’ll got angry? Laugh at it!

Just laugh!

No matter how bad it is, no matter how painful the truth is, face it, and laugh at it, like you’re inside a comedy bar!

Here’s another good book Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids that would make you laugh at loud to start healing your heartaches!

Or, just go ahead and remember those FUNNY times in your life, and make a JOURNAL about it.

Here’s my funny buttons!

All right!

Thanks for reading this far…

Come again!


P.S. By the way, I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though the links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!

Brain hacking tip #38: Add ‘I’ into Debt, and you’ll make Debit; that’s how you transform Debt into Debit; that’s how to start paying off your debt by adding ‘You’ in it!

Do you have DEBTS right now? And do you want to apply a brain hacking tip to make you move on with your debts?

All right!

Did you know that CREDIT is not the right word for having money in your bank account?

Wanna know what’s the correct one?

Okay, I’ve studied accounting, so I knew a little bit of financial terminologies. Just a little bit, I got kicked out by the way, but I pursued something related to accountancy. Business Administration Indeed.

So, to begin with, let first define, what is DEBIT!

DEBIT in the bankers account, it is money added to their account.

CREDIT in the bankers account, it is money deducted to their account.

And so, if YOU are receiving money from them, the term that they would use is ‘CREDIT’ for example, a credit card.

Now, let’s go ahead and look at the account holders accounting…

In which YOU and ME is an account holder.

DEBIT in your account in money, is money added to your account.

CREDIT in your account in money, is money deducted from your account.

So, when you deposit money to your business account from your savings account, it’s a CREDIT to your savings account, but a DEBIT to your business account. (if you have separate accounts! for savings  and business.)

Now, you might be a little bit skeptical…

So, let me paste below, Wikipedia’s definition of Debits and Credits.

“Conversely, a decrease to an asset account is a credit. A decrease to a liability or equity account is a debit.” 

All right! She talks about decrease, now let’s talk about increase!

An increase to an asset account is a DEBIT. An increase to a liability or equity account is a CREDIT.

Okay? So, to make the long story short, I’d like to suggest that you define DEBT as CREDIT, because it is, and not DEBIT.

Liability is a DEBT or credit, not DEBIT.

Okay, now how can we apply the magic word that would help you move on from DEBT, emotionally?

Instead of focusing on debt and credit, think of DEBIT!

Add ‘I’ in it!

I hope that by the end of this article, you would be convinced to shout in your head, out loud, the word DEBIT! ADDING MONEY TO YOUR ACCOUNT!

It’s a very cool brain hack to divert your focus into adding more and more money in your bank account! And just let the bankers do its part to  write-off amounts of money from your bank account to replenish your debts or credits!

Credit is not an addition but a reduction!

So, think of DEBIT instead of DEBT of CREDIT now!

By the way, if you’re interested in learning accounting? It’s awesome!

This book ‘Accounting Made Simple: Accounting Explained in 100 Pages or Less will guide you through!\

Accounting skills is a very important skill that everyone who wants to become an entrepreneur in the future, or in the NOW; must learn!

Tracking your financial stuffs, and being aware of your current financial status, will open up your eyes, and will make your brain decide to take necessary action!

Finally, let me give this page final words!

The advises presented above is just a hacking TIP that may or may not work for you! There’s no promises made here! Just a personal quick tip that you can try for yourself, to help you start taking action and think of debiting your account even more instead of crediting it!

P.S. Okay, I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though the links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!

Brain hacking tip #37: Wherever you go and whatever you do, notice the soft air in your face; it’s the quickest way to become more present and aware in the NOW!

Who wants a quick tip to become more aware in your life starting in just seconds?

I do!

I already told you…

In the title page, I shared that the quickest way to become more aware of your present moment, and in the NOW life; simply notice the air in your face, or the air near your nostrils.

Try it NOW! Don’t DELAY!

It’s very exciting and very quick!

Make it a habit and your life will change for the better.

All right. I know that’s really up to you if your serious about change.

But if you’re not and you’re contented with your life NOW? Then keep going! You have my support.

Otherwise, experiment with my tips here! See it for yourself.

Let’s talk about becoming more present and more aware quickly.


I mean, why is it important to be more aware about the entire world today, the weather, the sun, the moon, the ocean, and of course your health.

But most specially, your dreams in life. Your what’s NEXT?

Becoming aware helps you remember the good things in your life, not just all the bad things in it.

I have a very cool, hypnosis program suggestion, for you, if your serious about change, click on this link.

Cheers to your success!

I would love to hear in the comment section below, in the future, if applying what’s in the link, I just gave you, help your life as well.

It’s really awesome and encouraging and inspiring, to hear people succeed in their lives. It’s like a life booster! You’ll feel more alive and kicking and thankful, knowing that they’re able to do it, NOW is your turn!

Are you ready?

No? Are you sure?

The truth is… everyone is always ready.

Your body is always ready. All you need to do is to activate your readiness skill and get over with your procrastinating statements.

Doing things, little by little, will bring you to your success.

Just like, walking little by little, hours later, you’re already near your destination, you didn’t even noticed the places you passed by, you’re like in autopilot.

You know why that is? Because you’re thinking of something interesting and joyful while you are doing your thing.

It’s the same pattern that would also work in any areas in life, either at work or in school, or in your family.

Life becomes automatic to you ones you learn which inspiring thoughts you’d like to FOCUS on while your body is doing all the work.

If you’re still procrastinating until NOW…

… and you want to change that bad habit of not taking action, even if copy-writing it down, you’d still say, LATER or TOMORROW or not INTERESTED or you JUDGE immediately and all the negative reasons just pop up in your head, which makes you do something else; then boy/girl, you need help.

Oh, by the way, me included.

So, I’d like to bring you to a place where you will learn tons and tons of self-help information that would boost your productivity, your confidence, and all the best in you will be released!

Here, get your confidence booster here!

Many many more good stuffs you can start applying in your life today!

Like for example, this article about procrastination from the Tapping Solution.

And if you need more resources, like books for example.

I have goods like that too…

Here, check out this sales page about confidence confidant. Yes! It’s a sales page, read through the entire sales page, and learn what’s inside the product before buying it.

And hey, have fun!

Don’t forget my tip for today about awareness and being more present.


All right…

P.S. Time for revelation, I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though the links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!

Brain hacking tip #36: Bring up your negative emotions that are currently holding you back from getting over from your bad life-experiences; and as you felt them in your body, hold your breath; now start thinking of those good things you want to happen in your life, NOW or in the next days to come; that’s the best short-cut to heal your life today!

Who wants to heal and manifest quickly?

I do!

So, I found something within my memory, a very interesting tip you might want to also experiment later today, or before you to bed, or any time you want.

By the way, you may have heard this tip already from the experts, but I think this is so COOL that I will re-write it in here.

But before that, let me first introduce you to Mind Movies. Click on the link I just provided so you would know how this article have helped me discover some of the greatest and deepest blockages I have in my life.

Like for example:

  • I will never choose Money over Family. Thanks to Ms. Natalie, I’ve found this very money blocking statement I have told to myself 14 years ago.

Do you want to know the story behind that negative statement?

Okay. My neighbor asked me this question, ‘If you would be given a Million amount of money, are you going to leave your family?’

My previous answer? ‘I will never replace my family’s dignity over money!’

By the way, my parents were already separated when he asked me that question. I still have angst over my mother leaving my father to work and earn money for her family, and that includes me, except my father and his family.

All right! That’s very dramatic. 

But here’s the thing, I have already corrected that statement NOW, because I was able to see that blockage, by applying Ms. Natalie’s Introspection Inspection Exercise.

Also, I’ve applied Ms. Christie’s TIP on how to detect energy blockages, and that is, ‘Any negative statement after BECAUSE…’ Here’s the link to her VIDEO.

Anyways, my statement changes…

From ‘I will never choose money over family’ to ‘I will choose both money AND family!

I have found more…

But I believe one example is enough for me to be able to apply my TIP on how to TRANSFORM negative emotion, blockages, into LIGHT energy.

Remember, this might not work for you, but try it anyway, and see if it helps!

All right!

As usual, my tip is already in the title of this page; I made sure that even if you won’t read this entire article, I’m able to send you my TIP through my title page, assuming that you’re reading it.

But if you haven’t, no worries, I’ll repeat in a second.

Okay, the TIP is very simple, all you have to do is to acknowledge your negative emotion or feeling, then HOLD YOUR BREATH as long as you can, while you THINK OF THOSE THINGS YOU WANT TO MANIFEST IN YOUR LIFE.

Hey, don’t forget to breath out!

See if your negative feeling changes into light and happy feeling!

I’d love to know in the comment section below.

I’m almost done!

Just need to introduce to you THE PLACEBO!

You won’t regret it, click on the link I just provided you.

Or, read this book You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter!

Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial!

All right…

P.S. Time for revelation, I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though some links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!

Brain hacking tip #35: Chin up and smile and rob the back of your ear or rob your chin with your fingers; whenever you’re feeling that fear pressure, anger pressure, pain pressure, shame pressure, or any type of pressure; is the best way to handle pressure easily

Hi there! Were you pressured today? How about yesterday?

If so, maybe you’re searching for some tricks and tips on how to handle that pressure right now!

No worries, I’ll share with you what I think and believe would ease up a little bit of any pressure that you have right now.

It’s very easy and very comprehensible.

A baby can do it!

So I know you can do it too!

Although I have already included in the title page what it is that I’m going to share in a minute, I’ll try to go an extra mile for you.

All right!

Let’s begin.

I have had so much pressure growing up. Almost all of those I’ve shared in my book ‘The Art of Self-Expression.‘ If you’d like to read its sample, just click the given link.

And yet, even though I’ve had all those life experiences, I was able to handle my life the way I wanted it to be.

Do you want to know how I did it?

Well, the security guard of our school campus teased me of my unconscious habit, that is to chin up and smile every time I would pass by the guard house.

It just felt great, I remember.

‘Chief!’ He said. ‘Chief!’ I answered. He laughed and told me ‘You were that girl who loves to chin up and smile, right?’ I just laughed and smiled again.

I honestly don’t know what was he talking about, all I knew was that I’m just being me.

But that habit changed when a classmate of mine teased me from smiling most of the time…

‘Are you okay Mina?’ My friend teased me. ‘Sure I am!’

‘Why are you smiling?’

‘Oh! Am I? I’m just grateful? Is there something wrong with that?’ I asked myself silently.

Most people loves to be very serious, and very sad. And if you want to be a part of their pack, you gotta act like them too, until your true-self will be forgotten.

Have you experienced the same? 

If you do, now you know that you’re not alone.

But today, we’re going to regain that strength that we once have before the society and the people in our environment influenced us to be like everybody else are.

Are you ready?

All right.

Maybe you’re a little bit stressed and depressed the last few years. Like a beautiful part of you had been taken away by some bad people, but you just can’t remember who they are.

Well, that’s totally fine. Let go of that search now, and consider that over, because in this simple exercise, you don’t need to be angry in order to let go of those bad experiences and its linked negative emotions.

All you have to do is to do a little “Chin up, a cute smile, and a soft rob underneath your chin and at the back of your ear.”

Do it whenever you’re feeling pressured.

Now, let me share with you what I think of pressure…

I think, PRESSURE is the only word that best describes worries, fear, anger, pain, sadness, depression and anxiety.

Observe yourself the next time you’re worried about something.

Correct me if I’m wrong in the comment section below, but I think you’ll discover that you’re feeling pressured about something, a thought, maybe.

It doesn’t matter what that is, still, it’s pressuring you.

If you need some meditation kit to assist you with calming down your pressure, you might want to check this powerful kit, Love Or Above Spiritual Toolkit!’

Or, maybe you want to be hypnotize NOW! Check this website.

All right guys…

P.S. I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though the links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!

