The magic behind your smile: How to smile effortlessly amidst troubles
on February 12, 2018

Wonder why life is easy for some and not for others?

Can you spot the difference between a person who lives an easy life from the one who doesn’t?

Here’s what I’ve observed:

“Happy people lives a happy life, and they love to smile.”

Look at that kindness in their faces, look at Margaret M Lynch,  Natalie Ledwell,  Christie Marie Sheldon,  Dawn Clark; and of course, the manifestation miracle creator Heather Mathews. They’re all smiling with love.

Well, obviously, the other types of people you can compare are the exact opposite.

If you are one of those currently having trouble smiling, sad and unhappy? Karl Moore have something for you! It’s in his book the 18 rules of happiness!”

But I have something for you too!


A-ha-ha! I’m a feeler sometimes, so pardon that expectation.

But to smile effortlessly, all you have to do is to ‘SMILE EFFORTLESSLY!’

I mean, seriously, you know how to do it right?

Be grateful. Here’s another cool HYPNOSIS AUDIO that will really help you live an attitude of gratitude. Go ahead, check this one out! You’d be surprised by how amazing it is to feel grateful, and to smile effortlessly, like you’re IN LOVE all the time.


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