How to wake up your heart when it’s temporarily feeling numb
on January 18, 2018

Have you been feeling numbness of feelings lately? Like that last time you’re at your dentist, injected with Anesthesia to not feel the hurt but the pressure (push and pull of your tooth)?

Here’s how to reawakened your natural feelings of gratitude, appreciation and joy:

If you think you can’t feel, then try to listen.

Listen to that sound coming from that morning sunlight.
Listen to that sound from the crawling of the little insects.
Listen to that sound of the fresh air around you.
Listen to that sound from the laughter and joy of your neighbors.
Listen to that sound of love from the lovers loving each other.
Listen to that success in the future.

Did you feel something?

How does it felt like?

Keep doing it, until you’ll be able to feel naturally you, everyday.

I’m good at feeling cold, not because I wanted it, but because it’s easy.

It’s easy to turn off yourself, isn’t it? But it takes determination, motivation, and courage to turn on that energy, that amazing energy within you, that joy, that happiness.

Here’s a little motivation for you to turn on yourself today and the next days to come!

“You’re awesome!” Remember that!

Can you show me that look of an eye of a beautiful girl or handsome boy? 😉

Great! Now go ahead and rock your world!

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