Brain hacking tip #34: Remember that last time you heard the door of you house opening, is the quickest way to open your heart today!

Okay, let’s talk about opening your  heart and why is it important!

Are you scared to open your heart to anyone?

Were you scared that someone’s going to get in and steal something away from you?

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Here’s why it’s safe to open your heart…

You will allow the thief (negative emotions, thoughts, included) to get out of your house immediately.

Whereas, if you’re going to close your heart, who knows you’re actually trapping a snake within your house, who wants to get out and be free!

This is weird, but I think it’s also cool…

… that we’re misinterpreting ourselves as the trapper, and that thing within us that we’re trapping because we want to punish it for whatever reasons we can create.

Okay, my point is, try to not look at yourself as the one trapped, that’s impossible, look around you, were you really trapped?

If not, then someone else is trapped within your house. Open your heart, set it free so it can breath and it can renew itself to the better him or her.

Okay, that’s really weird…

But, hey! Try opening your heart today, here’s a video I would really insist you watch right NOW! Don’t delay! Watch this video NOW!

Very salesy right?

Yeah, that’s how important opening your heart chakra is!

You must open it now!

Or, you can apply my little tiny tip here!

What is that again?

Imagine the last time you heard the door of your house opens!

Notice your feeling RIGHT NOW after imagining that.

You’re alerted right? Like a bulb in your head lights up?

I’ll be done soon…

Just need to give my book recommendation…

“Breathing Room: Open Your Heart by Decluttering Your Home

By Laure Rosenfeld and Melva Green

Happy reading! Check if Kindle Unlimited Reading is still ongoing by clicking Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial!’

Don’t forget to leave your comment for additional tips and tricks on how to open your heart, and how important opening your heart is… and why there’s no need to worry about not closing your heart anymore!

P.S. Time for revelation, I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy products though the links in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!

Brain hacking tip #33: Imagine yourself being really really thankful and happy, like a baby, before, NOW, or after; is how you activate your sense of gratitude instantly!

All right… let’s talk about Gratitude in this page!

Are you ready?


So, were you struggling these last few days about how to become happy, contented, less stressful, and less worried about life?

Maybe you want to be grateful for something, but you just simply cant!

If that’s true to you, then you’re not alone!

Me too!

That’s why I was really searching for some great tips on how to hack my brain and autopilot my gratitude without being afraid of its future outcome anymore.

In short, it’s like living in gratitude ‘whatever it takes’!

Well, I’ve discovered something really interesting during my meditation sessions, which I’m going to share with you in a few minutes.


Yes! I’m going to tell you what that is now!

It’s already in the title of this page, but let me repeat it with you anyway, in case you’ve missed some words written above.

IMAGINE yourself being really really happy about anything in your life; it could be when you’re playing with your friends the other day, how about NOW, and right after reading this page?’

And then I want you to ask yourself this question, ‘How does it felt like to really be happy and thankful?’

Give your self a chance to write down your feelings in a peace of paper, or comment it below.

But, you can also reserve it for later. Continue reading first.

Because… I’m not yet done.

I have more to add into your learned gratitude-manifesting-technique!

And that is…

OBSERVE yourself being really really happy! Observe yourself being in that place you’re always EXCITED to step on, or that last date or gatherings you have with your friends around, laughing, and maybe joking around all day long!’

Maybe you’re playing sports! Answering funny questions, with some funny answers! Anything!

Not convinced yet?

Maybe because you didn’t try yourself.

Try it now!

It’s easy, you just close your eyes for 60 seconds, that’s only one minute, then apply what you just learned above!

Or visit this page.

Or maybe, you’re still wondering until now why gratitude is really important!


Maybe your EGO is telling you not to be thankful for, or express gratitude, because expressing it makes EGO felt powerless and useless and unrecognized.

Does your EGO tells you to be selfish?

Oh my gush, you’re not alone.

Mine too!

Do you want to know what I think about EGO, and why EGO is holding you back from expressing gratitude or feeling joy and happiness in your life right now?


It’s because, EGO wants you to be safe. Anything that is new to EGO is not welcome, for your own security.

Like a baby, EGO is scared, and a little bit ignorant about new things. And that’s absolutely normal.

But, here’s what you can do to convince your EGO to be fine with the SPIRIT of gratitude joining him/her within you…

Dance like a wave… you know that, ‘S’ shape dance?

Kids are very good with it, they SWAY, like a little snake.

Try it NOW!

Tell me if you feel like WOW in the comment section below!


Remember that you are the master of your life, and you are the one who sees what’s dangerous or not.

Your subconscious mind where your EGOTISTICAL feeling resides, doesn’t know what you know, but only feels estrange with something new!

You can do it! You can convince your EGO that’s okay to be thankful! That it’s okay to be loved, to be given, to be appreciated, praised, and admired.

Maybe, something in your thoughts made your EGO more spoiled to you!

Ego is cool, and he’s a part of you that is trying to be DISCONNECTED all the time.

Others call it ‘their only enemy.’

And it’s powerful too!

Check out this book written by Ryan Holiday, ‘Ego Is the Enemy‘…

I would love to hear, what you’ve also learn from this book, in the comment section part of this page!

But before I’d let you go in a minute…

Let me share with you a little trick on how to make friends with your EGO.

I have the same problem too, everybody does.

But I’d love to share my idea on how to discipline your EGO to stop fighting back against your will.

You may have yours too, and I would really love to know what worked for you, maybe it will work for me too and many others!

Anyways, so here’s mine…

  • Realize that no matter how you feel, no matter how bad it is, if you really want to get something, you gotta make a choice, whatever it takes!
  • Understand that it’s EGO’s nature to alter your reality by playing with your emotions, specially your FEAR OF OUTCOME.
  • Whenever EGO takes you away from the truth, become aware of your surrounding. Become alert like someone is calling you, ‘Psst! Psst!’

All right!

Thanks for reading this far…

P.S. And by the way, I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy a  product linked in this page, you must know that I’m getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!

Brain hacking tip #32: Salute anything you want in life, and it will salute you back; that’s how law of attraction will work for you easily

Are you a fan of law of attraction?

I wasn’t before. I didn’t know it exist.

It’s when life totally pushed me down, down, down, which makes me go fishing in the internet, and I caught some really cool videos about law of attraction.

Year 2014 when I started meditating, and started using some hypnotic short video recordings.

There’s a powerful meditating position that you might want to try experimenting yourself today!

  • Sit in a chair. And I mean, sit properly. Straightened your back, relax your muscles, flattened both your feet in the ground, then tap your right palm on top of your solar plexus.
  • Right palm on your solar plexus.
  • Left palm underneath your stomach, or in the root Chakra.

If you’re new to 7 Chakras, I would recommend you read Michael Williams book…

‘CHAKRAS: Chakras For Beginners – How to Awaken And Balance Chakras, Radiate Positive Energy And Heal Yourself’

CHAKRAS: Chakras For Beginners – How to Awaken And Balance Chakras, Radiate Positive Energy And Heal Yourself’

But it’s year 2016 when I’ve finally start learning about law of attraction!

Now, you might be wondering why I’m talking about meditation here?

Simply because they’re connected to each other.

And the attraction and manifesting thing would serve you better once you’ll learn to open you heart chakra, clear it, and then you may proceed manifesting something that you want, with no conflicting energies constantly emerging.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

  • You attract what you feel and think within you and it will become your reality.
  • So, if you want to avoid bad things from happening again, you must let go of that energy that holds that thought. It could be fear, anger, or anything else.
  • Your FEELINGS strengthen your thoughts, so you might as well clear the feelings surrounding your false thoughts, and then replace it with a good one right after.
  • You’re a natural magnet, believe it or not!
  • Lastly, if you have two competing positive and negative thought within you about a certain thing that you want to manifest, war within yourself is going to happen; so clear those old energies first that doesn’t serve you anymore.

This book written by Michael J. Losier will show you more about law of attraction.

Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t

Please feel free to comment below what you have learned after reading it. Click here to check—‘Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial’ —if Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Reading 30 day free trial is still available.

All right! Here comes the best part of this article!

Saluting anything that you want to attract in your life.

Somewhere around year 2016, I stumbled a book about law of attraction which teaches, that in order to make friends with a grumpy snobby type of person, a girl for example; you must salute her divinity and kindness within her.

Based on the truth that we are naturally divine pure beings.

You can attract anything you want, except making people fall in love with you, that’s the only thing that is against the law of the Universe. That is forcing someone to love you, to hack someone’s mind purposely for your own benefit is the worst crime in the spiritual world.

Though, it’s really possible to be put under a spiel. So be careful out there, and just remember who you really are, when that happens.

However, you can make friends, and make people kind to you, by saluting the hidden divine and kind nature within each of us.

And since you’re here anyway, I’d like to offer you a product that would open your mind more about…


I’ve read this book, and I’d like you to also read it, so you can also start applying it in your life right NOW!

Let’s experiment together!

Click here to be redirected to ‘Effortless Abundance‘ sales page!

Happy living!

P.S. By the way, before I’ll let you go, I’m actually an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy some products linked in this page, you must know that I’m getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance! 🙂

Brain hacking tip #31: Imagine your mind and body standing in the highest peak of any high mountains you can think of or you want to visit RIGHT NOW, is the best secret to regain full control over your life, and start working on your success TODAY!

Right NOW, think of that HIGHEST peak of a certain mountain you want to step on!

How does it felt like?

Can you hear the fresh and cold air whipping your hair back and forth?

Tell me on the comment section below!

But you can save that comment later, after you’re done reading this entire article.

So, are you feeling a wavering faith in yourself right now?

If you do, then maybe you’re called to be hear today!

Thank you for that.

Because right now, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned from meditating yesterday!

Okay, I have visited many different places before. I love to climb up mountains, walk a long long walk, climb up stairs, bridges, and even loves running whenever no one is watching.

I’m quite very adventurous type of fella.

But, that’s not what this article is all about.

Partly, yes.

Because today, I’m going to bring you up to the highest mountains of mount Fuji!

36 Views of Mount Fuji: On Finding Myself in Japan!

Cloudy isn’t it?

But for sure it’s very very cold in there, and the wind is super strong.

What do you think?

I think my mind would really attempt to blow up and light up and shout! I’m immortal!!!”


Awesomeness overload, isn’t it!

It’s in that calm and serene place, where no one else is around that you can be your self again.

It’s when you have total privacy and peace that you’ll realize, ‘you’re amazing! and that living is awesome!’

You might want to visit mountains AFTER reading this article!

Who knows?

So, I have prepared for you Lonely Planet Banff, Jasper and Glacier National Parks (Travel Guide)

Not for free! But check out Amazon Kindle Unlimited Reading NOW! See if 30 day free trial unlimited free reading is still on going.

Enjoy Reading!

Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

P.S. I’m an affiliate marketer, so in case you’ll buy some products linked in this page, you must know that I’m actually getting a commission for that valid buy-in, okay? Thanks in advance!

Brain hacking tip #30: Imagine yourself before and after, instead of past and future; to have a real quick glance of where you are right NOW in this life; a technique that will help you decide what’s next?

All right! Let’s talk about moving forward here, right NOW!

You know, moving forward, or moving onward, or just simply moving on; seems a little bit hard to think of, most especially if you’re feeling like underneath the deep deep ocean for a very long time now.

I bet your feelings must be a little heavy the other day? How about today?

Not if you don’t think about it, right?

But what if there’s someone around you right now, or in your office, in your home, wherever you go, who keeps bothering you and pushing your buttons of negative feeling like I’m doing right now; how do you handle that?

First off, you must be thankful. 


Because, now you got to see it, you have the clue on what areas of your life that needs introspection inspection.

In this video, the host suggested, at the near end of it, that it’s ‘Cool‘ to realize what energy is blocking you from achieving what you want to achieve; so that you can begin clearing it out.

