How well do you know the difference between Learning & Earning?
on January 21, 2018

Ha-ha! Easy question right? But you must realize that sometimes, learning sounds like earning.

As a reminder, I’d like to share what is learning and earning for me and maybe for you too.

Learning is your drive to learn from the people above and below, either in business or other relationships, through their books, their speeches, their beliefs, their ways of living and in other forms of self expression.

While Earning is your SURVIVAL mode telling you to earn to live, otherwise you’ll perish. Most of the time learning is being set aside. It’s when money is your goal, and no longer self-development, self-improvement, and self-expansion. Your world becomes too little. Oops! Tell me if I’m wrong in the comment section below! 😉

So, now that you have reviewed what learning and earning is, would you DECIDE now to focus on LEARNING rather than earning?

Of course! Someone would say, “But, if I’d keep learning, then I wouldn’t be earning, because I am learning (schooling mindset).”

Let go of that thought. Because the truth is, you can earn while you’re learning. And I’m talking about, “Business.”

When you decide to live the life you deserve, when you do business and make a living while learning, you’re world will expand, it will become unlimited, you are your own boss, you decide what is best for you, you apply your learning, you experiment with your ideas, you become a scientist.

And when you fail, no one’s gonna fire you, it’s your business after all.

So when you fail, you have all the chances to do it again, to modify your strategies, to expand your learning, to be the YOU that YOU want to see and experience in this lifetime.

And you can start little, check this article, see if it helps!

In addition to that article is Network Marketing Business. See, it’s not just marketing business, there’s network in it, meaning, you’re not alone. It’s a type of business where business leaders connect closely, not against each other, but with each other. After all, they’re in the same group helping each other to develop into the person each of them wanted to be. Oh, the feeling of Unity and Love.

Aren’t you excited? I am for you!

So if you think you’re awake right now and have realized the truth that you’re awesome and capable of helping the world transform into a loving, healthy, and friendly place to live a better life; by teaching and sharing to the people your wisdom that will open up their eyes and DECIDE to join the force to help others master that leader-self that every human beings have, comment below! And I will contact you shortly, of course to show you an opportunity that is maybe for you if you choose to make it work! Your success is up to you!

Well, I am one of those who believe, that “We are all born leaders!” We just need to cultivate it, water it, and let it out!

OMG! Writing is awesome! I’m learning.

Thanks for reading this far, Inspire has a gift for you! He-he. Begin your journey towards real life transformation with Hypnosis Live!

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