Brain hacking tip #52: A thank you Mantra and a little “EW” are the two key components you must add in your to be list everyday!

A thank you Mantra and a little “EW” are the two key components you must add in your to be list everyday!

Here’s why!

A thank you is a silent blessing to you and others listening to your kindness thanks. Imagine a world full of thankful people, wouldn’t it be great and nicer to live forever?

Being thankful for better or for worst is the best skill one can master, but also too difficult to go through.

Do you have any idea why is that so?

Me neither.

I used to just go with the flow and not worry about anything at all, and I ended up being called “careless”. Yes! That’s a negative comment.

So, if you want friends, you have to act like you care, even if you don’t, until you become! And until you got trapped of your own act.

Nope, it’s not karma. It’s called “Ops! I have forgotten the way out!”

When the time comes that you’ll be looking for an exit, know that your entrance is the exit. A friend told me that his mother told him once, “How you get up there, is how you go down there!”

Remember, first you ACT as if you’re really what others want you to become, due to peer pressure; so, how do you get changed? By acting, and by acting you too will change either to your normal you or the best version of your higher self.

Now, thank you!

Thank you for what?

For everything that you’ve been through. Wasn’t it a nice experience after all?
I mean, seriously, once you’re done with your drama, and you’ll look back into it; you’ll realize that without that drama, life would have been so boring after all.

I’m not saying, you go find somebody to spend your life being dramatic; but I mean, to those who have been there already.

You know, looking at the bright side of life; it’s always acceptable and worthy of your approval.

So, CURIOUS about how to start being grateful and thankful and happy, NOW?

Check this article, and learn and retain in your brain what you’re soon to learn from this same article, and decide to apply it in your life starting NOW!

All right!

What about “EW”?

“EW” is an expression used to let go of something immediately. It’s an act of keeping your hand off the thing that you didn’t wish to touch and hold on to.

So, if you’re kind of pissed off about something today? Just say “EW!” It’s like an equivalent to “F**k it!”

“EW” may sound a little bullish, specially if you’ll add a little chuckle in it? But hey, try it with yourself whenever an annoying false belief annoys you again and again and again.

I bet it will fly away from you, so be thankful, rather than be guilty from detaching yourself off that thought that doesn’t serve you for good anymore, but for destruction and annoyance.

What if you’re going to use that to real people?

You mean like face to face?

Wow! He’s gonna fly away from you. So if you wish, just do it silently. Or do it whenever he or she is no longer around.

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