The author of ‘You can heal your life‘…

…said that in The Golden Louise L. Hay Collection, under Mental house cleaning, that ‘Now is the time to examine our past a bit more, to take a look at some of the beliefs that have been running us. Some people find this part of the cleansing process very painful, but it need not be. We must look at what is there BEFORE we can clean it out.’

‘If you want to to clean a room thoroughly, you will  pick up and examine everything in it. 

Some things you will look at with love, and you will dust them or polish them to give them new beauty. 

Some things you will see that need refinishing or repair, and you will make a note to do that.

Some things will never serve you again, and it becomes time to let those things go.’

And she added, ‘Old magazines, and newspapers, and dirty paper plates can be dropped into the wastebasket very calmly. There is no need to get angry…’

Good news isn’t it?

It’s okay to see that button, that trigger point, that ugly dirty feelings you’re hiding for a very long time.

You have to see the dust before you can clean it well. Remember that too.

So, what I have for you today, is a technique that would help you clean that negative old feelings before NOW happens!

Instead of using the words, Past and Future, which are very broad.

Let’s use before and after!

You see the difference?

BEFORE is more reachable, and feeling nearer than the past!

The same with AFTER rather than future.

Okay, here’s how you can start applying those two words in your life starting today!

Close your eyes and think of something that makes you feel really really bad, angry about and frustrated about, BEFORE.

NOW, think of something good that you want to FEEL AFTER, or experience AFTER those feelings.

FEEL it! FEEL the relief, FEEL that future trips you want to do right AFTER that feelings you’ve had BEFORE. 

You may OPEN your eyes right NOW, real quick!

I am sure that after thinking of a good experience and feeling you want right AFTER that BEFORE negative experience…

You’ll be able to decide what’s NEXT for you!

So, comment below if you’ve found your next steps moving forward!

Brain hacking tip #29: Think of your heartaches and other pains like just a bite of an ant, to make yourself rest assured that everything’s going to be fine soon, just be patient, the pain will calm down

Let’s talk about heartaches and other pains you’re feeling right now!


Okay, keep reading.

Now, there’s another funny yet very doable and easy tip on how to make yourself rest-assured that everything’s going to be all right.

We both know there’s always another way around, right?

Life is never going to be always bad, most of the times it’s really good.

All you really need to remember is that ‘You’re alive!’ right NOW.

Pinch yourself! Wash your face, and don’t forget to smile ear to ear, today!

By being aware that you’re alive, you have billions of chances to heal yourself starting today!

Whatever that pains in your heart right now, no matter how bad it is, if you’re willing to heal it, you can do it, whatever it takes!

Okay, but there’s a very good thought you might want to start meditating today!

It’s realizing that that pain that you’re feeling right now, is not going to last forever.

Think of it like it’s just a bite of an ant.

Have you been bitten by ants before?

Well, if you do, then surely, you know what I mean?

The pain seemed to last forever isn’t it? But did it?

No! Of course not.

You see, everything will pass, just stay calm and trust that everything will be okay.


Think of it as just toothache.

Because believe it or not? Heart-aches? felt like toothache.

Do you remember the last time you had a toothache?

Maybe you have one during your childhood? Or adulthood.

Try to meditate on that one!

And as you do, think that it’s over.

Think of right after toothache, pressure, unknown pains, dentist anxiety, etc. etc.

How do you feel right after all the pain is gone?


Hmm. Maybe you’re still feeling that pain until now.

Inspect yourself NOW!

If you like my tip above, surely, you would love what’s in this book.

Help Yourselfs’ Emotional Problems in 60 seconds Without trying it harder than usual: Start Healing in 60 SECONDS!

You may have noticed my book title? He-he-he! It’s because I love the sound of ‘Yourselfs’ ‘ word.

So, understand that, please?

Brain hacking tip #28: Become a master of your life and soul by learning the basics of driving a bicycle, and you’ll never be out of balance again in your life

Is it too good to be true to become a master of your soul?

That’s absolutely natural. No one had taught us before that we could actually master our life and our soul.

Instead, we were taught to follow rules, aren’t we? Sorry about that.

But here’s the thing, I’m going to share what I learn just 60 minutes ago, on how to master your life and become a true master of your own soul, your personal choice of life, dreams, decisions, and life goals.

See myself as I share my story learning to ride a bicycle. If you’re a bicycle rider, or at least learn how to ride a bicycle, you’ll be able to relate what’s in my story, and probably in the  lessons that I’m about to share with you today.

So, here’s how I learned to balance my body with my bicycle!

Someone told me, that in order to learn driving a bicycle, you need not to look at the pedal or downwards when you’re still learning to balance your body with it.

You must not judge yourself firsthand, that you can’t, because you really can’t. In fact, you would even stop trying again.

I am so lucky back then that I don’t own a bicycle, so whenever I have a chance to use my neighbors bicycle, I would always grab the chance.

You know, he’s a little bit strict, and he’s dead now, at least the body, not his soul, because right now I can still see him in my memories.

Okay, that’s getting weirder, so let’s get back to the topic.

When you ride a bicycle, like in that picture below, I got from amazon, ‘Firmstrong Urban Lady Three Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 26-Inch, Mint Green’…

you must look forward, and know where you’re going. You must know where you’re going, when to turn, and where to stop.

Most especially, you must know where your break is, so you can break and stop whenever needed.

But most importantly, you must take action; put your body in that moment, feel your butt in your bicycle’s chair; position your hands properly in the handlebar grip, letting it lose, not holding on to it hardly, to help relax your muscles and avoid muscle tensions, specially your back.

And lastly, learn to adjust, repeat, adjust-repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. 

You see, REPETITION is key, to master something. Of course, provided that you’re aware of what you are mastering about. Maybe you’re mastering the same method that isn’t working, that’s why you’re always getting the same result.

Learn to adjust. Experiment which learning techniques you think have worked for others, and think that if they’re able to make a certain technique work for them, then why can’t you? Right?

You can make it work! I know you can!

And I mean, that ideas you have right now, in your brain, make it work.

Or the techniques I shared in the previews Brain Hacking Tips.

You can master your life and your soul. Just trust your bicycle, and I mean your body. Trust the universe within you to balance with  anything around you, while you’re taking action, moving towards where you want to be and become and achieve and finish and get.

If you want some extraordinary tips and tricks about life in general, specially financial, health, relationships and career…

Please, visit this website. I love her teachings. It’s awesome! It’s where you will feel welcomed and truly blessed with plenty of powerful information that you can bring with you wherever you want to go, and whatever versions you want to experience in your life.

And I like to begin taking action now, by saying ‘I think I can what I think I can!’

Leave your comments below!

I welcome additional life mastering tips and tricks, so feel free to express it NOW!

Chat with you soon!

Brain hacking tip #27: Flash all clogged negative ball of energies today, through the spirit of Repetition: Repetition is key to anything you want to master!

Today is my lucky day. I have discovered the only way, and only key to everything!

Are you excited?

I hope you do! Because I am, right now.

I am so excited to tell you this story.

The other day, a paper clogged in our toilet bowl!”

Yes! that’s a little nasty, but hey, that’s why I discovered the KEY.

It’s not even missing, but we often missed to recognize it.

Do you have a hint?

What if I’d tell you now that it’s REPETITION.

Repetition is key to everything.

Here’s what happened!

“That paper clogged in our toilet bowl was softened by the hot water; but that’s not what makes our toilet flowing and flashing well again.”

I pushed the water in the bowl repeatedly, as fast as I could, with all my strength.”

Guess what, it worked!

Now, I understand why Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique worked!

It’s not because of tapping alone, or the force one used tapping. But it’s because of REPETITION.

If you’re new to tapping, here’s a click back product for head aches to serve as an example, ‘EFT for headaches‘.

Read this sales page and you’ll understand what EFT is about. I’m a click bank affiliate, which means I would receive a commission money from valid orders made through my affiliate links, but this time I’m using my affiliate link as an example.

Another one is The Tapping Solution‘.

The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living

The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living

Tapping really worked!

But because I am so lazy to follow the tapping patterns, I was curious if there’s another form of tapping that follows only one direction.

And so, today, I was meditating and a simple truth just popped up in my head! Repetition.

So, I tried tapping any part of my body that is easy for me to reach, like my thighs! Just tapping as fast as I could, smoothly, not hardly, while thinking of softening and releasing my stress from yesterday.

Guess what! I feel great!

Another example, is pretty obvious, learning!

One master a skill through repetition, only.

When I was in high school, I’m quite good at memorizing words and sentences.

My technique? I say out loud sentences, close my eyes, and say it repeatedly.

Result? Perfect exam!

Athletes practice a lot, repetition is key!

If you’re religious, you may have tried reciting a rosary? What makes it powerful that you’d feel peace right after? It’s repetition.

Singers, repeats chorus a lot!

Why is that? It feels great isn’t it? It sounds awesome.

A simple repetitive fast action, if directed properly, with clear intention, is super-powerful!

So, if you want to clear some negative energies that is clogged somewhere in your body?

Do tapping and breathing exercises. Tap as fast as you could, while you breath out.

A lamp and a ball in my previous article. Push fast but easily, not hardly, or a lamp might blew up. Same with the ball, push fast but lightly, not hardly, or the ball will bounce back very high.

If you’ve tried riding a bicycle, how do you move forward?

You push faster repetitively.

Do you have more proofs that makes repetition the key to everything?

Comment below!

Brain hacking tip #26: Think of ‘What if’ words in everything you feel really impossible to happen, and you’ll never be scared of being controlled by your self-sabotaging negative thoughts that you’ve copied from your environment or friends, or movies, or news, etc. etc.

What if I’d tell you now that these two words are so powerful, enough to change your reality right now.

Would you believe?

It’s okay, try it first before you believe.

You’ll see for yourself, and you’ll experience yourself the power of ‘What if’ words.

Were you told that there’s nothing you can do about your life? And did you believe it?


Probably not. But if you’ll ignore that sharp and hurtful suggestion about you, it will slowly crawl into the deepest of you soul. Eating it slowly until your subconscious will learn how to act like ‘there is nothing she/he can do about your life.’

It’s really important that as soon as you hear destroying thoughts about you, negative labels about you as  a person, any thoughts that could ruined your faith and belief in your self in the future; that you wash them all off, right now!

Are you scared to wash off those negative energies out of your subconscious?

I have experienced the same, and I know how it felt like.

Let’s see if you’ve felt the same way I do.

There is only one thing that makes me resist deleting some old energies I got from the words that I received collectively, either from people I’ve met, or from the news, books, etc. etc. and even from my own childhood – you know, those stories we used to create inside our brain, because we can’t be sure what is right or wrong, which one to believe or not to believe?

What makes me resist removing them? 

is this thought, ‘that I’m killing the source.’

Okay, having that in mind, I would rather suffer than kill someone else.

But, I was wrong. Because when you delete those energies from the people you’ve met in the past, from the traumatizing movies you’ve watched in the past, or from life-discouraging news you’ve read from the past, you’re not actually deleting the source or the people behind it.

You’re only clearing their energies that is in you right now, to stop bothering you anymore.

Were you bothered by some discouraging false beliefs you were told by the ‘scammed scammers’? I called them.

You’re not alone.

I am too.

But don’t be angry with them, they’re scammed too, right? Where they’ve copied it from? Who knows?

What you can do right now is to let them go, to wash off their energies off you, today, so you can move on.

Later on, you may teach them how they could change their life too. Using ‘What if’ statements.

Do you want to know how I use it to my subconscious?


I would say, ‘What if I can?’

What if you can delete (insert the name of the spirit you want to delete).

It could be, spirit of anger, spirit of procrastination, spirit of self-sabotage, spirit of karma, spirit of jealousy, spirit of envy, spirit of selfishness, spirit of evil (bad-ass).

