Okay Mina, Define Satan: Creative, the most intelligent, the most loving! Anyone who’s angry of him is just jealous.
on February 13, 2018

Okay. This is kinda weird. But I think I’m gonna write this down. Wherever this thought came from? I’m just writing it down. No offense!

And Oh, that beautiful light, an angel maybe; yes, he is! But hey look! She’s beautiful! The most beautiful creature in this world in fact.

But hey, she’s got a penis! And they put him into shame.

“What is wrong with me?” shouted he.

“Nothing my dear, just be yourself.” Said the mother fairy.

“But they look at me as Evil.” She’s weary.

“I just wanna be loved! I just want to love!”

“Oh, my father! I am the most beautiful and unique creature you’ve ever made! The most creative! The most intelligent above all! Why do you hate me?”

“Oh mother, what shall I do?”

“There’s nothing wrong with you Lord.” The fairy came and comforted him.

“No one loves me and accepted me! I hated my mother for this! She’s supposed to be the one understanding me. Why can’t protect me from my father’s chastise? Why make me something I am not! Why fix me into something I am not. I am both!”

“She’s weak my lord, understand her.”

“Isn’t it cool to be muscled but with a gentle heart of a woman?”

“I hated her! She pushes me away! I wanna be loved. I’m a mamas boy by heart. My only choice is to hate the world of man and woman or to fight for my happiness!”

He ended up feeling alone and angry about the world. Created a beautiful team, they call “secret”. A special team against sexual intercourse. And then they were saved from the judgement of man and woman. In which Fear of there father is their greatest refuge. Hiding away from the world of man and woman.

But for those who have courage to show their mighty selves and learn to dance with the waves of the world. Unafraid of judgement. Aware that the mighty one, mighty than any father, loves all and never judges! They join and enjoy creativity! The power of the universe is within them.

Be the best selves you can become! And most of all, be creative!

It’s a sin to go against what makes you and others happy!

Forget the dirty minded. Smile and be the best selves you can be. No one can ever understand you 1000% but you and you alone. Just as you can’t understand them 1000% but they and themselves alone.

After all, we’re all born with unique finger prints.

Be free my dear! And be honest with your self. You are the most loving and lovable person ever created! You are full of love! Show it!

You can be both if you wanted to. Count me in as your friend! I am proud of you!


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