Here’s how to always win even if you keep on losing
on February 11, 2018

Tired of losing and losing and feeling down and down down down?

Do you wish to win? If you do, why?

You want to be happy aren’t you? You want to feel that feeling of greatness, aren’t you?

What is that feeling that you want to get out of winning? What is that feeling that you want to experience that you believe you can find by winning something, like achieving your dreams, your goals, etc. etc.

How badly you want to get it? How many times you think you have to fail in order to master the skills that you need to achieve your goals? And are you ready to take that challenge?

Once you learn to accept the truth that sometimes you’re really going to fail in order to learn.

Sometimes you have to experience it so you’ll learn how to appreciate success. You have something to compare with, that’s the purpose of experiencing waves of negative feelings, hard life experiences, etc. etc.

So, here’s how to always win even if you keep on losing, learn something every time you fail; make it count by finding something awesome in there that you can use as a great weapon that will help you succeed even more in your next big goals. Treat it like it’s your training ground, trial and error. Keep on reviewing what works, and what doesn’t.

That’s how you can always win even if you’re always losing.

When you’re learning, you’re always winning! After all, it’s where you’re going anyway.

The only time the game is over, is when you quit! Unless you keep on failing and learning, there is no game over. The thing that you think is your failure, is nothing but an assistment, your performance assistment.

I couldn’t have finish a year in kinder school if I consider failing as a game over. Not even you, right?

But we considered it as a learning process.

And I believe Life in general is no different from that.

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