All those spirits that is slowly eating your soul. You may list them down slowly, as soon as you felt them bothering you again.

Now, you have to be honest with yourself, it’s okay to be bad, it’s okay to be evil, it’s okay, just decide to wash it off your subconscious.

Wash it with the spirit of pure water, spirit of pure air, spirit of gratitude, spirit of love, spirit of abundance, spirit of joy, spirit of peace.

Whatever good spirit you can think of.


Just totally fine.

Use ‘What if’ today! And see for yourself the result if you act now, and even tomorrow, or the next day, whenever you want. It’s really up to you.

Some people would love to experience some negative spirits and decided to keep it with them, because they think it’s awesome. But to me, not at all.

I’ve seen some who just allowed the spirit of anger and jealousy to lead them, and then blame others for their own choices. It’s like copying a wrong answer from their seatmate during exam, and blame the one they have copied from for failing.

Were you like that?

Hmm. It’s okay. Maybe you were forced to copy their false answers, who knows?

But the most important thing above all, is to take action today. Delete the energies of those people off your body right now.

Wash it all off. And if your subconscious would resist and say, ‘he or she can’t?’ Just tell him/her, What if you can? Would you be happy to succeed? What if you can?’

And if you’ve done this before and you’ve failed many times many? Just do it again, ‘What if you can, this time!’ Always keep trying. At least you’ve done something about your situation, and you’re not going to blame yourself in the future for not trying.

Would you rather be labeled a coward forever? Maybe not. Right?

If you love what you just hear, maybe you would also love this book,
Help Yourselfs’ Emotional Problems in 60 seconds Without trying it harder than usual: Start Healing in 60 SECONDS!’ I’ve created for myself, but I’d like to share it with you too, in case it would be of help, who knows?

The title is grammatically incorrect, probably? I mean, really, ‘Yourselfs‘ ‘ word is not even in google, but I love how it sounds like, so ‘Whatever’ guys [ha-ha-ha-ha].

Amazon Kindle Unlimited reading would allow you to read it for free, ‘Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial‘ NOW! See if the same offer is still available here!

Happy Reading!

Brain hacking tip #25: How can I soften my hard feelings? Moving a mountain!

Yes! I found the quickest way to move your mountains of hard feelings…


Do you want to know what that is?

Okay, first, let me tell you a quick story about how I’m so obsessed with softening any hard feelings, which leads me to the realization of this very special knowledge.

You have maybe clicked on this article by mistake or by chance, but that’s good news!

Today, you’re going to learn what I’ve learned.

I have meditated for 30 minutes today, while listening to the free stuffs I received from this website. I am so thankful and grateful that I have been introduced to them by the author of Manifestation Miracle, through her newsletters.

So, going back to the topic…


Like you, I am also human, with emotions, anger, fear, hardships, sufferings, insecurities, jealousy, rejections, and many, many more yet to come.

But how else other emotions could go badly beyond feelings of hardships.

It is indeed the most difficult to deal among all other types of emotions.

Yes! Hardship is a feeling, and an experience you have learned to adapt, either from your parents, or from your environment, collectively.

It could be from school, from your office, from your relationships, from movies, from radios, and even from the news! or it could be just from your own creative thought! those thoughts you’ve created when you were young.

Some hardships, fears, etc. etc., could be just a product of your personal ignorance at anything new that has come in life.

It doesn’t have to be today, it could also be from your yesterdays.

However, whatever that maybe, those hard feelings are just feelings. The memories you have, the things you have, and even the environment you are in right now, or your current life situation, anything; aren’t/weren’t the source of all those hardships, and they have nothing to do why it still exist in your life right now; why you’re still feeling the same hard feelings you’ve experienced once in the past.

The answer is…



I once thought that if you want to change your life you have to change your environment first and foremost.

It’s only because I thought it was the people around me who’s responsible of every life dramas I have experienced growing up, and that includes hardships, traumas, and many, many more.

No one in my society have every taught me, that we can actually duplicate energies from our family, from our mother, father, brothers and sisters, grandfather and grandmother; and even your grand-grand mother and father.

Most of all, no one had taught me from my society that you can actually clean that ball of energies yourself. Thanks be to this video.

So, today, I’m going to share with you my other way of clearing your feelings of hardships…


You’re always welcome and highly encouraged to learn from this  video on how to clear your energies.

But I’d also like to share mine, which I believe would also help you get over with your hard feelings.

That is…   

“By realizing that your memories and thoughts will not be erased if you clear out all the negative energies attached to it.”

And that “Your hard feelings is not any object, not a memory, not a mountain, not a life event, not an image, neither a table, or a stone; but an energy.”

Learn to see the difference between, emotion, thought and physical objects, subjects, etc. etc..

Once you see that, side by side; and you learn to compare them in your mind, you’ll realize that you’re in control of your feelings/emotions.

That You Can Heal Your Life.

How to do it?

Imagine that hard feelings as an energy. Now, shower it with the energy of water, or any pure energy you can think off. Fresh and clean air energy. Dust it off!

I know you can do it! So, do it!

Imagine that physical mountain as a mountain of negative energy shaped within you. Acknowledge that mountain of energy shaped within you dissolving and softening, clearing and cleansing. Replace that with light energy, fresh and pure! Joy and happiness! Anything you want to feel right now!

If you like the messages in this article, you might also want to check this book I’ve created for me, as my future reference, but you can also try learning it yourself, and see if it’ll work for you too.

Help Yourselfs’ Emotional Problems in 60 seconds Without trying it harder than usual: Start Healing in 60 SECONDS!

You can read that book for free, click here to check if Kindle Unlimited free reading is still ongoing by now. Or click ‘Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial‘.

Brain hacking tip #24: Proofs that lack of money could be the root of all evil and that wealth and abundance is the only solution to every physical human needs

Okay, lack of money could be the root of all evil…

The other day, I received an email from the website I have subscribed for.

And it’s actually where I’ve got the idea that lack of money could be the root of all evil.

It’s a very good email that contained a beautiful and very useful book from the most respected teacher in the world today.

I’ve been following her for quite sometime now, and so far, so good.

I love learning new things, I love, I love, I love.

Most specially when it comes to making life easy, being abundant, succeeding in things I’m wanting to get out of life; I’m a pro.

So, if you’re like me, who wants shortcut to success, then click this link link that will bring you to the website I’m talking about.

To support my new belief that lack of money could be the root of all evils…

Please read some of the proofs I’ve found, from my personal observation.

Lack of money makes people worried about money.

  • jealousy is in the air for some people who lack money to buy something that the rich have.
  • it destroys family. Some remarried, left their love-ones for money.
  • limitation is always behind your back when you lack money.
  • stress will never go out of sight, when your money is lacking.
  • you can’t stop thinking about where to get money to pay for your bills, mortgages, food, etc. etc.
  • opportunities to succeed in a lot of things is steep and narrow.
  • improving your life, education, health, knowledge, and even wisdom is almost out of reach.
  • to live in the most beautiful places on earth, our very own home, is almost impossible to do.
  • it makes people prisoners, slaves, and feeling unwelcome to their own home planet, because of lack of money to pay for government requirements, like visa, airplane tickets; and a lot more government restrictions.
  • living for some people is like paying for debts they’ve never owed to anyone; that is due to lack of money in their wallets.

But hey, good news!

  • There’s plenty of money available. It’s all in the banks. Ha-ha-ha-ha [laugh out loud]
  • You’re not here to become a slave of any rules our great, great, ancestors have created for themselves.
  • We’re all here to live the life we deserve.

Here’s how you can start living the life you deserve, starting today!

  • Maybe you’re working 9 to 5 every day, but your current situation shouldn’t restrict you from enjoying life.
  • You see, that joy, happiness, and even sadness, they’re all in your brain.
  • Any emotions are achievable without anything. And I mean, wealth, luxury,  a yacht, a beautiful hair, whatsoever!
  • There are plenty of information on the internet on how to hack your brain to achieve that feelings you desire to wish, that love you want to feel.
  • All of those desire for love, affection, joy, happiness, and even success, can be achieve by just watching some short YouTube videos, ether it’s inspirational or funny previews. You have the choice. And you can decide right now!
  • You can hack your emotions, delete those thoughts and memories that’s no longer serving you.

If you’re really serious about living life the way you want to feel like it, and become what you want to be like, with no hassles; easy and fast…

Check out the following book suggestions I would insist you must read in the future or in the next days to come.

I have selected these books properly just for you.

So, enjoy reading…

And did you know? You can actually read for free E-books at Amazon with Kindle Unlimited. Check here if their 30 day free trial is still ongoing. Or click Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness

Never In Your Wildest Dreams: A Transformational Story to Tap Into Your Hidden Gifts to Create a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity

Brain hacking tip #23: 5 ways to make money work for you?

I mean… there’s a lot of ways, money will work for you, instead of you working for money.

Are you ready?


#1 Outsource your businesses.

There are lots of freelancers who loves doing what you hate to do but you must for your business.

You can sell your business later on, at a very high price.

Where I got this idea?

Oh, I have read an article months ago, that talks about outsourcing jobs, businesses, etc.

#2 Hire someone who loves to do your thing.

Most talented and skillful individuals, loves their work, their passion, their skills, and they would be happy to serve and share it to those who are lazy to do it, or those who don’t have enough time to get their projects done.

#3 Travel around the world.

Did you know that travelling really help improves your connection to people in earth?

When you travel, you make new friends. You’ll see different shapes of faces, different colors, voices, styles, fashion, etc. etc.

You’ll learn a lot while you travel. New expressions, new languages, new cooking styles.

Also, when you travel, your communication skill will also be exercised, because you have to ask questions most of the time.

Specially, if you’re lost, or if you’re new to the place.

#4 Give love to your family, use money as a symbol.

Well, in the future, I’m definitely going to do this piece of advice.

It’s cool when you give LOVE, specially if it’s put into action. And the best gift one can give to someone is financial freedom. Freedom to let them decide what to buy with the money you gave them.

Just like us, some of our family members would also love to travel and enjoy life. They don’t want to get stack in a 9 to 5 day job.

But sometimes, taking risk seems hard to them as well. Some would decide to just be contented with fix income, fix salary.

And lastly, on how to make money work for you…

#5 Contribute to the community.

Like those community that’s environmentally focused. Making our earth clean and green.

Communities taking good care of our animals, forests, beaches, plants, etc. etc.

And of course, those which also focuses on helping kids learn new skills, in arts, sciences, personal development, sports and recreation, healthy living, etc. etc.

Finally, the following book suggestions, would help you look at money positively…


Read for free if you Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial Today!

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth






Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway To Wealth & Prosperity

The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money – That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not!

Think and Grow Rich

The Science of Getting Rich

Brain hacking tip #22: How to transform your self-procrastination into something you really want to do, be, do, be…

Yes! There’s always a way out of your self-procrastinating thoughts, whatever that is…

So, let’s begin with defining what is procrastination does mean by google, it says…

Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something.

Say for example, ‘I need to write an article about a certain product that helps most people today!’ 

My procrastinating thought would say, ‘Ah, you’re tired, feeling not motivated, do it the next day!’

In order to fight that procrastinating thought, you must listen to it properly, imagine yourself making that article the next day.

Now, ask yourself, ‘How does it feel like?’ ‘Still feeling lazy?’ ‘What’s the difference between doing your task the next day and doing it today?’

Nothing. Instead, bring the next day today. Make yourself feel good today. Find something inspiring and motivating.

Imagine yourself in the past doing something really cool, something you’re really excited about doing it again?

Hold into that feeling and wear that as you do your task today!

Cool, isn’t it?

Or, you can think of some motivating and very exciting stuffs you can do in the future. Do you have any wants you’d wish to happen in the future?

Take advantage of your current state, of your laziness, of your lack of motivation by using your wishes to fuel yourself today!

