How Blame (not taking responsibility) Can Damage Your Self-worth and How To Let It Go Little By Litte
on January 22, 2018

Have you came across someone who blame others of their success as well as failures, and then get angry of themselves and the people around them because they’re not being recognized for their successes in life, feeling unfulfilled?

I think I have. 😛 Ha-ha!

What if you are one of those they’re blaming for their failures, and then they’re also angry of you because you distant yourself from them because they hated themselves, blame you, and praise others for their success?

There’s a lot of because isn’t it?

It can cripple you down! That’s my simple answer of feeling blamed. And when you blame others for better or for worst, then what is left for you? Better to feel responsible of your emotions right?

Anyways, here’s how not to eat their baits (torturing, brutal words, anything that make you react and resist)


…simply remember what Les Brown said in one of his motivational videos, “You cannot resist something to which you grant no reality. The act of resisting a thing is the act of granting it life.”

Just remember that, and you’ll be good.

If you have doubts that someone is giving you stuffs to make you feel (blamed) something towards your self-destruction, anyone who would wish you suffer, people who wants only revenge through emotional abuse, not because you’ve sinned against them, but because they’ve been abused also growing up. Then remember not to eat their baits.

Well, seldom you would meet these types of people, but hey they exist! And at first, I can’t believe it, but it surely does! Just so you know. Be careful out there, and be only with people who have sense of self-awareness, otherwise, never try to understand them.

In this book I learned that “People are weird! We can’t really understand any of them. Just love them for that very reason.”

Are you people? OMG.

I am!

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