Sounds good?

Still remember how your Mother used to tell you, ‘If you’re going to go to school today, I’m going to buy you a new dress…’

How did you react? Did you feel happy afterwards? I bet you did. Hmm.

I can see you holding that happy feeling of getting a new dress in the future while going to school.

Be honest…

Anyways, if you like my tips and tricks, you can learn more in this simple book full of tricky tricky tricks, that you can use in any areas of your life, particularly your ‘Emotions‘.

With its weird title, caps-lock ‘ YOURSELFS‘ ‘ I know right? It’s not in google either, but I love the word and the sound of ‘yourselfs‘, isn’t that cool?

Help Yourselfs’ Emotional Problems in 60 seconds Without trying it harder than usual: Start Healing in 60 SECONDS!

My book is cute, just like me… ha-ha-ha… [Einstein’s tongue] 

And I mean, specially the book cover.

Hey, you can read it for free at Amazon…

Simply Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial!

Brain Hacking Tip #19: How to make yourself laugh out loud? To start healing today?


Why do you want to laugh?

Do you want to bully someone?

Or do you just want to be happy?

Whatever is your answer, there’s only one most accurate reason I know, why people wants to laugh.

“People wants to laugh!”


Think of funny stuffs you can think of, it doesn’t matter what it is, it doesn’t matter if it’s in the past or yet to come! when was the last time you were really laughing out loud?

To this day, I can still remember how I laughed out loud at my grandfather’s FART. I can’t look at his face that I have to hide myself behind the front door. I can’t go out because I would laugh to see him sitting in the chair next to our front door, and I’m so scared that he might get angry of me laughing at his FART. I got stocked for like minutes, I couldn’t remember, but it was long; holding back my laugh, trying to calm down myself to stop laughing.’

One day, I was with my neighbor’s sons and daughters, they hop into our Carabao’s back; the Carabao ran so fast, they all fell off down the rice field. I was laughing out loud ’till my stomach hurts. It felt weird but they’re fine anyway, and they too laughed at themselves falling. Luckily, no one got injured.’

While walking at my uncle’s rice field, a little Cow came running towards me, I was so afraid I might get caught, so I ran away, and so she did. We were chasing each other, until I’ve reached the very door step my uncle’s house. I was panting very hard but also laughing very loud. It was so cool. It was very exciting, and at the same time also very scary. She has horns, I don’t have, if I’ll fight, for sue she would win.’

A neighbor fell off the star-fruit tree! Everyone laughed. He cried.’

Now you!

Brain Hacking Tip #20: How to transform your self-judgmental statements into a positive statement?

Yes! There’s a way to transform your self-judgmental statements into Golden statements!

Did my title page title just tricked you?

‘Cool! Thanks for your visit!’

Although maybe it’s unintentional…

But, hey let me help you transform your self-judgemental statements into golden statements.

Here’s how I do it… do you want to know?


I listened to my self-judgmental unconscious statements and I wrote it down, that’s my first action.

Second, I re-read it and I add ingredients that will make my statements sounds better.

How do I do it?

Say for example, ‘I was trying to convince my Mother that she’s responsible the way her family treated her. While she kept blaming other people, I also kept reminding her that it’s her CHOICE that needs to be changed. Her Decisions, etc. etc. But she doesn’t seem to listen to me because I am young, and I’m just her daughter. Until I felt verily disappointed and unconsciously telling myself, ‘There is nothing you can do to change your Mother’s minds and beliefs.’ In short, ‘I can’t help my mother!’

That sounds really depressing, isn’t it? 

So, to help myself recover from my very negative self-judgement, I transformed that statement into a powerful statement, by adding more negative statements in it. 

I applied my knowledge in mathematics, that negative plus negative equals positive, to create a formula I called… do you want to name it?

My formula? I mean, my golden statement?

I can’t help my mother ACTING like deaf and blind.

Now is your turn to transform your negative statements into a positive one!

I’ve learned the most important lesson of all time, from this bookThe Science of Getting Rich‘…

Do you want to know what that is?

Okay, I’ll tell you, but I would really recommend you read this book, The Science of Getting Rich‘ and figure out yourself the knowledge and wisdom in it.

You may read it for free with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Reading, Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial.

And the time has come!

‘There’s a thinking stuff behind every person’s life, actions, and reality.’

Okay, I’ve added some words. That powerful knowledge I’ve learned in that book? It’s this two words… ‘thinking stuff’! :

Brain Hacking Tip #18: How to breathe in and out properly to stay happy all day

Yes! There is a breathing exercise that would make you stay happy all the days of your life.

Tired of learning how to breathe in and breathe out properly, and not getting any results?

You’re not alone. I was once like you too.

The other day, I figured out that breathing technique used by my former colleague at work.

At first, it was weird; it felt weird; but she’s the most confident lady I have ever met in my entire life.

She knew her flaws. But she knew how to handle procrastination.

I was wondering how she could handle the jokes my other colleagues thrown upon her. I wonder how she could remain so calm and confident.

She was almost unconquerable. But she has a very good heart and a very good attitude that I didn’t have. She’s awesome!

Some time yesterdays, I was meditating and I was observing her in my meditation. And I figured out something. She uses a breathing exercise technique that’s so powerful, she may not know about.

Do you want to know what I found out?

Sure! It’s like this, ‘You breathe in through your mouth, like you just got out from a very cold shower room. It’s more of like your tooth hurts!’ Next, ‘You breathe out through your mouth while sound like ‘aah!’ ‘aah!’ ‘aah!’

Experience it yourself. Try it now. And don’t forget to smile too. Say, ‘Aah!’ ‘Aah!’ ‘Aah!’

It will not only make you feel good everyday, it will also heal your pains, your heartaches, and even your loneliness, insecurities as well as jealousy.

That simple breathing exercise will add more to your confidence to help you succeed in every areas of your life.

If you need to know more breathing exercises from the experts, read ‘The Oxygen Advantage: The Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques for a Healthier, Slimmer, Faster, and Fitter You!’

Kindle Unlimited allows you to read this book for FREE! All you have to do is to Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial whenever you like!

Brain Hacking Tip #17: A simple 9 letters word feeling that keeps you holding back

Do you remember the last time you were at your dentist kingdom?

You’re right! that pain you’re always feeling… that fear you’re always afraid of… and you keep resisting?

It’s your ‘toothache!’

Okay, I know that’s too good to be true, and I gave it very quick here, so it’s really fine if you wont be convinced just yet.

But… if you want to discover it yourself… why don’t you try closing your eyes, and remember the last time you were at your dentist? You know, that time when you’re tooth was aching verily, like seriously?

How about your first time a dentist pull out your tooth? What was your age that time? And how do you feel the moment she starts pulling your tooth?

What were you thinking?

‘I thought, I was going to die! Honestly!’

Did you feel the pressure?

Like, you know, when your dentist pushed you down, down, down?

Is that the same feeling you get when life throws you some heavy loads?

‘Yes! I know right?’

But, how about the pain? How does it felt like?

‘Oh, it hurts! Really hurts! my dentist pulled two of my big tooth! It felt like I’m brokenhearted.’


Now, what happened after he/she finally done pulling your tooth off your gums?

Did you feel very cold? Were you resisting from cold? Shaking? Were you traumatized? Were you holding back?

‘If you’re like me, you’ve probably squeezed your back too hard. Felt very cold and shaking.’

What if, the one you’re always holding back and keep resisting and feeling deeply hurt…

…was your previous toothache? The 9 letters word that would make you stop holding back from anything you want in life; that answers your question, ‘How to get rid of this pain, I am feeling deep within me?’

You have to figure it out yourself.

And hey! Once you’re convinced, ‘think that it’s over! it was just the anniversary of your toothaches!‘ See how you’d feel after realizing this ‘simple truth‘.

Next time you will have a toothache, you might want to use…

Clove Oil! Discover The Essential Oil Of Cloves Health Benefits For Toothaches, Acne, Hair & Much More: A Book On Clove Oil Secrets (Natural Health Books Series 1)

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Brain hacking tip #16: Learn my four words technique on how to deal with your ups and downs!

What is that four words technique that would simplify my way of living?

Such a wonderful question. I have an answer for you.

I know you’ve been searching this all your life. You know, searching for the best way to handle life, making it easy, and making it work for you, like a professional?

Well, what if I have some new thoughts that answers that one question. Are you willing to take action and try it for yourself?

I’m not going to boast around with these four words, I’m going to share it with you. Because, we’re all friends here. Or aren’t we?

Yes! I’m talking to you! Yeah…

By the way, thanks for reading this far. Do I sound like a bot?

I once called a robot, so that’s find. I can handle it.

Or is it because, I’m still talking and I’m wasting your time?

My Grandma once told me, ‘If you can’t be patient in life, you won’t get the best out of it.’

And one more thing, she also told me, ‘They’re all jokers!’

In fact, I got this wisdom from her. She goes…

‘Take it as a joke, then forget it as a joke.’

Why do you think she said that to me? I’ll tell you why in a few seconds, maybe 60 seconds to 120 seconds.

 Times Up!

My Answer? It’s because, everything started with a JOKE. Thus, end with also a JOKE.

But that’s not the whole answer, that’s just 1/4 of it. [grinning].

My Uncle and Aunt, got married, because my uncle joked at her and said, ‘You look so beautiful!’ My aunt knew it was just a joke, but she took it anyways. But my uncle wouldn’t stop teasing her, and so she said, ‘Do you like me? Let’s get married!’ [laugh out loud].

But here’s what I mean…

They didn’t love each other, they’re just teasing, and people also teased them.

After few months of their marriage, their life looks grumpy. But they don’t know how to end it, because they have kids already.

And so, my grandma told them, ‘Forget it as a joke!’

And I realized, it wasn’t really a four word technique, my article title messed up! No, not me… [Doing Einstein tongue]

But, I’ll make it work for you!

I know… but I’ll try.

‘Take Joke’ ‘Delete Joke’

Once, you were a child, they joked at you to make you cry, you took it as a joke.

Now, you’re old, your past memories are bothering you, you hear people joking at you wanting you to cry and got depressed all the time. What should you do now? Jump off the bridge? Cover your ears? What?

Doesn’t work right?

Well, try this…

‘Delete those feelings as a joke.’

You have two simple keywords… “Delete Joke”. Delete it, clear it, like a joke, same way you take it.

A friend told me once, that her mother told him once while he was on top of the tree, unable to go down to the ground, Get down here, the same way, you get up there!’

But how?

That’s a nice question.

I have an answer for you.




‘Climb downwards!’ [laugh out loud]

But how?

How did you climb up? Did you jump?

Or did you  ‘Face the tree, hug it tight, and move yourself up slowly, step by step?’

Isn’t that awesome?

‘Just face the tree again, hold tight, and now climb down like a monkey! Little by little. Step by step.’

You want to see it clearly? You’re confused right? Because you can only see yourself climbing up on the same direction.

‘Climb down through the back of the tree, facing yourself going up! Like a monkey once again.’ You know what I mean?

Never mind! That’s not my topic, just sharing!

Maybe, Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables‘ have the best techniques you’re looking for.

Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables

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By the ways, I have more crazy life techniques you can read for free at kindle unlimited too! Here’s the link!  Start Healing in 60 SECONDS!

Brain Hacking Tip #21: You must give your hand not to your back; that’s the most accurate way to save someone’s life

If you want to save someone drowning whether in the deep river or in the deep ocean…

Try to give them your back and you’ll get drown with him/her that you’re saving. Instead, give them your hand and pull them up. But only do it when you’re sure you’re strong enough that if that person you’re trying to save will pull you down intentionally, you’ll have more than enough power to save your self and the person drowning.

On the other hand, if you’re a person drowning and needing help, give your back or your hand to the person above you, not the one below you; how could they save you anyway? But to bring you down with them.

But if the depth of the ocean is calling you to death, then you must look up to the stars, give your hand, and let them lift you up to the ground and above. Chin UP! Lighten up your body so you will float.

In this article …

> I’ve written down how you can lighten up your body, and your mind. Read it, click on this link.

Giving your back is a human’s way to save someone drowning.

But why don’t you try reaching out for the stars instead?

Human’s changes every time, turn your back in one second, some may stay some have already gone far away running…

Again, give your hand...

Isn’t that the right way to give someone help? If you give back then that means you’re turning away from those who needed help. But when you give a hand… full of money and love, fruits, things you can offer, and energy to lift them up, then that’s what we call giving from the heart.

Only a Camel would bring you to the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

Am I right?

The Camel doesn’t give his/her back, someone holds it, and you climb up in its back, isn’t it?

And let’s assume there’s already one person is already on top of the Camel, how is he/she going to bring you up? Isn’t he/she going to give you his hand and allow you to step on his/her feet?

This Video, will give you some of the ancient wisdom of the 3 greatest kings ever stepped on Earth.

Enjoy and have fun!

Brain Hacking Tip #15: Choose any stars above, close your eyes, and say ‘I belong to you’

Yes! We are stars…

If I’d tell you, that you don’t exist, are you going to be angry with me? 

But what if I’d tell you that you are a star, and one day, you may or may not return in above the stars where you belong?

Whatever that maybe, my point is… you’re alive and kicking. The Universe is too big, and yet, we’re all looking at the same stars, the same moon and the same sun.

A friend told me once…

When I die and no longer in earth, that means I’m already one with one of the stars above. Just look up and say “Hi”.

Scary right? But hey, it’s true! We live in the same Universe. No absence can separate you and me and the others. 

Everything that exist around you, first exist in your brain. You will always have access to anything. Just feel it. We are you in the inside.

Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You

Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You

Read that book above for FREE, only at Kindle Unlimited.

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Enjoy Reading… 

Brain Hacking Tip #14: Say these 3 expressions to add to your best breathing exercises

Ah, U, Ha…

Again, ‘Aah, U, ha’.

Read ‘U’ like you’re pooping a hard poop; not ‘YOU’.

Say ‘Aah’ like you’re hurting, but feeling good.

Then lastly, ‘Ha’ like you’re panting.

I found a good book for your breathing exercises…

The Oxygen Advantage: The Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques for a Healthier, Slimmer, Faster, and Fitter You

The Oxygen Advantage: The Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques for a Healthier, Slimmer, Faster, and Fitter You

Read it for free at Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

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Brain Hacking Tip #13: The most Powerful Healing Technique to clear your life energy blockages to allow love, joy and peace to flow into your life starting today is here!

Today, I received the most powerful healing technique from no where.

But I know it’s somewhere in the other dimension. 

Keep reading ’till the end of this article, I’ll make sure it’s only a few minutes read.

Disregard any offerings if you don’t need it for now, you may come back here anytime, in this same page, to get the link through the products that will be offered in this page. Just remember the tip#.

If I will suggest products anyways, it’s because I know its value and I believe in it. I choose only those with good customer reviews, those with customers who have actually enjoyed and benefited from the product for real; with only exception, my books. Of course!

Finally, the movie FROZEN, makes sense to me.

People loves FROZEN, including you, maybe. There was a time when everywhere I go, I heard Frozen song, ‘Let it go… Let it go… ‘ either from people singing across the streets, or in their homes, or street kids humming it’s Rhythm. 

But do they or you get the message behind the FROZEN movie?

Neither do I. 

But today, I’m going to use the FROZEN as an example to unlock the most powerful technique to heal your life starting in minutes.

Did you know? That your body is made up of more water than any other elements on earth?

Masaru Emoto created a book The Hidden Messages In Water‘. It become New York’s Bestseller. With more than 510 customer reviews in amazon.

The Hidden Messages in Water

The Hidden Messages in Water

If you’d like, you can read it NOW for free.

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To make the long story Short, your body’s energy can be easily be FROZEN.

If you have hidden shame from having a sexual intercourse because you’re cold and you want some hot body to curl around you, that shame must be frozen.

One thing I’ve learned from reading some ancient wisdom, ‘You do not take action, or make a decision, when you are in anger, or any other emotions aside from love, joy, peace and harmony.’

Okay, I just made that up. I haven’t really read any wisdom like that, but it’s kind of related. He-he. [can I give you a big grinned here?]

Anyways, I’ll do my very best to make it shorter.

I do respect your time, and I thank you for reading this far. 

You won’t lost anything from reading all the way through, but minutes of your time than you would spend being in sessions of different healing sessions, that asked you tons of money only to end up not getting any result.

This one I will give for free

Although, you may or may give thanks to me later on if you’re receiving any progress in your health, your success, your relationships, your career, everything in your life, by just applying one of my many personal healing techniques.

Again, you can read more of my personal healing techniques for free.

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I know you’re dying to know what that ONE technique is.

I promise I’m not going to make you pay for it. You can use it for free. 

If you will follow the statements and new thoughts I am going to give you very soon.

And here we go…

As promised, I’m going to teach you RIGHT NOW my new healing discovery, sent to me from nowhere, but I know it’s somewhere in the other dimension, of my brain.


Unfreezing‘ your body. 

It may sound simple, but I’ll show you how powerful UNFREEZING your body is, in one sentence.

It will lighten up your heavy loads.

Can you imagine your refrigerator freezing? Covered with all ice everywhere? Hardened? Hard to removed. 

Imagine your body being like that, part of you is squeezed deep within you. No more space for more fresh and new things you want to preserve. Fresh food for the soul you want to store.

Your body is full… of negative energy,  stacked with your freezing body. That freezing cold in your body that needs to be unfreeze, in order to let go of those energies that are trapped within it. [shame, anger, frustrations, grief, depression, stresses, worries, rejection, fear of the unknown things, etc. etc.]

Now I understand why Radha Beauty Aromatherapy Top 8 Essential Oils 100% Pure & Therapeutic grade – Basic Sampler Gift Set & Kit (Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint, Frankincense and Rosemary)‘ is a bestseller at amazon, with more than 10,020 satisfied customer reviews.

Radha Beauty Aromatherapy Top 8 Essential Oils 100% Pure & Therapeutic grade – Basic Sampler Gift Set & Kit (Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint, Frankincense and Rosemary)

Seriously, my Grandmother uses OILS.

To warm up herself and unfreeze herself. Soften herself and let go of all those negative energies, in waters, freezing deep within her heart.

I’m convinced!

I would also use healing oils

But also, I will apply my mind hacking technique to unfreeze my body.

And that is… to think of a hot sunlight, hot spring, hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot.,,

Hotness overload.

Go! heal with your boyfriend. Ha-ha-ha-ha!

[Doing Einstein’s pose, sticking out his tongue]

Brain Hacking Tip #12: Love your Bank, and hope that it will love you back

Okay, this is getting weirder. 

But seriously, Love your Enemy.’

I’ve heard, we actually have our own bank within us. We can withdraw any time… we can issue checks to a bank, anytime…

How does it work?

That, we’ll have to figure it out.

But I know of a book that will tell you and me How.

Let us read One Million in the Bank: How To Make $1,000,000 With Your Own Business Even If You Have No Money or Experience‘ by Michael L. F. Slavin (author).









You can read it in amazon for FREE. Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial.


Many people have tried hacking their financial wealth.

Check out this video -> Click Here! By watching the video alone, it could change your life forever, if you believe in yourself. 

It contained the ‘Secret knowledge on money magnetism, health, success, and love’.

Go, check it out here! You don’t have to buy right away. You have the choice. You can say No anytime. 

By watching ‘Manifestation Master key’…

You will learn the three names of power’ that you can call anytime, even if you’re not religious at all.


Love your Bank and hope that it will love you back…

Is based on my belief of good karma. And a belief that you alone holds your reality.

Me, them, and everything around you, are products of your subconscious minds.

And if you’re still reading until here, then this article is really for you.

I don’t like overloading my readers with information.

So, if I have something to offer, I’m going to say it directly.

I understand how precious is your time, so I’m going to make this quick, and I’m going to share my knowledge about how to love your bank even if you have a lot of debts that you need to pay for. 

Allow me to begin with this simple quote, ‘What you hold in your brain will become your reality.’

So, if your reality right now is being in debts, then solving your debts is probably the biggest obstacle that is sucking your good energies, like there’s some vampire that doesn’t want to leave you behind. 

It could be in a form of stress. Maybe you’re constantly slouching back. Maybe you’re unconsciously procrastinating yourself with I’m not good enough’ thought. And worst case is that You’re ashamed of your life situation’You want to get out of that feeling but you just can’t, because you don’t know how.

I have owned money too, with my parents, for my education. Even though they’re not asking for something in return, I’ve had this feeling that always want something in return, a payment or something. 

I figured out, it’s because they’ve been in debt, not with the bank but with other people with money, before. Just like banks, people also charges interest. The longer you can’t pay and make promises, the more debt you have to pay; the more they have to asked you to pay it NOW!

But that’s not correct at all. If you think that you have pay for your debts, then you’re like being forced by some powerful beings wanting you to pay even more, because you’re attracting them. And it’s not going to help either, even if you think that it will make you work faster, work harder, etc. etc. to get the money you need to pay for the lenders. 

Doing so, will surely put you into a temporary state of laziness and avoidance, because you don’t want to work very hard and getting nothing… right?

So, instead…

Think of it as a give back deposit to your bank. Keep doing it until you’re able to withdraw even more, next time.

No stress, isn’t it?

Enjoy giving. Enjoy doing. Enjoy life. 

Trust your bank with your money, that they will deposit your money to your account automatically.

Happy Money Making, Happy Earning!

Brain Hacking Tip #11: Don’t look down is the best solution to fear of someone or anything dragging you downwards, fear of falling and then lost your Soul and Die

I’ve finally found the force that keeps dragging me downwards.

It’s not where I’m coming from, it’s not my past, neither my family, nor my friends; it’s the OCEAN.

If you have been on top of a very long and high Bridge and looked down even once or twice, you have probably experienced the same force or gravity that’s dragging me downwards.

It feels like the ocean wants me to jump off the bridge to be one with it. It’s calling me like it’s a funny thing to do. But we both knew it isn’t.

If there’s this greatest force that wants you to fall down, it’s the gravity of the earth; so, do not look down. Always raise your heads up, while you keep moving forward. Do not stop, keep moving.


It’s always scary when you’re alone walking above a high bridge, because it’s really tempting.  It’s like there’s a magnet in there that wants you to stay, wants you to hold on to something that would keep you safe, because if you don’t, the air might pushed you downwards. 

Now, let’s compare that to our day to day lives, to the people we’ve met, and the life we have had in the past; try looking down on them for being who they are, and you’ll feel like you always want to hold onto something hard, something strong.

That’s why, do not judge, do not look down, stand up straight, walk uprightchin up and relax; that’s how you balance your body from being thrown up and squeezed by a storm; and I mean, any type of storms that will come into your life. 

Do not fall into any trap, or some strong force who wants you to jump in and die; could be in a form of anger, jealousy, shame, grief, anything.

In this video -> ‘Ancient Secret of Kings‘ you’ll learn China’s greatest secret.

It’s add-on packages will bring learned you the ancient secrets of Pharaoh’s in Egypt, and of Solomon from Israel.

Brain Hacking Tip #10: Money is powerful than Alcohol, is a thought that would heal your relationship with Money

Dean Graziosi, in his book Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway To Wealth & Prosperity shared one of his mentor’s teaching.

If you could cut a check of that problem, you don’t have that problem.” 

Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway To Wealth & Prosperity

Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway To Wealth & Prosperity

Most of our emotional problems in life is linked to financial problems.

Others, closes their eyes to not to see this painful truth, but you can, you can face it.

The only time you can solve a problem is when you know what is really your problem; it’s when you’re completely honest to yourself. It’s when you take time to understand yourself, to understand the problem.

And once you recognize the problem, you’ll be able to find an answer.

Turning your eyes to alcohol would only empty your wallet even more.

It wouldn’t change your problem, at all. 

Choosing Alcohol over money is a greatest sign of stupidity, poor decision making, etc. etc.

It will make you forget yourself, including your name. It will destroy your brain, your life, your relationships, your everything. It will kill your dreams, your plans, your goals, your future, you entire life.

But with Money, you can do almost everything.

If you have money, you can buy your friend’s time.  

  • more money, more time for your family.
  • more money, more places you can travel to.
  • more money, more joy you can buy to heal yourself.
  • more money, more life opportunities. 
  • more money, more ideas and information you can buy.
  • more money, you can save more time.
  • more money, more healthy food, more life.
  • more money, more FREEDOM. Freedom to give, freedom to give love, freedom to help more, freedom to help others succeed, freedom to live the life you deserve to live, freedom to choose, freedom to wear what you want to wear, freedom to BUY that life you always want to experience.

Money is a medium of exchange. It’s not evil. It’s a paper.

It’s often misunderstood with emotional problems

Maybe your problem is not really about money, but something else.

If it’s emotional, the statements in this book ‘Help Yourselfs’ Emotional Problems in 60 seconds Without trying it harder than usual: Start Healing in 60 SECONDS!‘, might help you decide to start healing your life TODAY!

Help Yourselfs’ Emotional Problems in 60 seconds Without trying it harder than usual: Start Healing in 60 SECONDS!


Brain Hacking Tip #9: Realize that there is only ONE WAY, questions are ‘What are you thinking? ‘Where do you think you’re going?’ ‘HOW would you like to become? and ‘When will you start DOING what you can do NOW?

It’s true, there’s only one way to every dimensions.

The problem is, which dimension were you thinking of opening and getting into?

One brain; thus, one way. One heart; thus, one way. One Universe; thus, one way. 

Which dimension do you want to focus on? Front? Left? Right? Back? Above? Below?

What dream you wish to pursue next? Which steps you would take first? Front? Left? Right? Back? Above? Below?

“You are what you think. And with your thoughts, you make the world.”


You become what you think, but what you choose to do and achieve is really up to you.

Become NOW, and then do something about it. 

I would really recommend, you start doing WRITING your next steps.

Yes, writing. 

I think it’s really easy to write

Start with your name. And then your last name

Then, you can start writing questions for yourself to answer.

‘What are you thinking? ‘Where do you think you’re going?’ ‘HOW would you like to become? and ‘When will you start DOING what you can do NOW?

What do you want out of life? and Why?

Where do you think you must start first? Top, middle, or the end?

This book Write a Book in 15 Days! and More…, might help you choose a decision right Now! And don’t forget to leave your honest feedback (bad or good, you’re right.)

Write a Book in 15 Days! and More…

Yes, you can!

You can write 12,000 words book in just 15 days. 

Any ideas you can share to the world?

Would you love to make a story of the life you want? It’s all possible.

You can make a guide book for yourself to follow in the future. And then you may want to share it for others to also try it out?

What do you think?

Comment below.

Brain Hacking Tip #8: Acknowledge your REAL name and you’ll never be afraid of being CALLED or Labeled something else

Have you been called SELFISH for being real?

Like loving yourself above all else, and then you don’t act like you care, because the truth is, you really don’t, but you feel like you have to, because people want you to act like stupid; caring what other people would think about you, if you don’t act depressed when they’re depressed, or grief whenever he or she is grieving?

But what if it’s none of your business? Are you really going to force yourself to break-down emotionally? And then end up being hospitalized for heart-attack, just to be accepted by anyone who call you emotionally retarded for not joining them of their cooked life depression or life stresses? And even call you careless?

I tell you why you shouldn’t care about what others would think about you or call you names, no matter what.

Did you know that some people would act like they’re depressed or incapable or weak or really Poor, for you to give them something they want in life? Some were unconsciously doing it because their thinking stuff was hacked by some powerful beings

Well, there’s more… did you know that some people would call you ugly names just for you to ACT like weak, like the way they want you to be, because they want to rule over you, your life, your entire life?

And when you finally starts following them, you become so low, super low, and then they just laughed at you, because they have tricked you and deceived you with their lies

The truth is… only a few really truly care. 

And I mean, seriously… for real.

That’s why… always ‘Choose Yourself!‘ Learn from Mr. James Altucher’s bestselling book…

Choose Yourself!


Your choice, your decision, your responsibility, your LIFE, your problem, your DEAD body.

Have you heard? Jesus said to his disciples, ‘let the dead bury their dead’ ‘save yourselves!’.

It’s not your fault, there is a thinking stuff behind your every decisions, your choices, and your actions.

In the end of the day, you cannot blame others for unconsciously or consciously deceiving you or influencing you, or poisoning your thoughts.


Because… you choose it! You approved it! You allow their Emotional life drama to shape your life choices, your decisions, and your actions; until you’re trapped in it. And you cannot blame them. It’s not their fault. 

You’re maybe tricked, but it’s not your fault also.

You didn’t know. No one told you so. Now learn from those who have experienced the same thing, before it will happen to you.

Love yourself above all else.

Acknowledge your real name, not what they labeled you as…


My name is… ‘Roselyn’ not ‘Selfish’.


Statements you can use against the deceivers who call you a sinner, a liar, selfish, shameless, whatsoever.

I love you enough that I won’t put more loads in your current state of depression.


If both of us will become stressed and depressed, then who else will save me from my poor choices? You? No one else, but me. Let me help you instead.


I have done that before, many times, and all I received was laughs and your ‘kind’ even called me stupid. Thanks for trying anyway. You are so cool. You’ll get over with your little trick. Thanks for your ‘kindness‘ anyway.


Brain Hacking Tip #7: Think of the last time you’ve been really warmed up and you’ll never be holding back of anything you want in life ever again: Warming up is the only solution I know on how to stop holding back from achieving your greatest life desires

Sadness? Depression? Fear? They’re all linked to COLDNESS. 

Believe me when I say this, that the only time LOVE becomes powerful is when you FEEL the warmth in it. When you HUG, when you KISS, when you SMILE and HOLD your hands? POWER comes out. 

You have the most powerful LIGHT within you that needs to be warmed up. It’s your LOVE. 

You would love to read ‘The Power (The Secret).

With over 1,627 readers real customer reviews at amazon,  you would love to experience it yourself and read it yourself the magic that this book has in it.

The Power (The Secret)

The Power (The Secret)

I had been depressed, I had been sad, I had been so lonely; and I would be honest to you, that during those times, all I need is a HUG, from a friend, to be warmed up and to be happy in love again.

Right now, think of the last friend who hugs you and kiss you from the heart, FEEL it, APPRECIATE it, LOVE it, take note of it, and NEVER ever forget it.

You have the most powerful Treasures within you, and you’ll only need one to activate the best in you.

If you feel like wanting to heal something in your life, you can do it; Yes! you can. Ms. Louise Hay wrote about it, and you can get it amazon, any time soon. If you wan’t to hear more reviews from over 2,317 customers, this link will bring you there.

You Can Heal Your Life

You Can Heal Your Life

If you can’t think of anyone who have loved you and hugged you before, think of the last time you’re underneath the hot sunlightfeel it’s hotness, treasure it, let your love love it, and you’ll never have to go out again to feel hot and alive.

All you need is your ability to think of a thought that will make you happy and loved thinking about it. 

Food? Yes, it does help you warmed up! Specially a cup of COFFEE or a cup of TEA.

But you might as well choose the best food that gives you more, not just pleasure, but of health and wellness.

I have a good book to suggest, you may or may not buy it for now; but don’t forget to take note of its title, ‘How Not to Die‘ by Michael Greger, MD with Gene Stone (author). 

How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease

How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease

And lastly, Jumping off  like athletes warmed up before their current event begins. Or  public speakers like comedians, motivational speakers, etc. etc. 


Warming up help your fear of cold… snakes! No, I mean coldness like feelings of rejection, shamehesitation and feelings of being unwanted, and not welcomed.

Whenever I’m afraid of something, coldness runs through my backbones, and the only way I can keep going is to move my body.

During exams, specially timed final exams, I can still remember, during my high-school days, my body would feel very cold that I have to move faster, move my legs, answer my test papers as fast as I can, so I could get out of the room, go outside where I could put my body underneath the sunlight, to feel warmed and relaxed.

What everyone’s mostly holding back is either fear of  COLD or stacked COLD feelings.

We called those stacked feelings, sadness, depression, stress, grief (cold-blooded animals killed someone close to you, associated with fear of some cold taking something away from you), other blockages other than anger, etc. etc.

And the only way to soften your hardened ground is to add more warmth in it, more love, more light but warm feelings.

Go out and find something hot NOW!

If you’re new to the COFFEE world, this book The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing — Coffees Explored, Explained and Enjoyed” would give you knowledge about coffees.


Warm up NOW! 

Dynamic Stretching: The Revolutionary New Warm-up Method to Improve Power, Performance and Range of Motion is the best physical warm-up guide I could offer you today!

Brain Hacking Tip #6: Think of Bouncing back like a Ball, when someone pushes you down to your limit, and you’ll never be scared of someone shitting/shaming on you in the next Future to come: Be like a Kerosene Lamp

But what if you felt like you can’t bounce back?

Easy, stop thinking like you can’t bounce back. 

Your thoughts comes first before you can feel anything, do you agree?

Whether you will agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter; what matters is what you think you can and can’t.’

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

-Henry Ford

Also, don’t forget to breathe in more air. Pump more air in your body, like you’re pumping more air to your balloon or ball or pressurized paraffin lamp (US:kerosene lamp) [amazon image below.]

Coleman Premium Powerhouse Dual Fuel Lantern

One thing I learned from watching my granddad pumps air in our Fuel Lantern is, you pump it slowly, slowly, slowly. He allows the air fuel gets in slowly, slowly.

The same way we must pump air in our body. We must push it slowly, because if you breath as fast as you could, you won’t be able to put more air in your body. There’s always this hardness inside of us that needs to be pushed but slowly.

Growing up, I’m always been curious with new things. Yes, to me a kerosene lamp was really new to me and very interesting but also dangerous. What if it will blew up. But that doesn’t stop me from trying to push the air. I asked my granddad once and he allowed me, provided that he’s watching. 

At first, I thought it was very easy and soft, but it was hard, you have to keep pushing in, pulling up, slowly, until you will be able to reach the very end of the pump. If that happens, the lantern starts lighting up as well. And then the pump will be very soft to push already. It’s like the light that the pump has created attracts more of the fuels, it needs more and more and more, and you have to push and push and push and enjoy as fast as you can, until the light becomes steady, calm and still.

Until your brain becomes calm and still. All your bodies negative energy [fuel for kerosene] goes up into that tiny little light in your brain called pineal gland, and transformed it into light.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?


You can get a fuel lamp Coleman Premium Powerhouse Dual Fuel Lantern if you want to experience the feeling I just shared here at amazon. Be careful not to blew up. Enjoy.  

Brain Hacking Tip #5: By Realizing that there is a thinking stuff behind Every living things, who’s responsible of their life choices, realities, etc. You can convince yourself that it’s not your fault that other People is living away from their life’s desires, wants, etc. etc.

I used to argue with my Mother about her life. Those times, I didn’t know of any person who shares the same thoughts and beliefs with me. I knew it’s kind of weird, I have no idea where I got that weird feeling from, that ‘She’s the only person responsible of her own misery, frustration, suffering; people getting jealous at her every time she have something new, she keeps giving but she’s not receiving the same treatment in return from the people she had helped and she kept feeling bad about it, etc. etc.’

Until one day, I got tired of her complaints and I told her, ‘If you give, don’t expect something in return from the same person; because if you do, then you’re not giving, you’re doing business. They’re your family (me included). You are receiving much, blessed with a job and a small business, isn’t that enough?’ I have failed to realize that she’s actually a human being too, not just a mother; she has dreams to pursue, a lot of lives she wishes to live like; therefore, she needed more than enough. But she has families who also needed help, and she simply couldn’t say NO to them whenever they asked for something more; she would give more than she could ever give and indeed up complaining in front of me. I thought, ‘She hasn’t really changed. I have a feeling that she’s always been the same when it comes to giving. And it hurts thinking that unconsciously, even with my college tuition fees, she wants something in return too. How about my food? Allowances? All of those? I suffered as well, I was holding back with my wants to help her. I never asked for anything beyond what is needed at school, except that one time I asked money for a Pair of Jeans, which she literally ignored.’

Confused, I asked her ‘Why are you always feeling like suffering despite of your success in life? You have accomplished many projects than I do. I just graduated and started living. I’m even jealous of you being so lucky at things; things comes to you easily. You have friends; you’re not shy like me; you can speak in public, etc. etc. Why not be thankful instead?’  I was really proud of my Mother, except that she’s emotionally suffering; she’s always feeling like surviving, instead of coping; and yet, unconsciously thanking.

Anyways, she answered, ‘If I won’t give, I would feel like I’m going to die. So I have to force myself and keep giving more, even if there is nothing more left for me.’  I didn’t understand her words. It doesn’t make sense to me. She felt like she has to suffer her entire life just to live and I hate thinking that my Mother has a very bad thought and belief. She doesn’t seem to realize that the people she’s helping are people who can, they’re taking advantaged of her weakness, and it irritates me a lot. At least I tried not to be so heavy on her. Once I handed her money, she doesn’t want to accept it. It was very annoying. ‘What does she really need?’

Days before my 24th birthday, I stumbled upon a site named‘, received free videos links’ to Ms. Christie’s ‘YouTube video: How to change your frequency to change your reality’ where she also teaches energy clearing. I watched the same video time to time, whenever I needed a little guidance and help, until I have connected my mother’s suffering giving birth with me. I remembered she said to me once, that I was actually a very big fat infant, and even joked and call me a Poop’ .

Since then, whenever I would go back in time and trace for root root things of my mother’s suffering, it would always came down to, my mother giving birth. Now, I’m convinced that she was really traumatized back then, afraid to die, and give her all for me to live.  Whenever a thought of my Mother pops up about how she’s been so emotional about a lot of things, and I kind of want to blew up fire on her, I would just think and thank of that day I was born; and realize, she was my hero.

Now, I understand what she’s always unconsciously feeling and thinking of something else to blame for, of that same traumatizing experience she’s buried for a very long time. Plus, her mother’s suffering too. We’re actually the same, though I have not experienced giving birth just yet, not too bad for me; but it was for her. I would never have figured it out without experiencing it, if I haven’t found ms. Christie’s website. I am so thankful and grateful. 

Helpful Materials:

Sir Wallace D. Wattles The Science of Getting rich‘ [with more than 1,142 real customer reviews at amazonbook shares that same thinking stuff’ that every single one of us have. It’s a very good book, first published in 1910, that a hundred years later, it inspired Ms. Rhonda Byrne’s best selling book and movie, The Secret.’ [click here to read more than 7,155 real customer reviews at amazon.] And then, followed by The Power [the secret book 2 with more than 1,627 customer reviews at amazon.]”

Positive Statement:

“Today, I have finally convinced myself not to blame myself anymore of my Mother’s sufferings, that it’s not my fault. Instead, I’m going to give thanks to her, and send her healing, loving, and gratifying energy silently and peacefully, wherever I am right now.”

More of this article available at amazon, ‘Start healing in 60 seconds.’ Sign up for Kindle unlimited: Unlimited reading. Unlimited Listening. Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30 days free trial NOW. 

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Brain Hacking Tip #4: Realize that you are a part in everything around you, including yourself, whether you like it or you like it…


Yesterday, I had a very good read of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Best selling book ‘Becoming supernatural.’


I know there’s plenty of wisdom and supernatural skills you can learn in that book alone. I haven’t read the entire book just yet, but I’ve already learned one thing in it. ‘You are one with everything.’

One of the subjects in this book, his Tibetan Guide, answered Dr. Joe’s question about “how Milarepa defy the physical ‘laws’ that tell us a hand and the rock can’t occupy the same place at the same time?” It says The geshes’s [great teacher’s] meditation teaches that he is part of the rock, not separate from it. The rock cannot contain him. To the Geshe, this cave represents a place of experience, rather than a barrier of limitation. In this place, he is free and can move as if the rock does not exist.”

In this video, you will learn from the kid from the Matrix, the truth that ‘there is no spoon. It is only you that bends.’

Now, let’s apply the statement from the matrix to Dr. Joe’s Tibetan guide, ‘there is no rock or hand, there is only you.’

Here’s how I applied it to my emotional Problems.

I am part with (anger, stress, depression, shame, etc. etc.)  and I have the right to soften, delete, and transform all these tightening emotions into love, peace and joy.

You might also want to read, ‘The Power (the secret book 2)‘ by Rhonda Byrne.

I’ve learned from this the Power book, a quote from Prentice Mulford (1834-1891) New thought author, that “there is a supreme power and ruling force which pervades and rules the boundless universe. You are a part of this power.’

You know what that power is? It’s LOVE.

Here’s the link to buy ‘The Power (the secret book 2).’

Brain Hacking Tip #3: Realize that NOW is getting better than Yesterday

Today, I am realizing that ‘Now is getting better.’ The best way to approach life is to acknowledge that life changes everyday, and it’s getting better and better everyday.

If it’s true that your reality is what you think it would be like for you, then you might as well think that ‘NOW is getting better’ everyday, for you.

Okay… those are weird thoughts, but I’m serious about those statements.

I believe that if everyone will choose to have a mentality of ‘Realizing that NOW is better than it was Yesterday’ then there wouldn’t be complaints everywhere; no depression; no stresses; nothing, just go with the flow.

Now, you might be thinking if it’s good to just go with the flow; what if some people would overtake you and you’d be out of control? That is why, always realize that NOW is better than it was yesterday even if it’s not, to overtake and influence others who always think that ‘Yesterday is better than Now.’

Or overtaking those who believed that ‘Yesterday is better than BEFORE.’  Have you observed? Where is the NOW now? It’s not realized. 

Allow me to share with you my short story way back year 2009.

“Finally, I’ve finished high-school. It was cool. It’s like winning a lotto draw. Everyone was excited of getting into college.

‘Which college will you be attending?’ asked my close friend. I replied ‘University of…’ I didn’t know of any colleges; I just knew that cities have some. 

So, I went to the city. I found a college (not to mention) and got enrolled. 

I didn’t have a school uniform. I am always worried of what to wear the next day. I’m all out of Jeans. Life was hard, I thought; high-school life was better than college.

Truthfully, I needed some new Jeans; so I asked my Mother for Money. She was angry and gave me her old Jeans instead. I thought ‘NOW is worst than it was before.’ Before, I never have to ask for money for Jeans, I have uniforms; my mother would have said ‘NO’ to me. 

But I really needed new pair of Jeans; hers were bigger and it doesn’t fit me, so I asked again… she gave me half the price of the cheapest Jeans ever. I thought, ‘Life was tough! If I haven’t gone to college, I wouldn’t have been needing too much!’ That moment I said to myself ‘NOW is worst than it was before.’ 

At high-school, she would give more than I needed; those times I needed more than usual, she would not give more than enough, but almost enough. I remember crying in front of her and calling my other aunt to report her of not giving me enough money… both of them just ignored me. I was dying in shame. I hear my voices echoed deep within my soul ‘shame… shame… shame…’

But today, I have found the best way to heal myself from the shame. I have already told you. It’s  a counter statement of my old belief.

Instead of saying ‘NOW is worst than before.’ Say, ‘NOW is better than it was before.’ I encourage you to also try counter-statements that applicable to you.

Check out this video, and see if you’re interested of its add on. It’s a sales-page but listening to the video alone can change the course of your life, right now, if you will allow. 

P.S This article utilizes referral links. The affiliate will earn commission for every valid buy-in made through her referral links.

Brain Hacking Tip #2: Answering a Question with Another Question

Another tip to practice and master here!

*Answering a question with another Question*

Yesterday, I friend of mine came to me and ask… ‘How do you deal with questions that you cannot answer or you don’t have any answer?’

I replied… ‘I asked another question…’

She said… ‘How?’

‘Just asked… anything that starts with the 5 w’s… what, where, when, how, why, who…’


‘Yeah…’ ‘And hey, don’t forget to write your answers! ha-ha-ha…

I’m not joking… here’s one of the sample complicated question you might be asking unconsciously… in your mind… right now!


Question: How can I succeed with (your want to get and want to achieve)?

Question Answer: And why do you want to succeed in that area? Why do you want to get it?

Possible Semi-Answers: Be-cause… I want to be… 

(if you’re honest enough… you will tell the truth… that you want AN EMOTIONAL PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED!)

to be famous…

to be happy…

to be free…

to be forgiven…

to be accepted…

to be loved…

to be financially free…

to be of help… etc. etc… 

Most correct Final Answers:

I will DELETE my greatest emotional problem right now!

I will release my worries… anything that blocked me from doing things I must do.

I will start doing it (your blueprint or road-map or work-flow or sketch)… right now!


Helpful Materials:

  1. Releasing Emotional Problems

Start Healing in 60 Seconds

  1. Healing Energy

Guided Meditation Spiritual Toolkit

  1. Emotional Freedom Technique


  1. Overcoming Personal Limits

Freedom To Succeed

  1. Personal Development: New Thoughts

Thought Elevator

Brain Hacking Tip #1: Be the 1st and the Last in any threatening situation: #Heal your point of view!

I found another trauma minutes ago! And of course a Mind hacking tricks for that.

Back in high-school, I had a crush. He’s good in dancing. Actually, I think his entire family’s good at hip-hop dancing; but I haven’t seen his parents danced anyway. Anyways…

One day, I was flirting with him with my balloon. I joked at him and threw my balloon in his head. I knew it won’t hurt, I was only teasing him of hitting him with it.

Guess what? He threw back his PUNCH! I was very surprised!

It was unexpected! Very unexpected… I got super threatened! Again, super-threatened. 

He just threatened my flirting lady-self! It must be BAD to like someone… Hmm. 

Although I wasn’t got hit! But I felt it! Emotionally… it was… emotional abuse and a physical threat.

Right now, I’m thinking… how would I reverse that emotionally-abused-like-feeling and physical-threatened-like-feeling to help my startling-like-bad-behavior. And I’m talking about… try to Walk passed behind me and I’d feel scared of someone hitting me from behind.”


So, here’s a strategy I came up… and I’d like to share it with you today!…  A strategy I call, Mind Hacking Tricks

1st : I must not think as if I’m a victim. Rather, I would think I am a good person… an innocent person that just want to make friends with her crush.

2nd: Take other’s threatening action as their nature… there is a thinking stuff behind it. And for whatever reason, they decided to act like threatening…

3rd: Think of yourself like this… ‘Even though this man has threatened me with a PUNCH, I still want to make friends with him, and so, I teased him with a balloon PUNCH.’

  • the pattern of my statement above will set you free, as it slowly does for me… 

What I did was… 

I simply looked at me (teasing with a balloon) as the after-effect, the fear and the threatening PUNCH from my crush came first… “I am the first, and the last!”

I reversed the order of events!… looking at the other side of the mirror…

Again, Be the first and the last!


If you like the messages you just received… you can find more of that in this book